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Short and Spicy Reads: Lust Times Two

Wild & Lawless Writers are pleased to announce a new series: Short and Spicy Reads. From now on, all our short story titles will be released under this name. Here's our first short and spicy read from Roxxy Meyer. A 5000 word bbw menage romance.

Short and Spicy Reads: Lust Times Two
Roxxy Meyer

About: Two personal trainers. One woman. A dinner date she won’t forget.

Kaley’s confidence comes and goes. Being a curvy size 16, she finds it hard to maintain a healthy ego when the media bombards her with size 00 ideals of womanhood. Her friend Deb tells her she’s beautiful, but it takes two hot personal trainers to convince Kaley she’s gorgeous as she is.

This is a 5000 word BBW ménage romance with bonus excerpt included. It has a scorching heat level.

Excerpt: Sloane

She’s gorgeous, but she doesn’t know it. I want to help her see this beauty. Kaley is a woman oblivious to her sexuality. The way she swings her hips when she walks. That sultry, sweet voice. The way those long, golden lashes frame her golden brown eyes. Natural sensuality.

I want to be the one to wake her inner siren up. We do. But she has to want us. We’d never force a woman. Not our style. If she lets us, we’ll show her pure ecstasy.

I want to hear her scream my name. To watch her face while she comes hard. We’ll worship every inch of her body. Teach her how to worship herself.

She’s interested. Curious. I can tell from those shy, sexy smiles. The way she blushes whenever my hand brushes her hip. When my chest sweeps over her back. Soon, she’ll approach me. Ask the question I know she’s dying to ask. Then we’ll show her pleasure she’s never dreamed of.

I can’t wait.

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And Bad Boys of BDSM Omnibus No. 1 is now available on Kobo. I've updated the listing with the link. Click the link above or the book cover below to grab a copy now!

Plus our Sizzling Summer Giveaway has ended. Many thanks to all the authors who participated and to everyone who entered. I'll be announcing the winners over the next few days and sending out prizes and contacting authors over the next 7. Please watch this site and our Facebook event page for updates.

And please join me August 2 for my paranormal takeover: I'll be promoting C.J. Sneere's Waking Up Werewolf and giving away some of his books! Thanks to Oddity Reviews for having me.

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Book Boyfriend Hangover Presents: Room 237 Series Blog Tour

It's our pleasure to welcome Emma Payne as part of her Room 237 Blog Tour, hosted by the lovely ladies at Book Boyfriend Hangover.


Room 237 Series: The Club, Tighter Binds, Unmasked

by: Emma Payne

Publication Date: June 30, 2014

Cover - Room 237(1).jpg

Room 237 Series by Emma Payne

**Warning: This book contains graphic scenes, language, and sexual content. Not recommended for readers under the age of 18.

One year after leaving her cheating boyfriend, Laney Holden still can’t seem to catch a break with men. After a year of blind dates that go nowhere, she grows jaded against the male race, even with the choice men at work. When her best friend comes up with a new plan for her love life, Laney follows along, hoping to find something different. What waits for her behind the door of room 237, however, is nothing like she ever expected.

Room 237 contains all three novellas in the Room 237 Series under one cover: The Club, Tighter Binds, and Unmasked.

Buy Link:

Author Bio:

I love to write and read and usually do little of anything else. The Room 237 Series is a trilogy of books that are currently available exclusively on Amazon. The contemporary romance/erotica series consists of three books (in order): The Club, Tighter Binds, and Unmasked. I'm currently working on my next projects.
On a personal note, I devour books at an alarming rate. I just can't get enough of a steamy romance with a great set of abs on the front cover!

