Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Jack's Bachelor Party

Jack's Bachelor Party
Part 5 of the Jack The Lad series
C.J. Sneere

About: After living together for ten months, James decides to propose to Jack. But a damper is put on this special evening when Jack comes home beaten and bloodied. However, an erotic soak in a jacuzzi makes everything better. After Jack accepts James proposal, the boys in Jack's band plan an intimate bachelor party. But an unexpected guest tries to crash their orgy-filled festivities, and this guest comes armed with a secret. Will it break the couple apart or bring them closer together? All the questions are answered in this sex and action filled conclusion.

Excerpt: After lighting the two white pillar candles perched on the table, I blew out the match and cast a worried glance at the clock. Jack should've been home from his studio by now. He said he'd be back by 6:00 pm, and it was 7:10 pm. It only took him twenty minutes to walk home from the place, so he insisted on strolling rather than taking a cab. I protested this at first, since the area he had to pass through was rougher than our neighborhood. But Jack just said, "James, you worry too much, love. I know these streets like the back of my hand. Relax."

As of today, we'd been living together ten months, and I had cleaned the apartment, cooked a special dinner, because I planned on proposing to Jack, my punk rock lover, tonight. He had no idea I had anything special scheduled, so maybe he stopped off with his band mates for a drink, I reasoned. Still the niggling doubt wouldn't go away.

The doorknob rattled and I rushed to the entrance, opening it before he could. When I got a good look at him, my heart plummeted to my stomach. "Jack, are you all right? Christ, what happened?"

I wrapped an arm beneath his and slung his arm over my shoulder. Then I helped him in our apartment. His face was swollen, purpled, and cut on one side. He stood hunched as he limped into our home.

"My fault," he croaked. "I took the shortcut home. Went through that alley next to Fergie's Diner."

"What were you doing there?" I gently lowered him onto the sofa. "You know that area is rougher than rough. Crazy bastard." I unlaced his boots and eased both off his feet.

"Oh, stop fussing." He waved me off. " I know. I know. Should've taken a cab. Shouldn't have taken the shortcut. I'm just a bit bruised is all. A few kids swarmed me, but I managed to fight them off. They were young and small. Hell, I even saved my wallet."

"You look more than bruised, Jack Randall." Before he could say another word, I headed to the bathroom to get the first aid kit.

As I dug the small box out of our medicine cabinet, I heard him say, "Ohh, candles. What're we celebrating?"

In the bathroom mirror, I watched my eyes grow wide. I'd completely forgotten the table, the nice dinner I had cooking, the ring sitting on Jack's plate. With first aid kit in hand, I rushed out to the living room. I didn't want him to see the small velvet box until I cleaned up his wounds.

"I've got a special night planned. But we'll get to that later. Let's fix you up first." I knelt in front of him and gently turned his head so he faced me. I daubed some liquid onto a cotton ball and wiped the smear of blood from his cheek.

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Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Surrender To A Sex Therapist

Surrender To A Sex Therapist
Part 1 of the Surrender series
Anita Lawless

About: Charlotte Hanson loves her new job as secretary to a prominent sex therapist, Dmitri Nichvalodov, who also happens to come from old money. This Russian billionaire isn't hard on the eyes either, and he prefers to live a simple life doing a job he loves. At least, that's what Charlotte thinks, until he proposes she become his sex mistress. Now the contract is on the table, and the money offered would help care for her ailing father. Will she sign the papers and surrender?

This series contains consensual BDSM role playing between adults over 18 years of age. This story contains explicit sex acts, and is intended for an audience 18 years of age or older.

Excerpt: I enjoyed my new job so much it was almost too good to be true. An old friend of Dad's from the precinct, Sherri Taylor, had landed me the interview with Dmitri Nichvalodov, and I'd become the secretary of this prominent sex therapist three weeks ago. At first I'd had reservation about working for him. Not that I was a prude, but I knew little about sex--I'd only been with two men in my life, and one was a disappointing fumbler at best--plus I'd heard Dmitri was a stunner. Being introverted and a social kumquat, my reservations stemmed from the fact there was a good chance I'd stumble over my words, or tip over a coffee table, and make a complete ass of myself. I tended to do just that when I was nervous or intimidated by the subject or persons involved.

However, the salary promised was generous, and it would cover Dad's mounting medical bills. Dad came first, so I swallowed my fear and accepted the position.

"Charlotte," Dmitri said, his green eyes meeting mine, making my stomach do a flutter I tried to ignore. "Would you join me in my office when you're finished up there? I'd like to ask you something."

"Oh, certainly, Mr. Nichvalodov." I adjusted my glasses, thankful they slipped down my nose at that moment, because it gave me a chance to break away from his penetrating gaze.

