Friday, 30 November 2012

Hot Sex Scenes ONLY: Naughty Siblings

Hot Sex Scenes ONLY: Naughty Siblings
 by Anita Lawless

About:  Strip off the plot, peel away the story, and settle in for nothing but scorching wall-to-wall sex scenes. Hot sex scenes ONLY from three of Anita's taboo, tattooed step brothers series.

No names. No details. Just sizzling sex.

This ebook includes sex scenes from:

Rock 'N' Roll Step Brothers: The Twins
Rock 'N' Roll Step Brothers: Ambushed By Twins
Rock 'N' Roll Step Brothers: Trapped Between Twins
Oh! Brother: Sex Club Surprise
Oh! Brother: Sex Starved Sister
Oh! Brother: Hot Valentine
Oh! Brother: Sex Crazed Siblings
Oh! Brother: Siblings Jealousy
Oh! Brother: Siblings Sexcapades
Oh! Brother Sibling Sexilogue
Oh! Brother: Christmas Proposal
Friendly Enemies Part 1
Friendly Enemies Part 2
Friendly Enemies Part 3
Friendly Enemies Part 4
Friendly Enemies Part 5

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Tuesday, 20 November 2012

New Cover For The Story Of Jack & James

More new cover goodness for you, readers! This time we have a shiny new face for The Complete Jack The Lad Series: The Story Of Jack & James. The Story Of Jack & James is is now available at all our online outlets! A perfect digital stocking stuffer for your special someone. Click the book cover above, the link in this paragraph, or the links below for details and to purchase.

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Monday, 12 November 2012

5 Stars for Surrender To A Sex Therapist

Tons of thanks to cls over at Amazon for giving Surrender To A Sex Therapist (Surrender Series Part 1) 5 stars and a great review! Here's what she had to say about Surrender Part 1:

"Hot, steamy, emotional, and full of romance...couldn't ask for more!!!! The only negative is it ended too soon. I wanted it to keep going! Love the characters but need the rest of the story! Please finish and publish the rest."

Thanks bunches, cls! And don't worry! For cls and all our dear readers looking for the rest of Charlotte and Dmitri's hot love story, you can grab the full Surrender Series now! Surrender Forever is available at all our outlets. Click the link in this paragraph or the book cover below to check out its details page and purchase links!I've also included all its purchase links in this post.

Friday, 9 November 2012

Rock 'N' Roll Step Brothers Part 1 FREE Until Nov. 12

Hey dear readers,

As promised, here's more free rock 'n' roll erotica! You can grab Rock 'N' Roll Step Brothers Part 1: The Twins FREE until Nov. 12. Simply click the highlighted link in that last sentence, or click on the book cover below to pick it up now. Thank you for your downloads, and I hope you enjoy the smutty antics!

Anita xox

Saturday, 3 November 2012

More New Cover Goodness

You might have noticed we've been busy sprucing up covers in time for Christmas. Here's Mr. Wild's latest creations to tempt your eyes. More new smutty romance coming soon, readers! Thank you for all the October sales. We love that you love our smut!

New cover for the Cherry On Top Series.

New cover for the Rock 'N' Roll Step Dads Series

And if you missed it the first time, dear readers, we also rolled out new covers for Friendly Enemies Smutfest: The Complete Series, and for Naughty Relations: Expanded Collection. Check both out below. Visit the details page to purchase any one of these hot and entertaining reads!

New cover for the Friendly Enemies Smutfest: The Complete Series. 

New cover for Naughty Relations Expanded Collection.