Author Links:

Teaser 1(3).jpg
Teaser 2(3).jpg
Teaser 1(4).jpg
Teaser 2(4).jpg
Teaser 3(3).jpg

Room 237 Series Individual books:


Buy Links:

The Club: Book One
Tighter Binds: Book Two
Unmasked: Book Three


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Bad Boys of BDSM Omnibus No. 1

Bad Boys of BDSM Omnibus No. 1
Anita Lawless, C.J. Sneere & Leigh Foxlee

About: SPECIAL INTRODUCTORY PRICE! LIMITED TIME ONLY! Get entangled in these stories of MF bdsm romance with ménage scenes, plus man love with ménage scenes. Alpha werewolves and protective shapeshifters. Bad boys with attitude.

Grab the first three volumes of Bad Boys of BDSM from Amazon and All Romance bestsellers Anita Lawless, C.J. Sneere, and Leigh Foxlee.

This omnibus includes:

Bad Boy Werewolf: Bad Boys of BDSM Vol. 1 (MF)
Bonus Story: Waking Up Werewolf Part 1 (MM)
Claimed by the Bad Boy: Bad Boys of BDSM Vol. 2 (MF with ménage scenes)
Bonus Story: Jack & James (Jack The Lad Part 2. MMMMMMM)
Bad Boy Biker: Bad Boys of BDSM Vol. 3 (MM with ménage scenes)
Bonus Story: Barista Boys (MM)
Bonus Excerpts

All stories have a scorching to extreme heat level.

Excerpt from Claimed by the Bad Boy:

Bekka carefully unwrapped the package that sat atop her glass display case. It was an H.P. Lovecraft original, and being a lifelong fan of horror she couldn’t help but smile wide as she gazed down upon the book. Damn, she thought, It’s nice to enjoy what you do for a living.

Bekka had rented the space for her rare used books/oddities/antiques store around two years ago, right after her divorce from Corey was finalized. The memory of their uncomfortable parting made her sigh as she ran a reverent hand over the book’s cover.

She thought back to their final day together, remembered Corey and Juanita begging her to reconsider leaving. But Bekka had learned one lesson living with her husband and his stepmother for two years: There was only room for one woman in a man’s life, at least, when it came to living under one roof.

After enduring two and a half years with the meddlesome but well meaning woman, Bekka had to admit defeat. It wasn’t that Juanita had meant to gobble up every spare moment of Corey’s time, or that she meant to horn in on their relationship. It just happened. And Bekka, powerless to stop it but desperately wishing she could, had to do some soul searching before she dropped the dreaded “D” word on Corey.

It had practically killed him. She would never forget the look of hollow sorrow in his eyes that day.

“Why the hell am I doing this to myself?” she muttered to a china Buddha smiling cheerily at her from where it sat in a tall, glass display case.

Glancing at the calendar by the door, Bekka came around front to flip the CLOSED sign to OPEN.

She looked down at the dusty motorcycle boots on the other side of the glass, wood-framed entrance. Her eyes followed them up to black jeans, and she swallowed as her fingers closed over the sign.

Two years. Bekka never thought she’d see him again, even though they lived only forty-five minutes apart.

But there he was, standing on the other side of the door, smiling in at her, wearing a black t-shirt and sunglasses. It gave him that enigmatic, slightly dangerous look she’d always loved about him.

Corey Varkov. Her ex-husband. Bekka stared and her hand trembled on the sign.

Corey pointed to the doorknob, smiled—showing his deep dimples—and raised his eyebrows.

Nodding her head, Bekka forced a smile through her shock, fumbled with the key in her hand, and let him in.

“What…” Her voice cracked and her throat dried. “What are you doing here?” She cursed her words for deserting her at the worst possible moment.

Available On All Romance
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Available On Kobo
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August Free Reads

Hey readers & friends,

Here are your monthly free reads. Grab Hostage of Lust and Surrender To His Proposal for free at Amazon until July 30! And Surrender to His Game is free at Kobo until July 31! Click the book covers or links below to get your copies now.

And don't forget to enter our Sizzling Summer Giveaway below also. It ends July 30!

Hope summer is treating you great.