"It's Dmitri to you." I watched his broad shoulders, clad in a pinstriped suit, disappear behind the door. His long hair gleamed as the sun caught it just before he vanished. He wore his straight, black mane in a braid that fell to the middle of his back. How a psychiatrist managed to look like a male stripper was beyond me. Maybe it had something to do with being a sex therapist. I scolded myself for picturing him out of that suit for the second time today.

Dmitri also came from money, a lot of it, and his family held a history of investing in entrepreneurial ventures that had, for the most part, paid off well. He'd told me, in some of our frequent office conversation, that there had been some risky investments in the early days, and his great-great grandfather lost his shirt a couple times over a hunch that went sour.

However, these days the family had enough wealth to take a million or more dollar loss and not even feel it. They invested a great deal in green energy technology. Dmitri told me the only thing holding green energy back, in his educated opinion, was the lack of funding for researching and developing these techniques.

"Why work as a sex therapist then?" I'd said one day, and when he turned those penetrating green eyes on me, I'd added, "If you don't mind me asking."

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Saturday, 9 June 2012

Cherry's First Gang Bang

Cherry's First Gang Bang
Part 4 of the Cherry On Top series
Anita Lawless

About: Wrestlers and rock stars! Oh my! Lenny discovers that Cherry is a longtime EWL fan, so for their eight month anniversary of not killing each other he decides to take her to a wrestling event. But he has an even bigger surprise planned for her afterwards, and it involves three giants wrestlers having their way with Cherry.

Excerpt: 8 Months Later

It was the first day of summer reading break, and I'd decided to spend it in bed, watching my old wrestling DVDs. Lost in sweet nostalgia with sweaty, muscled men was the only place I wanted to be right now. Once upon a time I'd had the whole collection on battered VHS tapes, but one Christmas my father bought me the set on disc, before my tapes conked out. I'd watched them until my now dead machine nearly ate the thin, magnetic strip within.

Lenny had headed out for the day to order more stock for the store and to meet with one of our suppliers. The guy was giving us a bit of a runaround on some dildo shipments, trying to overcharge us, and Lenny figured it was time to wrangle with him face to face.

Just as The Juggernaut pounded Jim "Big Man" Davies into the mat via a fierce choke slam, I heard Lenny walking up the hall. He spoke loudly to himself, and he appeared to be cursing our supplier out as he did so.

He knocked on my door, but didn't wait for me to say, "Come in" before it swung wide and he stalked over the threshold, all scowls and huffed breath.

"You're back early," I said, turning the volume down on the match as he plopped himself beside me on the bed.

"I told that bastard to shove his stock where the sun doesn't shine." He grabbed some extra pillows I had piled on the quilt and got comfy. "We'll go with Tank's Love Train from now on. We've never had a problem with their deliveries before."

I nodded, then focused back on the match. We'd already agreed on this modus operandi before he left for the powwow. "Sounds good to me. Like we said, if he's gonna dick us around, we'll just kiss him goodbye."

Lenny nodded then frowned as he focused on the TV. "What are you watching, Cherry Logan?"

I laughed at his faux hoighty toighty tone. "What does it look like? Wrestling."

He chuckled, gave me a curious look, glanced back at the screen. "You? Wrestling? I never pictured you as the sort of girl who watched this stuff."

I gave him a sideways glance, wondering what he meant by that exactly. "What've you got against wrestling?"

He held his hands up. "Oh, nothing in the least. Some of my best friends are wrestlers." When I cast him a glare, in case he was being sarcastic, he added, "No seriously, I know some guys in the EWL."

"Really?" I perked up at this, sitting so I now face him on the bed. "I don't follow it like I used to, but I just loved the EWL as a kid."

He gave a wide smile, looked me up and down. "And here I always thought, when it came to men, you'd be all about business suits and $500 haircuts."

I scoffed, playfully swatted his arm. "I've slept with you, haven't I?"

"Good point."

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Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Island Anal Adventure

Island Anal Adventure
C.J. Sneere

About: Tom has lived most of his life trapped in a lie. Raised in a strict Christian family, he toed the line according to his father and mother's wishes. But now he's undeniably attracted to his sexy bosses, who also happen to be life partners. When they offer him a weekend island excursion, he finds they're just as attracted to him, and things heat up between the trio at sea as well as on land.

Excerpt: "These new ideas look great, Tom." Ethan looked up, flashed a dazzling smile. "Could you outline these in a brief memo? I'd like to email them to the other ad designers."

I felt my face heat, and I smiled shyly in return. "Certainly. Glad you're impressed with them. I think taking the campaign fully digital will really cut costs."

