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Surrender Ever After Reviewed at My Earnest Reviews

Big thanks going out to sarki for reviewing Surrender Ever After at My Earnest Reviews. Sarki gave it 5 out of 5 stars and had this to say about Surrender Series Volume 2:

"Great reading, I enjoyed this and didn't realize it was connected to the Dolls house society stories which I also enjoy reading. This story was hot and well written."

Have you grabbed your copy of this scorching Surrender series with a sex toy inventing British dom? Click the linked title above, or the link here, to pick up Surrender Ever After at BookStrand. Or click on the book cover below to visit the title's information page.

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Surrender To His Command: Surrender Series Volume 3

Surrender To His Command
Surrender Series Volume 3 (A Surrender Novella)

About: Surrender To His Command is Volume 3 of the Surrender series, which continues the story of Surrender Inc., an exclusive sex resort / club franchise where the elite go to play. It is the first stand alone novella in the series, rather than a four part serial.

Rider Sykes is a dominant in need of practice, or so his clients tell him. Christy Tyler is a college girl working two jobs and falling asleep in class. When she meets Rider at her best friend’s bachelorette, she never guesses the tattooed bad boy will offer to hire her as his practice sub, but he shows up at her job the next day to do just that. However, Rider isn’t who he claims to be, and when Christy discovers his secrets and betrayal it may be enough to make her flee from this biker dom’s arms.

For more bdsm erotic romance inside Surrender Inc., try out Surrender Ever After (Surrender Series Volume 2) and Surrender Forever (Surrender Series Volume 1).

Excerpt: “I dare you to pinch his butt.” Jeanie points to the nearly bare derriere of one stripper who’s sashaying in front of the bride-to-be, my best friend Felicia.

I nearly choke on my appletini. “No. You know my rule.”

She rolls her eyes at me, flutters her fake glittery lashes. “Yes, no more bad boys. Why can’t you just drink from the fountain without wanting to marry it?”

I blink at her odd, homemade idiom. “Look, some people can have one night stands and some can’t. I’m not a prude--”

“You just fall in love too fast.” She shakes her blonde wigged head at me. “Girl, you’d have a lot more fun if your heart wasn’t tucked between your knees.”

With that, she struts off toward the stripper sticking his thong clad naughty bits in Felicia’s face. I shake my head and watch them, wishing I could be more like Jeanie and Felicia, wishing I’d chickened out on this bachelorette and stayed at home with my cat and a book.

“But it’ll be fun!” Felicia had crowed when I tried to back out of her party. “And you’re one of my bridesmaids, so you have to be there.”

Felicia and Ron are getting married soon, and they’ve decided that for their bachelor and bachelorette parties they get one last fling. So strippers were hired and Ron pulled some strings to rent Felicia and her friends this room that’s a part of some sex club. Sex club! Can you believe it? Some place called Surrender Inc. apparently owns it, or so Felicia tells me.

Just great. Here I am tucked in a sex club with ample writhing, muscled male flesh and I’ve sworn off bad boys for good. Of course, a sex club is crawling with just that!

I glance up from where I sit wedged between Mary and Eve, two more college buddies who are in my historical law class. And wouldn’t you know it. One of the strippers is headed right for me, hips gyrating and penis edging closer to my face. I try to get up, but Mary and Eve hold me in place.

“The lady over there says you need a lap dance,” the towering brunette beefcake tells me.

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Surrender Ever After: The Complete Surrender Series Volume 2

Surrender Ever After
The Complete Surrender Series Volume 2

About: Surrender Ever After, the complete Surrender Series Volume 2, by Anita Lawless & Roxxy Meyer includes all four stories of Carrie Brannigan’s experience as Dom Luke Wesley’s mistress, sex toy employee, and lover. She is torn between him and down to earth carpenter, Jake Black, who also comes to work for the eccentric British dom, and to be seduced by him. Within the halls of Surrender Sanctuary can this trio fall in love, or will hot tempers and guarded hearts force them to separate?

For more thrilling erotic romance stories involving Surrender Inc., pick up Surrender Forever: Surrender Series Volume 1.

This collection includes:

Surrender To His Proposal
Surrender To His Wants
Surrender To His Lust
Surrender To His Love
Bonus Story: Surrender Ever After
Bonus Material

Excerpt: The roof is beyond leaking. If I don’t get someone in soon, the entire attic might become a swimming pool.

“I can fix it for you,” Jake says, and he notices my discomfort at his words, because he quickly adds, “Or I know someone who can do it cheap.”

Pride. I shake my head at myself, knowing pride is going to kill me one day. And a woman can’t be full of pride when she has two boys to raise and bills she can’t pay piling up.

“Carrie.” Jake leans across the arborite table I picked up at a flea market and squeezes my hand. “Let me help you.”

I smile at his boyish face, those cute dimples in his cheeks. “You’ve already helped me by renting part of this place, and doing the fixing up you’ve already done.”

Jake Black rents the apartment above the garage attached to my old two story Cape Cod home. I inherited the place from my mom when she passed on, and it was a lifesaver, since my husband of fifteen years picked that time--right after my mother’s funeral--to leave me with two boys to raise. Preston and Michael are eight and twelve.

Jake is undeniably handsome. He’s got a mix of boyish good looks and rugged male, with his bright green eyes and rounded face, work roughened hands from days spent as a carpenter, and a five o’ clock shadow that’s just as red as the hair on his head. But we aren’t together. I’m just not ready for that yet. It’s only been six months since I lost mom and went through the divorce.