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Sizzling Summer Giveaway Update

Hey readers & friends,

Here's an update on our Sizzling Summer Giveaway. AUTHORS, would you like to be a part of the giveaway? Fill out the form. We do the rest!

The giveaway runs until July 30. Tons of great prizes up for grabs, so enter below!

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Here's a look at all the authors involved and prizes.

The Wolves of Wall Street, Volume1 by Jay Ellison

Jay's website:
Courtesan Press Facebook:
Courtesan Press Twitter:

Digital copy of Release, Redemption, and Revelation by Rebecca Lynn

Rebecca's Website:
Rebecca's Facebook:
Rebecca's Twitter:

Memoirs From The Asylum, Widow's Walk, and Tales From the Dew Drop Inne by Kenneth Weene

Kenneth's Website:
Kenneth's Facebook:
Kenneth's Twitter:

The King Maker by Susan Frances

Susan's Website:
Susan's Pinterest:
Susan's Tumblr:

3 copies of Forbidden Desires Boxed Set by Anita Lawless

3 copies of Bad Boy Biker: Bad Boys of BDSM Vol. 3 by C.J. Sneere

Back to School by Dylan Cross

Dylan's Website:
Dylan's Twitter:
Dylan's Facebook:

Chunky but Funky by Marteeka Kartland

Marteeka's Website:
Marteeka's Twitter:
Marteeka's Facebook:

 3 copies of Shifters & Bad Boys Bundle

 2 $10 Amazon Gift Cards

 Signed copy of Waiting for Rain by Susan Mac Nicol & various ebooks

Susan's Website:
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 To Serve and Protect: Sexy Men of Mystery Book 1 by Jessica Frost

Jessica's Website:
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Jessica's Facebook:

3 copies of the Surrender Boxed Set

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Bad Boy Biker: Bad Boys of BDSM Vol. 3

Bad Boy Biker: Bad Boys of BDSM Vol. 3
C.J. Sneere

About: SPECIAL INTRODUCTORY PRICE! LIMITED TIME ONLY! Hot shifter man love from C.J. Sneere!

Their tempers burn hot. Their chemistry burns hotter.

Haden is trouble walking, and the last thing Taggart ‘Tag’ Wells needs in his life. But the big biker has promised to protect him. The Nighthawks are out for Haden’s blood, and the bear shifter would just as soon give this wannabe tough guy over to them, but loyalty to his MC comes first. Something about the hazel eyed prospect brings out the beast in Tag. Can Haden’s charms soften his heart, or will they lead him into dangerous territory? Book 3 in a new novella series from the Wild & Lawless Writers: Bad Boys of BDSM.

This ebook includes:

Bad Boy Biker: Bad Boys of BDSM Vol. 3
Bonus Story: Barista Boys
Bonus Excerpts

Excerpt: His world slowly came back into focus as the woman wrapped his shoulder. Bright green eyes stood out in her plain, pretty face. She helped him sit forward so she could put a sling on his arm.

She smiled and gently eased him back against his pillows. “Do you remember what happened?”

The doctor, a round, short guy with silvery blond hair and wire rimmed glasses, sat on the side of the bed. He shone a light in his eyes as Haden answered, “Our raid got ambushed. We were going to shut down the Nighthawks meth lab, but they knew we were coming. Condemned Sons came in to back them up.”

The woman nodded and seemed pleased by his clear memory of events.

“Look left,” the doctor told him. “Look right.” Haden’s eyes watered from the piercing light and his head ached like a rotten tooth. “Look up. Down. Good. Now cover your left eye.” The doctor help up an open paperback. “Can you read the words on this page?”

Haden rattled off some sentences and the doctor appeared satisfied. He asked him to repeat the process with the other eye. The doctor nodded and clicked off his light, slipping it in his blazer pocket. He held up a pen and asked Haden to follow it with his gaze, then did a few other tests. Haden’s eyes throbbed in their sockets by the time he finished.

“Do you feel pressure in your head? Any dizziness?”

