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Beyond Surrender: BDSM Scenes

Beyond Surrender
BDSM Scenes from the Surrender Series

About: Sometimes you just want naughty scenes of play, of submission and domination. No stories here. Just slices of delicious torture and scorching sex. Beyond Surrender: BDSM Scenes from the Surrender Series by Anita Lawless, Leigh Foxlee, and Roxxy Meyer has just that.

This collection includes scenes from:

Surrender Forever (MF)
Surrender Ever After (MMF)
Surrender To His Command (MF)
Surrender To His Game (MF)
Bonus Material

Adult Excerpt (from Surrender To A Sex Therapist):

The lump in my throat was hard to swallow down. “I’ve … I’ve decided to accept your offer, if it’s still on the table.”

His smile widened. White teeth showed, and I felt a bit like a rabbit staring down the wolf. He opened a drawer in his desk and pulled some papers out. The contract. I quit breathing for a moment when he slid the document toward me.

Again I told myself, now or never. With shaky hands, I took a pen from Dmirti and bent over to sign on the dotted line. As I did so, he came around the desk and slipped his warm, strong hands around my waist. My heart and breathing sped up, and I chided myself for such foolish reactions to a simple man. But then, I was wrong. Dmitri Nichvalodocv could never be a simple man.

“I’m so glad you decided to accept.” His arms engulfed me now, and he turned me so I was held tight against his chest.

“You’re not mad about the wine?” I stammered, trying not to look away from those incredibly intense eyes.

He smirked. “I’ll get another shirt.”

His hand glided up the side of my body, around my neck, and then his palm cradled my head. I wore my long hair loose today, so he tangled his fingers in my curls and yanked my mouth to his. Our lips crushed together, and his tongue plunge into my mouth violently. There would be no denying him access now.

“Oh, Charlotte,” he whispered against my cheek, before claiming my lips again. “You have no idea how much I’ve wanted this.”

He pushed me up against the desk and swept a pile of papers out of his way with one big hand. His other hand cupped my ass and hoisted me up on the desk. My heart now boomed so loudly in my ears I swore it would burst.

He tore my clothes from me in a torrent of passion. My fingers worked in a nervous flurry to peel off his shirt and the rest of his suit. As we undressed, our hands roamed over each others’ bodies, kneading, probing, caressing. My skin became charged with his erotic touch.

He adjusted me on the desk so I was sprawled out on it lengthwise, and then he swept more papers and the phone off the surface. Then he pulled back from me, and those emerald eyes ravished my body with an intense up and down appraisal.

“You’re gorgeous. I knew you would be a stunning sight when I got you naked.”

His lips were once more upon me, kissing my neck. Now, he added licks and gentle bites too. I soon squirmed against him and let out a soft mewling as his hands explored every inch of my skin. As his tongue moved lower--across my clavicle and down to my breasts--the throbbing in my pussy went from a dull tingle to a hungry throbbing. I needed him to touch me between my legs desperately.

“How many men have you known before me?” His question fanned my nipples with his warm breath.

I arched my back to get closer to this delicious sensation. “Only two. I don’t get out much.”

He laughed at this, but not cruelly. “You might find you get out a lot more, now you’re my mistress.”

A thrill ran in a straight line from my gut to my heart. My throat seized, but I managed to regulate my breathing. Between his promises and his ardent nipple play, I was beginning to feel like melting candle wax. But I wasn’t complaining in the least.

His mouth made love to my breasts, my nipples, and the sensations his teeth, lips, and tongue stirred zipped straight to my cunt. It now screamed to be touched. Inside, I was a wild woman who wanted a carnal fucking, but I dare not utter this confession to my new lover.

Finally his lips brushed over my wet, swollen pussy, and I gasped out at the contact. It felt so good, so intense, and it had been so long since I’d been touched there. He teased me mercilessly at first, blowing on my aching clit, kissing my inner thighs, but avoiding direct contact with my vagina until I moaned out, “Please, Dmitri, lick me. I must feel your tongue.”

His chuckle was low and throaty. “Do you want to come again, darling? Should I give you release after you were such a bad girl?”

Oh, sure, now he was going to make me pay. But this sexual game was exciting, so I gave the only response I could think of, hoping he wanted the wanton woman I hid so deeply inside. “Yes, oh please, yes. I promise I’ll be good from now on.”

This time his chuckle was closer to a growl. “Don’t make promises you can’t keep.”

Then he nudged the hood of my clitoris back with one hand, and his tongue flit out over the exposed bundle of nerves. I let out a shrill squeal and arched up to meet his mouth. He spread my dripping labia with two fingers and thoroughly stroked, teased, this soft inner flesh. I groaned when his touch slipped inside my hole. His fingers curled as they massaged my cunt walls. He found my g-spot in no time, caressing it to life with deft skill.

