Cover Design

Wild & Lawless Writers are now offering cover design services, too. Our prices are very economical and we guarantee our work.  Please browse through the site for cover samples. Direct all questions and send your cover art queries to: Thanks for your interest!

Price List:

Ebook cover: $25
Box set covers: $25
Ebook and print wrap cover: $50


  1. Hi Anita, thanks for posting. I love the colors in these covers! The hot pink and purple are particularly lovely. And there's just something different about them that stands out from many I've seen.

    Blessings, Keta

  2. Many thanks, Keta! By the way, if you'd ever like to be a guest in our Writer's Guest Room, we'd be happy to host an excerpt from you. And all our guests are welcome to do an ebook giveaway, which we run for them, too.