He nodded, patted my back, and I noted how his hand lingered as it smoothed down my blazer. "Keep this up, I see a promotion to full partner in your near future. You've been a wonderful asset to this company since you joined us."

As Ethan left my office, I watched his firm, muscular behind until the closing door blocked my view. He and Terry owned this small but successful ad firm, and I'd landed the job as one of their top ad execs with my impressive resume and experience. Over the six months I'd been here, I'd worked close with them on many projects, and we were becoming good friends.

They were not only partners in business, they were partners in life, and they had an excellent working relationship I admired. Both men knew well how to separate business from personal.

My work environment was a welcome change from the one that awaited me at home. While my bosses and co-workers tended to have a liberal mindset, my home life was ultra-conservative. My wife and I both came from old money that was still clinging to outworn ideologies. In truth, I felt trapped in my personal life, but freed when I arrived at work each day.

I'd lived a lie for all my life, but working here was giving me the courage to finally reveal the truth about myself. In my family, a strict Christian household, there was no room for a gay man. I'd married my high school sweetheart, pretending to love her for ten years. Well, in our own way we had once loved each other. I'd been on the verge of coming out so many times, but then my mother and father's disapproving glares would haunt my thoughts and steal my courage.

Watching Ethan and Terry, though, had made me realize how much I wanted that kind of relationship. To stop living the lie. I no longer cared about my parents or wife's money. I had more than enough cash to see me through, and a job that paid well. The only thing holding me back from coming out now was the worry about how it would influence my kids. And if Katy wanted to be a bitch, she could try and make custody a difficult game for me. So, for the time being, I sat on coming out, and felt all the more a coward for it.

Terry came in my office. "Hey, Tom, what're you doing tomorrow?"

I took in his handsome face, much as I had just done with Ethan. Damn, but they were a striking pair of males...

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Friday, 1 June 2012

Hostage Of Lust

Hostage Of Lust
Anita Lawless

About: Jim "Big Man" Davies is on a mission to save his marriage. This now retired pro-wrestler fears his wife has fallen for a much younger man. So, one weekend, he decides it's time to play the game. A role playing scenario his wife, Tara, has always fantasized about. Armed with manacles, a blindfold, and sex toys galore, he only hopes she'll fall back in love with him when he's through with her… and not call the cops instead.

 Excerpt: Jim watched his wife sleep, and his heart ached. The big man sighed a heavy sigh. She looked so peaceful. Her pale eyelashes brushed the top of her honey-colored cheeks. Strands of white-gold hair fell over her forehead. She was so beautiful, and he didn't know if he could stand to lose her.

But how would she feel about his plan? He was definitely resorting to desperate measures. Hell, he hadn't even used tactics like that in his high school or college years. However, the game was something they'd talked about a lot over their five year marriage. Something she stressed she wanted. They just hadn't talked about it, or much of anything, over these last twelve months.

He brushed the hair from her forehead, stroked her smooth cheek with his callused fingertip. She stirred and mumbled in her sleep. When he leaned forward and kissed her softly on the lips, she woke up. She stretched, rubbed her eyes, and gave him a groggy smile.

"Hey," she said. "What time is it?"

"A little after nine."

"Crap, I better get up."

But he placed a hand on her stomach when she made to leave the bed. "Just stay a bit longer. Where do you have to be? Our vacation started three days ago." Jim was a towering figure of a man, and his one hand practically spanned her whole waist. It was easy to keep her laying flat with just his palm.

She looked slightly perturbed. "I've got stuff to do." But then her face softened as she stared at him, and he wondered if the disappointment had shown in his expression. "Okay. I'll stay. But I have to be out of this bed by ten-thirty."

"That's plenty of time," he said, then leaned forward to kiss her again.

There hadn't been much sex over the last year, but he was as much to blame for that as her, he knew. He'd been too busy training young wrestlers, reliving his glory days through them, and she'd been too busy promoting the EWL, the wrestling league they both worked for, as well as managing some new wrestlers who'd just come into the circuit.

Now Jim worried his fears of them growing apart, of her wanting a much younger guy, were coming true. He was fifteen years older than Tara, and he still worried she'd decide he was too old for her, slowing down too much, didn't offer her enough excitement.

But she didn't push him away now, as the kiss deepened and he crushed his mouth tighter against hers. His tongue glided over hers, and her lips opened without resistance. He slipped his massive arm up her side and drew her closer. Last time he'd tried this, she'd made an excuse about being late for a meeting. He'd never known her to turn down a morning quickie before, and the rejection had hurt like hell. That's when his fears about another man truly grew.

One hand buried in his long, salt and pepper hair, while the other stroked the muscles in his broad back. She sighed softly into his mouth as his fingers inched beneath the hem of her sheer panties.

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