Thursday, 29 March 2012

Jack & James

Jack & James
C.J. Sneere

About: After James returns from the alley, his sister Fiona breaks up an argument between him and Dad, helping him escape questioning. But she wants answers about that pearly stain on his blazer, and as to why he's ditching her reception. The next day he phones to confess what happened in the alley. Fiona encourages him to call this bold mystery man. When James does so, he's invited by Jack to a club in a part of the city unknown to him. There he meets Jack's band mates. On a pool table in the smoky bar, Jack and five men have their way with James, loosening up in ways he never thought possible. The orgy lasts all night long.

Excerpt: I buttoned my blazer, checked my dark brown crew cut in the window glass, and headed back inside the restaurant. Keeping low, I crept through the kitchen, hoping no temperamental cooks spied me before I made it into the main dining area.

Breathing a sigh of relief, I sped-walked past the open banquet doors. In my mind, I said an apology to my dear sister, Fiona, for not saying goodbye or giving her and the groom, Brian, best wishes. I'd phone her later tonight and gush profuse I'm sorries. Hopefully the wide screen HDTV I'd bought them as a wedding gift would appease.

I almost skipped down the foyer, to the exit, when I heard the scraping of a throat. "Exactly where have you been?" I knew that disapproving tone anywhere.

The scared little boy in me threatened to surface, but I hushed him, told him to be brave. Then I willed my heart to a normal beat, commanded my hands to quit shaking, as I turned to face Father. 

"Look, not now. Not on Fiona's special day. Let this be about her, not you. I'll explain when I can."
He spit and blustered. His flabby jowls flushed red. "Excuse me? You will not take that tone with your father--"

"Get over yourself, Dad." I waved him off. "I haven't lived under your roof, or rules, for a long time."

Just as his mouth gaped like a dying fish, my sister poked her round little face around the banquet room door. Her large, black-brown eyes seemed to bulge, and she held up her wedding dress train as she neared. When her small hand touched Dad's shoulder, he stopped mid-screech.

Friday, 23 March 2012

Wild & Lawless Writers on B & N

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Saturday, 17 March 2012

Bound & Blindfolded

Bound & Blindfolded
Anita Lawless

About: Emily runs an antique bookstore that sells rare occult books. This is how she meets Ville Jorgensen, a drummer and song writer for a local black metal band. Most folks in their small city think Ville and his ilk are weird, but Emily is intrigued by this musician who also studies esotericism. They develop a friendship that leads to sexual role playing. He takes her to his home in the woods, where she experiences his dungeon.

Excerpt:  Ville and his band moved into our small city about two years ago. The people here average on insular and mistrustful. With their corpse paint and guttural vocals, Ville and crew were disliked from day one.

However, when he walked into my antique and occult bookstore, I was intrigued. He asked if I had any books by an esoteric author who wrote lyrics for a Swedish metal band. The name was unfamiliar, but I told him I could order them in through connections. He gave a slow grin, like a cat uncurling from a warm lap.

"Thank you," he said, and so began our friendship.

We talked philosophy, authors occult and otherwise, magick, music, and sex. But while we discussed everything from erotic rites to experimentation, I was still too much of a chicken to seduce him. The guy was intimidating after all. What with those yellow, feline contacts he wore. People kept a wide distance on sidewalks, thanks to his all black ensemble, tall, willowy frame, and slit pupils.

Lately it seemed he played a sexual game with me. I got the feeling he wanted me to make a move, or that he was about to make one. But Ville was cunning and hard to read. Sometimes he toyed with people for fun. After two years of friendship, I felt I could trust him. Though he unnerved me with his unflappable calm, I couldn't deny I was attracted to the man.

Talking with him was easy enough, but the thought of being naked in front of those glowing eyes made me shiver.

The tiny bell above my shop door rang. Coincidence raised goose bumps on my arms as Ville walked in. I rubbed my skin to hide the raised flesh.

"I was just thinking about you."

"I know." He wore a wolfish smile.

I laughed. "You do not. That's impossible."

He shook his head. Pulled a book from the case he'd been browsing. "Silly Emily. Always doubting, but still you like to dance on the edge of the unknown."

His eyes met mine. If I believed in a devil, I would've sworn Ville was his son. Even without contacts, his stare bore right through a person. As if he saw every stain, secret, and insecurity your mind held.

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Thursday, 8 March 2012

Jack The Lad

Jack The Lad
by C.J. Sneere

About: James attends his sister's wedding reception, where he tries to avoid the father he hasn't spoken to in six years by ducking outside. Behind a restaurant, he meets chaos in gaudy plaid pants and platform boots. A wild boy who goes by the name of Jack. Up against a brick wall, Jack takes James on a feral ride he'll never forget.

Excerpt: I'd kicked cigarettes three years ago, but I needed an excuse to get away from Dad. It always escalated into an argument with him, and I refused to spoil my sister's wedding reception. So when I spotted the short, portly bastard headed my way, I faked a nic fit then slipped out the back door of the restaurant.

I sighed as my ass hit the cool sidewalk. A spring breeze drifted by, and I inhaled deeply of the city scents it carried. Hot dogs from street vendors, fuel exhaust, and a potpourri of freshly served food coming from the restaurant. Soaking this in relaxed me.

Until I looked to my left and saw a gorgeous blond man walking toward me. His hair was a mess of spikes. He was about six foot. Dressed in gaudy plaid pants and a t-shirt far too tight. But I wasn't complaining. Though he wore a leather jacket over top, I could still make out well defined pecs, a toned stomach. I looked up from where his tight pants bunched in an impressive bulge and our gazes met.

He had doe eyes and a crooked grin. My mouth went dry, and I tried to look away, but failed on the first try. Normally, the attention of a handsome male lifted a crappy mood, but not today. Today, I just wanted solitude. Dealing with my overbearing father was stress enough.

I was never much of a punk fan, but something about my unexpected guest intrigued me. Still, he seemed to spell trouble, so I forced myself to stare at my shoes instead.

He sat close beside me. I kept focusing on my shoes, hoping if I ignored him long enough he'd go away. Instead, he stretched his legs out, propped one black, three-inch platform on top of the other, and slid a cigarette from a pack tucked in his jacket pocket.

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Thursday, 1 March 2012

Coming Soon - C.J. Sneere

C.J. Sneere writes m/m fiction from his home amidst concrete giants. That's his fancy way of saying, like Anita, he's an urban jungle dweller. He doesn't do Twitter or Facebook. He's too busy doing bears and pretty boys instead. Look for his first Wild & Lawless title, Jack The Lad, coming soon.