Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Spanking Cherry

Spanking Cherry
Part 3 of the Cherry On Top series
Anita Lawless

About: Told from Lenny and Cherry's point of view, this adventure in submission involves an elaborate spanking chair, designed by Cherry's brother, and two sexy rock stars at once! After meeting Jeff Callahan, ex-drummer of Lenny's old band Leather Lotharios, Cherry proposes a threesome BDSM style. The boys strap her in and, with the help of paddles and a cat o' nine tails, they take her on one wild ride she'll never forget.


Chapter 1

It all started with Byron. Lord Byron, of course. Oh, I know. How cliché of me. In my defense, I was Byron before Byron was cool. To me, the mad poet was the true, first rock star. I came across George Gordon when I was eight, while reading Mom and Dad's old encyclopedias. There was a passage from Childe Harold's Pilgrimage and a brief bio of the Romantic writer. While I was too young to truly understand the poem at the time, it and the condensed story of Byron's life captivated my imagination. Then and there, I knew I wanted to be a rock star.

Over the years, I'd come to emulate him in many ways. I fell in and out of love too fast. Countless lovers became a blur of faces before I knew it. I did too many drugs, which led to waking up in trash strewn alleys, or apartments in the slums, curled up on a mattress that had seen better days.

But all of that seemed like a lifetime ago. Almost like it happened to another person. Oh, sure, I still fucked a lot. I was a former sex addict. What did you expect? The libido wasn't as manic as it used to be, but it still demanded regular attention. However, after I fell from stardom, I learned better self control all around.

Nowadays I made most of my cash from writing songs for others. That, and jingles for products that promised happiness. The one thing I never lost during my fall was my ability to write a catchy melody. That, the sex shop, and royalties from my time spent with Leather Lotharios, my old band, kept me from destitution.

The adult store still brought in good cash, but it wasn't my main source of income anymore. It's a place that also held nostalgia, so that's why I wanted to hang onto it. Call me crazy, call me sappy and overly sentimental, but when I was down and out Cherry's brother saved my ass by offering me a stake in the place. It would always be special.

And, of course, now there's Cherry to factor in. Don't mistake this for love, what she and I had going on. Oh no. The impetuous boy who fell in love too quickly was long gone. But over the months we'd spent together I had come to respect Cherry, enjoy her company. And, of course, I'd be lying if I said I didn't enjoy the sex, a lot.

That morning I felt like road kill. I'd been up all night writing songs for an up and coming pop star. Cherry offered to take the early shift so I could catch some more sleep. Since it was the weekend, she had no classes, and I certainly appreciated the extra zzz's.

Now, as I stumbled downstairs in a rumpled purple t-shirt and black jeans, my hair looking like a Bride of Frankenstein 'do, I found an angry looking man standing at the empty counter. He glared and cleared his throat when he glanced at me.

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