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BDSM Romance Collection

BDSM Romance Collection
Anita Lawless, Roxxy Meyer & Leigh Foxlee

About: Get tangled up with fairies and frost giants, let alpha billionaires sweep you away, and go on wild rides with bad boys in this BDSM Romance Collection from Amazon and All Romance bestsellers Wild and Lawless Writers.

This collection includes:

Slave To Her Wicked Desires
Seduced By A Fairy & Frost Giant
Spanking Cherry
Janet The Giant Lover
The Ugly Duckling
Cindy Eller
Surrender To His Pleasure
Bonus Story: Vicious Vampire Love 

Excerpt from Slave To Her Wicked Desires:

Rachael knew that not showing up at the club for Eric’s show—the first one with the new line up for his band In My Tomb—was a stupid move so new in this relationship. Had part of her wanted to anger him? Wanted to irk the wrath of her new master to see how far his passion would go in the heat of some simmering hurt? Perhaps she had.

All Rachael knew for sure was that when she got Eric’s message to meet him at the studio, where he was going over some tracks he and the band had just laid earlier tonight, she’d heard the quiet outrage in his voice. As she got ready for the rendezvous he demanded, she tingled all over when she thought of the punishment that lay in store for her.

Smoothing her pale hand over her long, blue-black hair—held back in a tight high ponytail—Rachael blew out a long breath as she opened the door to the mixing room, where Eric had said he’d be waiting.

The area was shadowed and quiet. Rachael’s wide blue gaze roamed over the few comfy desk chairs, a pair of headphones laying on the mixing board, and the reams of equipment lining the small room. But she saw no sign of Eric.

A door to her left, that she had not noticed in the gloom, opened, and Eric entered. He was dressed in a tight black T-shirt and black jeans. His long straight hair fell across his pale, sharply chiseled Scandinavian features.

“Where were you tonight?” His face remained impassive, steely, as the question left his lips.

Rachael swallowed over the excitement tingling in her throat, tingling all over her skin. “I…” She paused, her fingers moving in a nervous dance at her waist as she fumbled for an excuse for her absence at the concert. “I…forgot. I’m sorry.”

He walked closer. His thick soled, black boots beat a quiet, measured tempo as he approached. Rachael held her breath when he reached out with a long, well-muscled pale arm and ran his thin fingers down her cheek. “Take your clothes off, now,” he commanded. “You have three minutes.”

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Friday, 14 February 2014

Our Valentine's Gift for Readers

To say thank you for all the sales and support and to celebrate Valentine's, Wild and Lawless Writers are offering up two free reads from Feb. 14 to Feb. 21. Grab Surrender To His Pleasure for free at Kobo and Surrender Forever for free at Siren BookStrand. Just click on the links in this paragraph or the book covers below to snag your copies now! (The free promo of Surrender To His Pleasure might still be processing at Kobo, so check the price before you buy, readers. It might not go free until later tonight.)

Happy Valentine's Day to all our readers!

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Amazon Bestseller & Extended Sale

THANK YOU readers for making the Surrender Series Boxed Set a bestseller at All Romance and Amazon! It climbed to #4 at All Romance and currently sits at #11 in Kindle Store > Kindle eBooks > Literature & Fiction > Contemporary Fiction > Romance, #19 in Kindle Store > Kindle eBooks > Romance > Contemporary, and #21 in Books > Romance > Contemporary. We're thrilled about this, so to show our gratitude we're extending the sale on the Surrender Series Boxed Set until the end of February! Only 99 cents for over 600 pages of bdsm erotic romance! Click the book cover below for details or the buy links to pick up your copy now.

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BDSM Fantasies: Seduced by a Fairy & Frost Giant

Introducing a new series from Wild & Lawless Writers. BDSM Fantasies takes you into paranormal worlds filled with domination and submission romance.

BDSM Fantasies: Seduced by a Fairy & Frost Giant
by Roxxy Meyer

About: Samael is a night guardian and an air fairy who is in love with her fellow gatekeeper, Adrian. But Adrian has promised herself to a frost giant from the Nordic realms, and Samael let her true feelings be known too late. Now Samael uncovers an otherworld full of corruption and lies when Adrian and Hathgar, her frost giant mate, reveal an assassination plot that could tear the dimension of fairy apart. Will Samael join Adrian and the frost giant in their plan to stop this treachery, and become their energy mate in the process?  This bdsm fantasy short is a mff romance. 

Excerpt: Adrian’s blue-black hair shone in the moonlight, and Samael struggled to tear her gaze from the beauty of her night warrior companion. They’d guarded this swamp for some many eons together, yet Samael still could not claim Adrian’s love. Had she only confessed her real feelings for the air elemental long go, things would be different between them now.

They would be more than comrades—appointed guardians to the gateways that thinned around the swamps at night and left the doors to Fairy open for any unsuspecting mortal to wander in. They would be lovers—entangled in one another’s arm when day broke in the human realm, retreating back to their timeless world to roll in eternal green fields. Their free hours would be spent in sensual repose, with frantic, lustful tongues, kisses, and caresses.

But it was not to be for them. Adrian had met Hathgar—a giant with crafty charm—in the Nordic realms of fae, and he had captured her heart. Adrian had allowed Hathgar, by Nordic elemental customs, to claim her as his spirit whore. Or, at least, that was how Samael, in her quiet jealousy, saw it.

Within the plane of Fairy, there existed but one need these elemental spirits had to satisfy. They had to feed on the energy of one another in order to survive.

Some tribes of fae exchanged energy freely, and they did not mate for any period of time with one particular energy. But in some cultures within fae, there was a practice of taking one energy exchanger for a contracted period of time.

Barbaric practice, if you ask me… Samael chided herself for the unkind thought. She knew that all tribes of fae had their different ways and none were to be judged for it. Had they not learned from watching humans how deadly judging could be?

Samael adjusted her talons on the high branch and sighed. It was a slow night in the swamps that bordered the deep forest. None of the tricksters among their kind had gotten up to any real mischief. Unless you could count a surly, drunk gnome that had tried to give Adrian attitude when she’d stopped him from carving his name in a sacred oak.

Most evenings were as silent as a tomb lately. But they’d expected this time to be peaceful, what with the Samhain Sabbat approaching. The fae observed this old Celtic rite in remembrance of their once strong bond with humankind—a bond forged on mutual trust and a deep respect held by the humans of long ago for the elementals. That link was severed long ago, but the observance of this time of the dead, the Celtic New Year, and the death of the king were still held sacred by the fae. Even the tricksters would not dishonor Samhain.

“Do you hear that?” Adrian swooped close on her strong owlish wings. Her cool cheek brushed against Samael’s lips and she shivered.

“What?” Samael grabbed Adrian’s snow-white arm and looked around quickly for signs of life.

“I thought I heard laughter coming from the woods.” Adrian nodded toward an area across the stagnant pond. “Should we go in and see?”

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