Friday 18 May 2012

In Jack's Bed by C.J. Sneere

In Jack's Bed 
Part 3 of  the Jack the Lad series
C.J. Sneere

About: It's the morning after the night in the bar, and James wakes up in Jack's bed. There, they get into a carnal make out session, with hot rimming and more scorching anal sex. Later, Jack takes James to a carnival, where they have an unexpected altercation with James' father, and Jack gets a steamy blow job in the Tunnel of Horrors.

Excerpt: I was 16 again, and a long, dark hallway stretched before me. On either side, open doorways lined this corridor, yawning wide like dark, hungry mouths. From the other end of the hall, I heard his voice, and I stood still in terror. My heart rammed against my rib cage. Sweat beaded my brow. I had to force myself to breathe.

"James Ratherton Smith." He only used my full name when he planned to beat me. "You have failed me. You have failed your family. You are a poor excuse for a man."

His footsteps boomed down the hallway. I heard the thwack of a belt hitting his palm. I looked to the left, to the right, peering in the blackness of the nearest doorways, searching for my mother. But she was nowhere to be found, and Father knew that. He always picked days when Mother was out to give me one of his "make you a real man," beatings.

Just as the cruel leather of the belt stung my back, I woke up screaming. Big, warm arms enveloped me, and I almost fought them off, briefly mistaking the touch for my father's. Then Jack's soothing voice joined the caress, and I settled into his strong embrace.

"You okay?" He spoke softly, and I curled tighter against his chest.

"Yeah, I'm fine." I sighed into the fine hair peppering his pecs. "Just a nightmare."

"What about?"

I looked at him, gave a shaky smile, looked away. "My father."

He cupped my chin, tugging at it to make me gaze into his eyes again. His grin was compassionate. "So…what's the deal with your father?"

"In his world, it's quite simple." I sighed. "If a man is gay, he's not a man."

Jack gave a disgusted scoff and rolled his eyes. "He's stewing in prejudice, if you ask me. And who decides, exactly, what makes a 'real' man and what doesn't?"

I kissed him quickly, glad for his comfort, his nearness. "You couldn't be more right. Dad left the real world a long time ago. For him, it's still 1965, and he's still a young sergeant in the military. Anyone who doesn’t live by his lifestyle rules is wrong."

We talked some more of my childhood, but when I gently asked questions of Jack's life, he evaded the topic. I let it go. If he wasn't comfortable sharing that side of himself yet, I respected that. I couldn't know what he'd been through in his past. Maybe the memories just cut too deep to bring to the surface.

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  1. I so much enjoyed the two first Jack stories. I was a bit disappointed with this one, it reads like a filler that has been tossed quickly off to link up to the next instalments in the Jack n' James story.
    I expected a lot more of the encounter with James's Dad. I think because it's Jack who confronts him, we as readers are left dissatisfied. We need James to find a way of facing up to his past and move on before we can move on with him past the abuse. (I had this problem in one of the novels I was writing, where I realised it wasn't coming out right because everyone except the character most involved was confronting the abusive character.)
    I would put a review up on Smashwords, especially of Jack the Lad, which I enjoyed as I did Jack & James, but I am not sure it would do your reputation any good to have a girl reviewing your sexy stuff!
    (Naoko Smith)

  2. Sorry you were a bit disappointed in this one. I kind of wondered if I cut that scene a bit too short. I felt like I did. But thank you for your kind words on the other stories. I did have James confront his dad in the final bonus story to the series, where Jack and James get married, but I have a slight concern I rushed that a bit, too. If you do check it out, I hope you enjoy it. :)

    I think you reviewed Jack & James on Smashwords, maybe? I seem to recognize your name. If so, that's greatly appreciated! I love to hear thoughts from men and women.

    Much thanks for dropping by!