By now, Haden grew tired of the examination. “My head hurts like hell. Don’t feel too dizzy, though.”

The woman asked Haden if he remembered his full name and birth date and he rattled these off, “Haden Samuel Probst. I was born May 17, 1993.”

The doctor looked dubious. “If the headache continues, or there’s any persistent dizziness or vomiting, call me. You’re damn lucky, Haden. I’ll be back in a couple days to check on you. Make sure he keeps that shoulder immobilized, Tessa. Don’t let him sleep too much.”

“Sure thing, Doc.” She pulled up a wooden chair beside him. “I’ll keep you company for a while.”

Haden couldn’t even manage a nod. His whole body felt like one massive aching wound. At least he could move his eyes without too much misery. So he scanned the room.

The bed had a simple pine frame, and most of the furniture was white pine. The walls were also made of pine logs, stained a medium brown.

Near the doorway, the doctor stood talking to a biker who towered over him. The guy wore a vest with a back patch that marked him as a member of Rebels & Rogues. This biker was so tall he’d have to duck to get through the door. Tattoos snaked over his heavily muscled arms, and his square jaw was peppered with dark stubble. His hair was short and dark brown, but strands fell over his piercing, ocean blue eyes. He had a prominent nose, which he looked down when he glared in Haden’s direction. The guy would’ve been hot if he wasn’t raging with anger.

“Thanks for fixing him up, Doc,” the big man said, shaking the hand of the smaller blond gent.

“No problem. I owed Tessa and Bear a favor. There’s a bottle of Tylenol 3s on the night table. Don’t let him take too much.”

The two men left the bedroom together, and Haden focused on Tessa once more. “Where am I?”

“You’re at Tag’s place.” At his confused look, she added, “He brought you here with Mickey J after Lucifer’s Chosen and Rebels & Rogues took out the lab.”

“How’d we do?” Haden was afraid to ask, but he had to know.

“Lucifer’s Chosen lost three members. Nighthawks lost a lot more after Rebels & Rogues showed up.”

He had conflicting emotions over that, but he stayed blank faced in front of Tessa. He was glad Lucifer’s Chosen and Rebels & Rogues took on minimal damage, glad they destroyed the Nighthawks’ lab, but the lives lost, including the one he’d taken, haunted him.

“Keep him awake.” The gravelly voiced guy stalked up to the bed.

Tessa gave a small grin. “Haden, this is Tag.”

“Kid, you’re lucky,” the big man growled and glared. “Mickey J should’ve iced your ass for this.”

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And don't forget to enter our Sizzling Summer Giveaway!

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Forbidden Desires Boxed Set

Forbidden Desires Boxed Set
32 Stories of Illicit Love
Anita Lawless

About: SPECIAL INTRODUCTORY PRICE! LIMITED TIME ONLY! Forbidden desires offer bittersweet temptation. Can you resist?

This boxed set from All Romance and Amazon bestselling author Anita Lawless contains 32 stories of illicit love. Love that should not be. But it feels so right, how can it be wrong? Get lost in these stories about rock stars, male exotic dancers, tattooed bad boys, and the women who love them.

This boxed set includes:

Rock ’N’ Roll Step Brothers, which includes:
The Twins
Ambushed By Twins
Trapped Between Twins
Taken By Twins
Bonus Story: Shane & Sally On Tour

Friendly Enemies Smutfest, which includes:
Friendly Enemies 1
Friendly Enemies 2
Friendly Enemies 3
Friendly Enemies 4
Bonus Story: Friendly Enemies 5

Betting On Sex

Paying His Toll

Wrestler Romance

Oh! Shamus Strip Club Escapades, which includes:
Strip Club Surprise
Seducing Mary
Hot Valentine
Shamus’ Jealousy
Strip Club Rivalry
Bonus Story: Strip Club Escapades
Plus: Oh! Brother London Epilogue
Oh! Brother Christmas Proposal

Cherry’s Sex Exploration, which includes:
Cherry On Top
Cherry’s Sex Education
Spanking Cherry
Cherry’s First Gang Bang
Bonus Story: Cherry’s Sex Exploration

Rock Star Romance Playing With The Bands, which includes:
School of Passion
Bad Girl
Little Drummer Girl
Naughty New Year
Chloe’s Affair
Bonus Story: Ricky’s Romantic Surprise

All stories have a scorching heat level. Most involve multiple partners.