That being said, there have been hot kisses and much more, but we haven’t had sex yet. I don’t want to lead Jake on, or confuse my own currently messed up head and heart. Still, when he moved in here to help me and the kids out, it was a blessing I was entirely grateful for.

“There’s a lot more I could do for you,” he says, standing to walk behind my chair and feather a few kisses up my neck.

I try to make a quip about this. “Two redheads shouldn’t sleep together. The results could be catastrophic.” His tiny kisses make me shiver.

Just at that moment, my boys decide to run into the kitchen. Preston, my youngest, holds a paper in his hand and his eyes are wide. “Mom, can I please sign up for hockey this year?”

I don’t know what to say to that sweet, freckled face. His brown, puppy-like eyes beseech, but we simply can’t afford it. Not ready to break his heart, I say, “We’ll see, hon.”

He prunes his face and makes a minor protest, but Jake distracts them both with the proposition of some two on one road hockey, out in the dirt alley that runs between our place and Mrs. Granger’s. I’m thankful for the time this gives me to think.

And that’s when I see it. An ad in the employment opportunities section catches my attention. I already work on an assembly line building slot machines for a living, but that wage barely covers the bills. It sure won’t fix the roof and the other repairs this old home needs, and it won’t cover hockey fees for Preston either.

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All Romance Sneak Preview

Also, readers, head over to the ARE Cafe Blog for a sneak peak at the new Wild and Lawless 50 Shades of Fairy Tales collection. You can read Beauty Tames The Beasts for free!

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Even More Free Ebooks! Cindy Eller Free at Amazon

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More Free Ebooks! Win Werewolves & Rebels At All Romance.

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We've got another giveaway for you, cause we loves ya.  Today only you can enter to win C.J. Sneere's Werewolves & Rebels: Sexy Sample Collection at the All Romance ARE Cafe! Just head over here to join and post. It's that easy to enter!

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Win 50 Shades of Fairy Tales: Wild & Lawless Collection No. 2 At All Romance

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Today only you can enter to win 50 Shades of Fairy Tales: Wild & Lawless Collection No. 2 at the All Romance ARE Cafe! Just head over here to join and post. It's that easy to enter!

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Surrender To His Love: Surrender Series Volume 2 - Finale

Surrender To His Love: Surrender Series Volume 2, Part 4

About: Surrender To His Love by Anita Lawless & Roxxy Meyer is the final part of a four part series that continues the story of Surrender Inc., an exclusive sex resort / club franchise where the elite go to play. Watch for the full collection, Surrender Ever After, coming soon! And don’t forget to pick up Part 1, Surrender To His Proposal, Part 2, Surrender To His Wants & Part 3, Surrender To His Lust.

For more Surrender, check out Surrender Forever, Volume 1

Carrie Brannigan is a single mom with too many bills and two kids to raise. Her only help comes from her best friend Jake Black, a burly carpenter who rents the apartment above her garage. Until she applies for a job testing designer sex toys with a dangerous and sexy dom. In Part 4 of the series, Jake is caught in bed with the nanny, who he moves in with, but he returns to perform with Carrie and Dom Luke for the major shareholders of Surrender at the exclusive Sanctuary resort. Can the dom bring his two lovers back together, or will the three part ways after their play is done? Find out in the thrilling conclusion to Surrender Series Volume 2! Full collection coming soon!

Excerpt: Dom Luke shows up at the boys’ school just as I’m dropping them off. They catch a glimpse of his vintage Rolls and ask if they can come say hi with me. They’re both fascinated by my strange new boss and thankful for the gifts they’ve received because of the generous wage he pays me. After I shoo them off toward the school entrance, I ask why Luke is here.

“I’d like to discuss your performance at Surrender Sanctuary this weekend,” he tells me as he holds the passenger door of his expensive car open for me. “Is Jake with you?”

“He’s at home.” I pause, look back at my vehicle. “I can’t just leave my car here.”

The unflappable dom shrugs. “I’ll send someone to fetch it for you.” He pats the passenger seat. “Get in.”

I give him an exasperated sigh, but I know there will be no denying Luke when he wants it his way. I slide onto the expensive leather seat and let him whisk me back home.

My boss is a sex toy inventor for the exclusive sex resort and club franchise, Surrender Inc., and I test and perform with said products for him, as does my best friend Jake Black. Jake also rents from me and helps me take care of my two kids, Preston and Michael. But sparks have been flying between myself and Jake since we took this job. He’s not exactly happy about it, even though we need the money. He’s challenged by Dom Luke in many ways, but now I have a challenge of my own. Our new nanny, Kaley Porter, who Jake seems to be hot after. They’ve been nonstop flirting ever since Dom Luke helped me hire the woman. While I have no real claim over Jake, I admit I’m jealous as hell.

I know, how hypocritical of me. I expect Jake to share me with Dom Luke but don’t want to share him with another woman. I guess I’m just stingy about the men I love.

When we drive up to my place, I’m surprised to find Kaley’s car outside. A knot of dread begins to form in my stomach.

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Also be sure to check out All Romance for our upcoming book a day giveaway offering--50 Shades of Fairy Tales: Wild & Lawless Collection No. 1Enter here by posting. We'll be blogging it officially in a day or two to remind readers as well. Our pals at Courtesan Press also have their first fairy tale collection up for grabs, so don't miss out!