Sunday 6 May 2012

Barista Boys

Barista Boys
C.J. Sneere

About: Bruce is a technophile. Simon is a Neo-Luddite. They work at the Daily Brew together, where they constantly butt heads. But after Simon catches Bruce getting a blow job in the break room, their bickering turns into anger-fueled oral pleasure and hot anal ramming.

Excerpt: "Ohhh yeahhh…That feels good." My hands swept down the sides of his thick, muscular neck. I massaged his broad, smooth shoulders as he bobbed up and down my cock. When I moaned out these words, he took my aching erection from his mouth and smiled up at me.

Like that, huh?" His straight, white teeth shone. Under a sheen of sweat, so did his flawless caramel skin.

I moaned as he descended on my cock once more, sucking hard as he wrapped one big, wide hand around the base of my penis.

Through half closed eyes I noticed the time. The clock above the soda cooler read 8:15. I was late opening Daily Brew--the coffee shop I worked at for two years now. Well, technically speaking I wasn't late. I'd actually opened ten minutes early, and that's when the gorgeous guy sucking my cock walked in. We got to talking, which led to flirting. The morning was slow, with no other customers lining up at the counter. So I propositioned the guy to a little oral pleasure in our break room, after I disabled the surveillance equipment. Tonya never checked the computer's digital cam files anyway. And since I was the coffee shop's only technophile, she trusted me to maintain the security equipment.

His broad fingers stroked and teased my balls, and I raised my hips to shove my cock deeper into his warm, wet mouth. He sucked hard and fast, letting me face fuck him like mad. Then he pulled away, a trail of spit clinging to his lips and my throbbing cock. His head dipped lower between my legs so he could tease my asshole with his tongue. He licked my perineum with enthusiasm, until my asshole and balls throbbed as hard as my cock did. I gave a guttural groan and clutched at his bald head. I was just about to face fuck the shit out of him again, when I heard footsteps at the front of the store.

"Bruce?" My heart sank at the sound of my co-worker's voice. "Why are you locked up at 8:17 am? There's a crowd gathering outside, and they want their morning coffee."

Simon's faux-cultured tone made me clench my teeth. The stranger between my legs gave me a wide-eyed gaze with those beautiful brown eyes. With a reluctant sigh I got up and rushed him toward the broom closet. I was just grabbing my pants, and he was just shutting the closet door, as Simon appeared in the break room.

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