Excerpt from Rock 'N' Roll Step Brothers:

Mickie Malloy sat at her desk and frowned at a memo from her boss. Back off the cocaine trafficking story for now, it said. She hated when her boss, the much older and much more seasoned editor in chief of the Saint John Gazette, acted so bipolar without explanation.

She was a new reporter there, but in her six months with the Gazette she’d rose up as his star, giving him a cutting edge expose that broke one of the biggest recent scandals in their small city. She’d exposed a money laundering scam run by a prominent local banker. Turned out the banker’s hands were dirty with illegal weapon bootlegging, and he’d been running the profits through fake accounts he set up in his own bank. Mickie had gone undercover as a loans officer to break that one wide, and she’d done it in record time.

All this and she was only twenty-two and just starting her career. It was the one aspect of her life she could say she was truly proud of. She’d worked her ass off to get here.

Brushing her sideswept bangs from her eyes, she chewed on a thumbnail to vent her irritation. Having her story put on hiatus—the possibility of a crooked cop ring trafficking cocaine—left her fuming in her cubicle.

Her cell phone let out a shrill chirp, pulling her from these irritated ruminations. The number on the call display made her smile. It was her step dad, Roman Fayette. He was a well respected drummer in the legendary Canadian progressive metal band Rift. The band as a whole were well respected in the progressive metal scene for being pioneers of some very innovative music.

Her step father was the quiet one in the band, though the three other members of Rift tended to be laid back as well. Roman was a brilliant introvert who wrote many of the band’s songs and preferred to spend a good deal of his time alone.

“Hi Dad,” she answered on the second ring. Even though her mom and Roman had divorced years ago, she still thought of him as her true father, having never known her biological one. “You must’ve known I needed someone to cheer me up.”

“Hey sweetheart,” his calm, soft voice instantly relaxed her. “What’s bothering you?”

“Ah, my boss is putting the brakes on a great story.” She sighed. “You got time for lunch? I’ll tell you all about it.”

“Actually, I was going to ask you if you wanted to come by the house for lunch.” He chuckled. “You read my mind. I have a favor to ask. How about I make us a couple tofu salads and you meet me here in half an hour?”

She would’ve preferred potato salad loaded with mayo, but Dad was a health food nut and she knew he’d disapprove if she suggested her alternative. He worried about what he called her ‘bachelor eating habits,’ so she cheerily agreed to his offer.

She gave her makeup a last minute fix via the mirror in her powder / foundation case. She frowned at her too big nose and applied a pale pink gloss to her pouty lips. There was no fixing her round face and naturally too bright cheeks, she decided. At least her dimples and big doe eyes made her cute, and why was she worrying about this exactly? It was just lunch with dad at his place. But that did mean the prospect of seeing her step brothers, which usually made her feel like the awkward, bookish girl she’d been in high school.

Available On Kindle US
Available On Kindle CA
Available On Kindle UK
Available On Nook
Available On Smashwords 

**Kobo refuses to publish this boxed set. They consider it too taboo. Sorry, folks! Please grab your epub copies from Nook or Smashwords.

Don't forget to enter our Sizzling Summer Giveaway! Join our event on Facebook for prize updates.

AUTHORS: Would you like to be a part of our giveaway? Fill out the form. We do the rest!

And coming soon from C.J. Sneere, Bad Boy Biker: Bad Boys of BDSM Vol.3. Werebears and man love. Oh my!