Thursday, 24 May 2012

Betting On Sex

Betting On Sex
Anita Lawless

About: Carlie West just lost her job, and there's only fifty dollars left in her account. Now her handsome, much younger landlord--who also happens to be a cousin through marriage--wants his rent. She can't pay, so Josh decides to propose another form of payment. One involving teeth, tongues, and lots of sex. But what Carlie doesn't know is Josh had this planned all along, and he's betting on sex to change her mind about taking a younger lover.

Excerpt: "You think she'll go for it?" Josh asked his second cousin by marriage, chewing on a thumbnail as he did so.

"Leave it up to me," Mila said, as the cell connection crackled. "Although Mom will kick my ass if she finds out I've been conspiring with you." She sighed. "I should have my head examined."

For months now, ever since he'd rented the second half of his duplex to Carlie West, Josh had been trying to get in his cousin's pants. Okay, cousin by marriage, so it was all good, he reasoned. But Carlie wasn't keen on younger men, and he was fifteen years her junior. She'd told him flat out that, in her experience, they could rarely please a woman, or they got way too clingy when she broke off a fling. Carlie had no patience for minute men or neediness. But Josh knew, if he could just get her naked in his bedroom, he could change her mind.

Josh was an entrepreneur who dominated the adult social site scene with his invention of LustSpace. The site was designed to hook up horny folks who just wanted a one night stand, cyber sex, or for those looking for longer lasting romantic encounters. The launch of the site had been a huge success, and his invention had made him over four hundred million already. But he preferred to live frugally, residing alone in one half of the duplex he bought when he made his first million.

Carlie didn't know he was a multi-millionaire. Josh was a modest kind of guy, and he preferred to keep his wealth somewhat of a secret. He knew it changed the way people looked at him, treated him, and he hated that.

"Okay, let me give her a call." Mila's words broke through his ruminations. "I'll plant the thought in her head and call you back. Let you know what she says."

"Thank you, Mila. I owe you one."

"Oh, yeah?" She chuckled. "What does this setup get me?"

Josh tapped a finger against his full bottom lip. "How about I set up an annuity for you? I could part with a cool mil." Mila was one of the only people who knew about his fortune. They had been lovers for a while, but broke things off amicably when Mila fell for a Russian painter she modeled for. They still remained good friends, though, and Mila was one of his only trusted confidants.

"Would you? Seriously?" Her voice went all squeaky. "Oh, Josh, thank you…"

"Hey now, your mom has to agree to the deal before you get the cash." He smiled, ran a hand through his thick, short black hair, and padded barefoot to the kitchen to inspect the contents of his fridge.

Mila exaggerated her sigh this time. "Okay, fine, deal. Now, get the hell off the phone with me so I can call her."

He laughed. "Okay. Thanks, cousin."

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