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More Free Reads & Bestsellers

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As promised, we have a new free read for you. Over at Kobo and All Romance, you can grab our latest in the Surrender Series, Surrender To His Pleasure, for free until Feb 3! Click the links in this paragraph to grab it now! Click the book cover below for more information on this title, or the links below it to also pick up your free read. Just another way to say THANK YOU for being the best readers around.

Surrender To His Pleasure FREE at Kobo
Surrender To His Pleasure FREE at All Romance

And thank you for making the Surrender Series Boxed Set a bestseller at All Romance Ebooks and Amazon! You rock, readers! It sits at number four on the All Romance Bestseller list and at sixty-four on Amazon's Bestselling Romance list. Don't forget, you can pick it up for 99 cents until Feb. 13. Just click the book cover below for more information or the links below it to grab your copy now.

Saturday, 25 January 2014

Free Reads: Hostage of Lust FREE Again at Amazon

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So Hostage of Lust is free again at Amazon! Sorry for the confusion. There was some glitch in my free promo panel at Amazon, and when I went back in there to update the days they gave me 5 more free instead of three, which means you can grab Hostage of Lust for FREE until Jan. 29! Just click the book cover or links below it to get your copy now.

Thursday, 23 January 2014

Free Reads: Hostage of Lust Free at Amazon

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Hostage of Lust is free today and tomorrow at Amazon! Just click the book cover or links below it to grab your copy now. I'm trying to get it free for 5 days, but for some reason Amazon is only allowing me to use 2 of the 5 right now. So I'll post an update if I can extend this freebie.

Have a great weekend!

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Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Surrender Series Boxed Set an All Romance Best Seller!

A big THANK YOU going out to all of our readers for making the Surrender Series Boxed Set an All Romance Best Seller! It's currently sitting at 15 on the ARE Best Seller list, and it's doing great on Amazon, too. We appreciate this a ton, folks, and we'll be announcing a new free read tomorrow to say thank you for all the support. Plus we'll have another free read for you before January is through, so keep checking back for more goodies! We've also added an ARE Best Seller list to the sidebar of the site.

If you haven't picked up the Surrender Series Boxed Set yet, remember that it's only 99 cents for a limited time! Over 600 pages of bdsm romance filled with billionaires and bad boys. Our ARE listing and all the buy links for the boxed set are included below.

Thursday, 16 January 2014

Surrender Series Boxed Set

Surrender Series Boxed Set
Surrender Series Volume 1 - 7
Anita Lawless, C.J. Sneere, Roxxy Meyer & Leigh Foxlee

About: SPECIAL INTRODUCTORY PRICE! LIMITED TIME ONLY! The Surrender Series Boxed Set gives you over 600 plus pages of BDSM romance and intrigue inside Surrender Inc.’s walls. What goes on inside Surrender will thrill and shock you! 15 ebooks filled with billionaires, bad boys, and BDSM romance. Plus the Surrender Series Boxed Set offers you bonus stories from the Wild & Lawless Writers and includes excerpts from two new upcoming series, Bad Boys of BDSM and BDSM Fantasies!

This boxed set includes:

Surrender Forever (MF. Surrender Series Volume 1), which includes:

Surrender To A Sex Therapist
Surrender To Her Master
Surrender To His Desires
Surrender To His Charms
Bonus Story: The Reluctant Femdom

Surrender Ever After (MMF. Surrender Series Volume 2), which includes:

Surrender To His Proposal
Surrender To His Wants
Surrender To His Lust
Surrender To His Love
Bonus Story: Surrender Ever After

The Surrender Series Novellas, which include:

Surrender To His Command (MF. Surrender Series Volume 3)
Surrender To His Game (MF. Surrender Series Volume 4)
Surrender To His Proposition (MMF. Surrender Series Volume 5)
Surrender To His Demands (MM. Surrender Series Volume 6)
Surrender To His Pleasure (MFM. Surrender Series Volume 7)

Plus more bonus stories and bonus material.

Excerpt from Surrender To His Demands:

We arrive at the Hermes Theater at 8 pm and take our seats in the orchestra area. The theater has been recently restored, and cherubs blowing horns adorn the ceiling. The beige walls are trimmed with gold, and deep burgundy curtains drape the black stage. Balcony seats draped in similar deep red jut out from either side of the stage, looming high above it.

The lights go down and Laura grabs my hand, gives it a squeeze and gives me a wide smile. I return it, but I’m not expecting much. Maybe it’s just my bad mood lingering from the crappy news Isaac’s note delivered. Truth is, I’ve never been big on magicians. Sure I’m seen Damien Lane and Rick Seraphim, the two big ones out there these days, and their tricks are impressive. But I can be a hardcore cynic and I’m not easily impressed. From what I’ve heard about Niko, he’s a magician past his time and on his way out. If it weren’t for his family’s connections, he’d probably be forgotten by now.

A disco ball spins above the stage after the curtains part. The lights dim and ominous music plays to get us in the mood. I glance around, finding the place is packed. So maybe Niko isn’t as washed up as I think, or maybe his family pays people off to come see the shows.

