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The Ugly Duckling: 50 Shades of Fairy Tales

The Ugly Duckling: 50 Shades of Fairy Tales
Leigh Foxlee

About:  Casey Carpenter's life spins out of control after her husband cheats on her and drains their bank account. She can't afford her condo, her furniture is about to be repossessed, and the only man who can help her is a misfit-turned-model she used to bully in high school. Sparks and shoes fly when the once popular girl becomes a sex maid for this former ugly duckling.

Excerpt: Did I leave the bedroom TV on again? I walked up the stairs, frowning as I tried to remember my hectic morning. Kiss Corey goodbye, grab a muffin for breakfast…

When I opened the bedroom door, I stopped mentally ticking off my before work routine and let out a scream. I couldn't help myself.

My husband Corey and my best friend--make that supposed best friend--Emma were screwing each other's brains out on my brand new sheets. I hurled curses at them before I hurled the shoe I yanked from my foot. Then I turned and ran from the scene, sobbing as I went.

Corey ran down the stairs after me, and I turned to face him as he padded into the open kitchen. Emma trailed after him. Her long, brunette curls were a tangled mess, and she struggled to keep the sheet up over her boobs as she tried not to trip over the hem. Her honey colored eyes met mine briefly, and they flashed guilt that she quickly hid by looking away.

Corey's gray eyes were full of fake regret and false apology. This wasn't the first time I'd caught him in bed with another woman, but it would be the last.

"Casey, baby, I can explain." He gripped my arms and pressed me into the marble countertop. He tried on a sexy smile, rubbed my skin through my shirt, tried to press his cock against my thigh, but I squirmed away.

"I've heard this story before," I practically growled the words as I steeled my resolve. He was a gorgeous man. There was no denying that. And whether I hated him or not, he still had a physical effect on me. But I couldn't let that sway me this time.

"You told me you were going to leave her," Emma hissed these words once she overheard our conversation. She shot daggers in my direction.

My eyes blurred from tears, but no way would I cry again. I glared at my soon to be ex-husband and my ex-best friend. We'd been high school pals. Corey was the star quarterback. Emma was the head cheerleader, and I was their brainy little tagalong. But how brainy was I? I'd been playing this game of denial with myself for a very long time. Did a smart girl really do that?

And the truth hit me like a punch to the gut. But then, I'd known the truth all along. Corey was using me. Always had been. After all, I was the main breadwinner. I was the one bringing home paychecks, while he made excuses about turning down good job after good job so he could go out and be the playboy.

And enough was enough. As he leaned in to kiss me, while Emma screamed like a scalded cat about him being a traitor, I pushed my tiny hands into his massive pecs and scooted out of his embrace.

Once I was a safe distance away, I snapped up my cell phone and said, "I want you both out of here in under an hour, or I'm calling the police."

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Watch for more BDSM fairy tales from Leigh soon! Here's a sneak peek at the cover for No. 3.

And watch for more 50 Shades of Fairy Tales coming from our friend Madeline Apple and Courtesan Press! Here's a sneaky peek at her lovely cover, too. Click on the cover to pay Courtesan a visit.

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Cindy Eller: 50 Shades of Fairy Tales

Cindy Eller (50 Shades of Fairy Tales No. 1)
Leigh Foxlee

About: Cindy Eller ditches her pre-Valentine's Day date, the elusive Prince Charming, even though their scorching online encounters have her intrigued. But social anxiety, plus her paranoid step mom and step sisters, make her too terrified to meet the man of her dreams. The prince, however, has a plan to get her in his arms and dole out a sexy punishment for her naughtiness.

Excerpt: I ditched my pre-Valentine's date. And it wasn't the first time I dumped Prince Charming. I felt like a jerk.

You are a jerk! my inner voice scolded. I wouldn't blame him if he never chats with you again.

"Oh shut up," I grumbled back, pulling my glasses from my face to clean away smudges with my sweatshirt.

Prince Charming was the chat name of my online paramour. I went by Cindy Eller, after my favorite fairy tale. My real name is Cynthia Ellerton, and everyone calls me Cindy for short, so I suppose it lacks any imagination, or internet security really. Me and PC had met in a Funtime Games chat room while playing Goofee Gophers Word Search. He'd made a joke that he must be the one for me, since our screen names matched perfectly. The conversation flowed easily, amicably.

Then, about a month back, he'd suggested taking our games over to the adult chat section. I'm somewhat sheltered when it comes to sex, but curious, and I felt I knew him well enough to agree. Besides, it was just online sex, right? What harm could come of it?

My step sisters and step mother didn't quite see it that way.

"What if he stalks you?" Sally clucked her tongue and shook her bright red hair. "You can't be too careful these days."

I rolled my eyes. "It’s not like I plan on meeting him ever. Besides, I've been chatting with him for months. What's the big deal? Don't be so uptight."

My stepmother's smooth brow crinkled with fine lines. "Sally does have a point. Those internet--oh, what are they called?--hackers?"

Rebecca, my other step sister, nodded at her mother.

"Hackers," my step mother continued, "could get your phone number, address, all that stuff and come kill you!"

I tried not to roll my eyes at the thin, bird-like woman. I knew she meant well. She worried that my social anxiety made me spend too much time on the computer and not enough time face to face socializing. Plus she watched too many tabloid news programs and believed them to be true. My step mom saw me as the sheltered introvert she had to protect, and I could admittedly be a bit too cavalier with my internet security, despite my deep trust issues with people. What can I say? I've got a contradictory personality sometimes.

Still, my family didn't need to worry. I was great with online game chat, but I was still dodging a face to face meeting with Prince Charming. Commitment and trust issues. Yeah, I'm a real package.

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Watch for more BDSM fairy tales from Leigh soon! Here's a sneak peek at the cover for No. 2.

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Welcome Leigh Foxlee

Wild & Lawless Writers would like to welcome Leigh Foxlee to our author family. A little about Leigh, and a sneak peek at her first Wild & Lawless release, below.

Leigh Foxlee lives in rural Canada with her husband and a parade of animals. She is a frumpy editor / copy writer type by day, a sexy Jackie Collins writer type by night, or so she likes to think. She has a soft spot for alpha gentlemen who sweep ladies off their feet. Her erotic romance ranges from sweet to hot and spicy.

Cindy Eller: 50 Shades of Fairy Tales is now available at Smashwords. Click the link in this paragraph, or the cover above, to grab your copy now. Coming soon to our other online outlets. 

Congratulations on your first Wild & Lawless release, Leigh!

PS! - Watch our friends over at Courtesan Press for some treats coming soon, too! Meanwhile, go pay Eden & Jay a visit and check out all the tasty smut they have for sale.

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Post Xmas Gift No. 2 - FREE Kobo Erotica

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Post Xmas Gift No. 2 - FREE Erotica

Hey Readers!

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Post Xmas Gift No. 1 - FREE Kobo Erotica

Hey Readers,

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