“Beg me this time,” he said, after a few more maddeningly light flicks of tongue. “Beg me to make you come, mistress.”

“Oh, please, Dmitri.” I buried my fingers in his long, flowing hair, which now fell loose around his shoulders. “Please make me come.”

“Master,” he whispered against my clit. “When we’re lovers, you call me master. You are my mistress now.”

“Yes, Master.” His lips closed around my clitoris and he sucked it deep into his mouth. “Whatever you say.”

“First with my tongue,” he spoke between licks, and his touch moved faster inside me now, “and fingers, then with my cock. How does that sound?”

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Cindy Eller Updated & Free at All Romance and BookStrand

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Hope you're having a fabulous summer and reading lots of great ebooks on your trips to the beach, park, wherever you hang out. We've got another free read you can add to that list. Cindy Eller: 50 Shades of Fairy Tales is now also free at AllRomance and BookStrand, in addition to being free at Amazon, Kobo, and Smashwords. Plus we've updated it, so you can try out a bunch of Wild & Lawless titles before you buy.

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Surrender: Bad Boys

Surrender: Bad Boys
Surrender Series Novella Collection
Leigh Foxlee & Anita Lawless

About: Get two Surrender Series novellas for only $3.99! Surrender: Bad Boys is filled with roguish doms and biker rebels, naughty scenes of bdsm play, deception, and intrigue.

This collection includes:

Surrender To His Command by Leigh Foxlee

Surrender To His Command is Volume 3 of the Surrender series, which continues the story of Surrender Inc., an exclusive sex resort / club franchise where the elite go to play. It is the first stand alone novella in the series, rather than a four part serial.

Rider Sykes is a dominant in need of practice, or so his clients tell him. Christy Tyler is a college girl working two jobs and falling asleep in class. When she meets Rider at her best friend’s bachelorette, she never guesses the tattooed bad boy will offer to hire her as his practice sub, but he shows up at her job the next day to do just that. However, Rider isn’t who he claims to be, and when Christy discovers his secrets and betrayal it may be enough to make her flee from this biker dom’s arms.

Surrender To His Game by Anita Lawless

Surrender To His Game is Volume 4 of the Surrender series, which continues the story of Surrender Inc., an exclusive sex resort / club franchise where the elite go to play.

Ophelia Jamieson receives a strange call one night from her sister, Sasha, who works for Surrender Inc. Someone inside this corporation that caters to bdsm delights has kidnapped Sasha and is trying to take Surrender down. Now Ophelia, a college girl who likes her world controlled, must work with Damien Walters, a man she hates, and take major risks to save her sibling. But when it’s all over, will her life be forever changed, and her heart broken, by this enemy dom?

For more bdsm erotic romance inside Surrender Inc., try out Surrender Ever After (Surrender Series Volume 2) and Surrender Forever (Surrender Series Volume 1).

Excerpt from Surrender To His Command:

“I dare you to pinch his butt.” Jeanie points to the nearly bare derriere of one stripper who’s sashaying in front of the bride-to-be, my best friend Felicia.

I nearly choke on my appletini. “No. You know my rule.”

She rolls her eyes at me, flutters her fake glittery lashes. “Yes, no more bad boys. Why can’t you just drink from the fountain without wanting to marry it?”

I blink at her odd, homemade idiom. “Look, some people can have one night stands and some can’t. I’m not a prude--”

“You just fall in love too fast.” She shakes her blonde wigged head at me. “Girl, you’d have a lot more fun if your heart wasn’t tucked between your knees.”

With that, she struts off toward the stripper sticking his thong clad naughty bits in Felicia’s face. I shake my head and watch them, wishing I could be more like Jeanie and Felicia, wishing I’d chickened out on this bachelorette and stayed at home with my cat and a book.

“But it’ll be fun!” Felicia had crowed when I tried to back out of her party. “And you’re one of my bridesmaids, so you have to be there.”

Felicia and Ron are getting married soon, and they’ve decided that for their bachelor and bachelorette parties they get one last fling. So strippers were hired and Ron pulled some strings to rent Felicia and her friends this room that’s a part of some sex club. Sex club! Can you believe it? Some place called Surrender Inc. apparently owns it, or so Felicia tells me.

Just great. Here I am tucked in a sex club with ample writhing, muscled male flesh and I’ve sworn off bad boys for good. Of course, a sex club is crawling with just that!

I glance up from where I sit wedged between Mary and Eve, two more college buddies who are in my historical law class. And wouldn’t you know it. One of the strippers is headed right for me, hips gyrating and penis edging closer to my face. I try to get up, but Mary and Eve hold me in place.

“The lady over there says you need a lap dance,” the towering brunette beefcake tells me.

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