Stop being a jerk, I scold myself. After all, the ticket was a gift from Laura and I shouldn’t be so ungrateful. So I focus forward and try to enjoy the show.

After some flash and pageantry during the opening, Niko gets to the tricks. He does a couple with cards to warm up and get the show rolling, then does a few impressive sleight of hand illusions. Next his assistant, a pretty brunette dressed in a sparkling blue mini, wheels out a box and places it at the center of the stage.

Niko is an intimidating and strikingly handsome man. I’ve only seen his photos on a few occasions, when the local papers have covered his shows. He’s tall and barrel-chested and walks straight and proud as he performs. He wears a trimmed, black beard that accentuates his pale skin and icy blue eyes. Now he turns to the audience in his tuxedo and begins to open panels on the box that sits atop a table.

“You will note there are no tricks, no secret compartments.” His voice booms out as he speaks to the crowd. He raps the top of the box with a massive fist. “Once the lovely Jemma is inside, she has no way of getting out. No hidden escapes.”

Another man also clad in a tuxedo brings out a buzz saw as Jemma, Niko’s assistant, climbs inside the apparatus.

“Now, ladies and gentleman,” he says, sweeping his arms wide. “I will saw Jemma into three pieces right before your eyes.”

I can’t help rolling my eyes. This trick is as old as god, if I believed in one. Thankfully Laura doesn’t notice my disdain.

But, somehow, Niko does. Those icy blue eyes focus on me and he calls out, “Excuse me, sir. Do you doubt my claim?”

The spotlight pins me and my eyes go wide. I hate being singled out, and my anger gets the best of me. “Not saying you can’t do it. I just think the trick is a little dated.”

Niko arches an eyebrow. “Perhaps you’d be more impressed if you came up here and watched?”

99 Cents Sale! Surrender Series Boxed Set

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Every month, in addition to free reads, we're going to offer you a 99 cents sale on a select Wild & Lawless Writers' title. A different title will go on sale every month! For January, we're offering you the Surrender Series Boxed Set, our latest release, for only 99 cents! Book cover and buy links are below.

We'll also be announcing our free reads for this month really soon, so check back often for more goodies! Plus we've reduced the prices on all our omnibus releases, so be sure to pick those up for only $6.99! Just another way to say THANK YOU for all the sales and support. We want to keep our readers happy and coming back for more.

99 cents until Feb. 13! Grab it at:

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Slave to Her Wicked Desires Now Available at Kobo

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Just a short note to let you know that Slave To Her Wicked Desires is now for sale at Kobo. Click the book cover or the link below it to grab your copy now!

Friday, 10 January 2014

Slave To Her Wicked Desires (A BDSM rock star romance short)

Slave To Her Wicked Desires
Antia Lawless

About: A BDSM rock star romance short from Anita Lawless.

Rock star Eric doesn’t like to be toyed with, so when Rachael misses his band’s concert, he demands they meet to discuss this slight. Rachael wonders if a part of her insulted her tall, dark and sexy master on purpose, so he can correct her naughty ways with his deft domination tactics.

Excerpt: Rachael knew that not showing up at the club for Eric’s show—the first one with the new line up for his band In My Tomb—was a stupid move so new in this relationship. Had part of her wanted to anger him? Wanted to irk the wrath of her new master to see how far his passion would go in the heat of some simmering hurt? Perhaps she had.

All Rachael knew for sure was that when she got Eric’s message to meet him at the studio, where he was going over some tracks he and the band had just laid earlier tonight, she’d heard the quiet outrage in his voice. As she got ready for the rendezvous he demanded, her breasts tingled and her pussy twitched when she thought of the punishment that lay in store for her.

Smoothing her pale hand over her long, blue-black hair—held back in a tight high ponytail—Rachael blew out a long breath as she opened the door to the mixing room, where Eric had said he’d be waiting.

The area was shadowed and quiet. Rachael’s wide blue gaze roamed over the few comfy desk chairs, a pair of headphones laying on the mixing board, and the reams of equipment lining the small room. But she saw no sign of Eric.

A door to her left, that she had not noticed in the gloom, opened, and Eric entered. He was dressed in a tight black T-shirt and black jeans. His long straight hair fell across his pale, sharply chiseled Scandinavian features.

“Where were you tonight?” His face remained impassive, steely, as the question left his lips.

Available On All Romance
Available On BookStrand
Available On Kindle US
Available On Kindle CA
Available On Kindle UK
Available On Kobo
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And take a peek at the new cover for our latest Surrender release, Surrender To His Pleasure!

Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Surrender To His Pleasure: Surrender Series Volume 7

Surrender To His Pleasure
Surrender Series Volume 7 (A Surrender Novella)
Anita Lawless

About: Surrender To His Pleasure is volume 7 of the Surrender Series, which continues the story of Surrender Inc., an exclusive BDSM pleasure resort / club franchise where the elite go to play. This is a M/F/M bdsm romance with a scorching heat level. Also includes a bonus story from guest author Louise Bohmer and bonus excerpt from an upcoming new Wild & Lawless series, Bad Boys of BDSM!

The last person former MMA fighter Nash Falcon expects to see when he breaks up a fight in a private room at Claim Me is his ex-wife. But there she is, with whip poised and ready to strike, working in his brother’s Surrender Inc. BDSM club. Now employed as a bouncer at Claim Me, Nash came here to get Fiona off his mind. Now she’s back in his life, he can’t get her out of it.

Fiona Bridges came to Thomas Falcon, Nash’s brother, looking for a getaway when scandal stripped her of her career as an MMA fighter promoter. Can she keep her secrets from Nash now they’ll be working together? Matters grow more complicated when Nash meets her new lover, a dom named Eli Watson who also works at Claim Me.

Nash wants a second chance, but Fiona wants him to prove he’s a changed man. Can he accept he’ll have to share the woman he loves with another if he wants her back?

For more bdsm erotic romance inside Surrender Inc., try out Surrender: Man Love and Menage (A Surrender Novella Collection), Surrender To His Demands (Surrender Series Volume 6), Surrender To His Proposition (Surrender Series Volume 5), Surrender: Bad Boys ( A Surrender Novella Collection), Surrender To His Game (Surrender Series Volume 4), Surrender To His Command (Surrender Series Volume 3), Surrender Ever After (Surrender Series Volume 2), and Surrender Forever (Surrender Series Volume 1.)

Excerpt:  “And then she said ‘Your dress is too short, honey,” the little blonde at his side chirped. “Can you believe it? Who is she to tell me whether my dress is too short or not…”

Her words melted into the blur of voices surrounding him. At one time, Nash would’ve already sweet talked her phone number out of her. She was cute, even if she was a chronic chirper. Instead he just let the woman yammer on about whatever and gave a noncommittal “Ummhmm,” when he thought he should. His mind wasn’t on getting laid tonight. Hadn’t been on it in a while. Not since Fiona walked out of his life six months ago.

Sure, there had been women. There had been sex. But every partner he took to his bed wore her face. His ex-wife was determined to haunt him to his grave.

His brother Thomas appeared in the crowd and moved swiftly toward him. Just as the little blonde wrapped a hand around his bicep, Thomas stopped in front of him.

“You busy?” Thomas’ gaze darted from Nash to the blonde.

“Nah, what do you need?” Nash stood up and the little blonde pouted. He murmured, “Sorry, honey,” to the tiny chirper and then focused on his brother/boss.

“Got a situation in one of the private rooms.” He pointed a thumb toward the balcony that wrapped around the second floor of the club. “I need some muscle to back me up.”

Nash called to Bernie, who was deep in conversation with a curvy brunette near the bar. “Take over for me.”

Bernie nodded and left the lady to take up Nash’s post. The little blonde brightened when the tall, well muscled Scandinavian took the stool Nash just vacated. She reached up and rubbed Bernie’s bald head and snuggled close.

Nash followed his brother through the crowd toward the wrought iron, spiral staircase that led to the private rooms. He’d worked as a bouncer at Claim Me, a Surrender Inc. BDSM club, for a few months now. His brother bought the place to add to his list of investments. Thomas mainly earned his money in casinos—something Nash teased him about, saying this made him a walking cliché: an aboriginal who acquired his wealth through a string of gambling joints. But now he was moving into the domination and submission trade with this place. Then main floor was a night club, complete with a bar, dance floor, booming hip hop, and bodies writhing. Scattered through it were faux rooms with glass walls through which patrons could watch BDSM scenes. A femdom flogging her submissive. A towering dom spanking his mistress. Whatever your pleasure, Claim Me had it. But the real action happened in the private rooms upstairs.

Thomas led him to Room 9 and stopped before he turned the knob. “The woman’s got a gun. She’s holding one of my best switches and her client hostage. We have to be careful.”

Nash frowned. “I thought you said you screened everyone thoroughly. How the hell did this shit get in?”

Thomas sighed. “The guy lied. Told us his divorce was final. Said his wife wasn’t cool with spanking him, so he had to get it elsewhere. Everything checked out. Anyway… See for yourself.”

Thomas opened the door and the screeching started.

“Get out! This is between me and them.” A pretty woman in tight jeans and a leather jacket whirled toward them, pointing a pistol right at Nash’s waist. At six foot seven, the woman would have to look up and aim higher to get his chest.

“Ma’am, put the gun down.” Thomas took another step into the room. “We can all talk about this in my office.”

When Nash’s gaze swept to the pair she was holding hostage, his stomach tightened and his heart squeezed in his chest, but he didn’t show it. Instead he stared at his ex-wife, Fiona, and she stared back with a riding crop poised.

Available On All Romance
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Winner of the Surrender Series Giveaway

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Congratulations to Allyson Belyea, the winner of our Surrender Series Giveaway!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Allyson takes home three volumes of the Surrender Series: Surrender To His Game, Surrender To His Proposition, and Surrender To His Demands.

  Thanks to everyone who entered! Look for more Surrender, plus some new series, coming soon from the Wild and Lawless Writers. And watch for more free reads, deals, and contests!