Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Jack's Betrayal

Jack's Betrayal
Part 4 of  the Jack the Lad series
C.J. Sneere

About: It six months later, and James hasn't spoken to Jack in over a week, after a terrible fight. At the urging of his sister, he goes to Jack's place to apologize, only to find the man he loves in the arms of another guy. Seeking revenge, James heads to a sex club for some retribution sex with a stranger. An angry Jack finds him getting oral stimulation from an old adversary. Will Jack and James overcome these betrayals and stay together?

Excerpt: "So when are you and Jack coming over for dinner?" My sister's brown eyes darkened to black and sparkled like jewels. "I've only met him twice, and that was for--what?--all of ten minutes. And Brian is dying to meet him."

My stomach tightened with anxiety. I gave a half-hearted smile and looked away. "Jack and I …" Sighing, I ran a hand through my closely cropped hair. "We haven't spoken in a week. We had a fight--"

Fiona reached over the table, squeezing my hand. "Oh, no. James, what happened?" Her face wrinkled in concern when I met her gaze.

"I … Oh, I screwed up." I threw my fork on the table, shoved my food aside. "I pushed for details about his past. Accused him of being secretive, of not trusting me. Worst of all, I called him a self-absorbed narcissist."

She cringed, apparently forgetting her lunch too as I poured out the story. "Why haven't you called him to apologize?"

I felt my face flush, felt my throat tighten with shame. "I… Truthfully, Fiona? Damn pride." I shrugged. "That and I'm afraid he'll break it off when I do."

She stroked my arm, gently shook her head at me. "James, don't take this the wrong way, dear brother, but don't be like Dad." I flinched at the remark but didn't interrupt. "What I mean is…" She bit her fingernail, and I could tell she searched for just the right way to say this. "Sometimes it hard not to become your parent. You know what I mean? We pick up their biases, their bad habits, just as much as we learn from their positive traits. Don't deny yourself love, tenderness, James. Don't be Dad's definition of a man. Be your own definition. Does that make sense?"

I took her tiny hands in my large ones and gave them a gentle squeeze. "It does, Fiona. It does. Thank you."

She smiled and gave a sigh that sounded relieved. Then she picked up her fork and dug into her shrimp salad. "Now, after we finish lunch, I want you to go right over to Jack's apartment and apologize to him. Oh, and invite him to dinner at our place. Maybe next weekend?"

I grinned, knowing there would be no denying my sister once she gave orders. "I'll do just that."

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Thursday, 24 May 2012

Betting On Sex

Betting On Sex
Anita Lawless

About: Carlie West just lost her job, and there's only fifty dollars left in her account. Now her handsome, much younger landlord--who also happens to be a cousin through marriage--wants his rent. She can't pay, so Josh decides to propose another form of payment. One involving teeth, tongues, and lots of sex. But what Carlie doesn't know is Josh had this planned all along, and he's betting on sex to change her mind about taking a younger lover.

Excerpt: "You think she'll go for it?" Josh asked his second cousin by marriage, chewing on a thumbnail as he did so.

"Leave it up to me," Mila said, as the cell connection crackled. "Although Mom will kick my ass if she finds out I've been conspiring with you." She sighed. "I should have my head examined."

For months now, ever since he'd rented the second half of his duplex to Carlie West, Josh had been trying to get in his cousin's pants. Okay, cousin by marriage, so it was all good, he reasoned. But Carlie wasn't keen on younger men, and he was fifteen years her junior. She'd told him flat out that, in her experience, they could rarely please a woman, or they got way too clingy when she broke off a fling. Carlie had no patience for minute men or neediness. But Josh knew, if he could just get her naked in his bedroom, he could change her mind.

Josh was an entrepreneur who dominated the adult social site scene with his invention of LustSpace. The site was designed to hook up horny folks who just wanted a one night stand, cyber sex, or for those looking for longer lasting romantic encounters. The launch of the site had been a huge success, and his invention had made him over four hundred million already. But he preferred to live frugally, residing alone in one half of the duplex he bought when he made his first million.

Carlie didn't know he was a multi-millionaire. Josh was a modest kind of guy, and he preferred to keep his wealth somewhat of a secret. He knew it changed the way people looked at him, treated him, and he hated that.

"Okay, let me give her a call." Mila's words broke through his ruminations. "I'll plant the thought in her head and call you back. Let you know what she says."

"Thank you, Mila. I owe you one."

"Oh, yeah?" She chuckled. "What does this setup get me?"

Josh tapped a finger against his full bottom lip. "How about I set up an annuity for you? I could part with a cool mil." Mila was one of the only people who knew about his fortune. They had been lovers for a while, but broke things off amicably when Mila fell for a Russian painter she modeled for. They still remained good friends, though, and Mila was one of his only trusted confidants.

"Would you? Seriously?" Her voice went all squeaky. "Oh, Josh, thank you…"

"Hey now, your mom has to agree to the deal before you get the cash." He smiled, ran a hand through his thick, short black hair, and padded barefoot to the kitchen to inspect the contents of his fridge.

Mila exaggerated her sigh this time. "Okay, fine, deal. Now, get the hell off the phone with me so I can call her."

He laughed. "Okay. Thanks, cousin."

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Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Spanking Cherry

Spanking Cherry
Part 3 of the Cherry On Top series
Anita Lawless

About: Told from Lenny and Cherry's point of view, this adventure in submission involves an elaborate spanking chair, designed by Cherry's brother, and two sexy rock stars at once! After meeting Jeff Callahan, ex-drummer of Lenny's old band Leather Lotharios, Cherry proposes a threesome BDSM style. The boys strap her in and, with the help of paddles and a cat o' nine tails, they take her on one wild ride she'll never forget.


Chapter 1

It all started with Byron. Lord Byron, of course. Oh, I know. How cliché of me. In my defense, I was Byron before Byron was cool. To me, the mad poet was the true, first rock star. I came across George Gordon when I was eight, while reading Mom and Dad's old encyclopedias. There was a passage from Childe Harold's Pilgrimage and a brief bio of the Romantic writer. While I was too young to truly understand the poem at the time, it and the condensed story of Byron's life captivated my imagination. Then and there, I knew I wanted to be a rock star.

Over the years, I'd come to emulate him in many ways. I fell in and out of love too fast. Countless lovers became a blur of faces before I knew it. I did too many drugs, which led to waking up in trash strewn alleys, or apartments in the slums, curled up on a mattress that had seen better days.

But all of that seemed like a lifetime ago. Almost like it happened to another person. Oh, sure, I still fucked a lot. I was a former sex addict. What did you expect? The libido wasn't as manic as it used to be, but it still demanded regular attention. However, after I fell from stardom, I learned better self control all around.

Nowadays I made most of my cash from writing songs for others. That, and jingles for products that promised happiness. The one thing I never lost during my fall was my ability to write a catchy melody. That, the sex shop, and royalties from my time spent with Leather Lotharios, my old band, kept me from destitution.

The adult store still brought in good cash, but it wasn't my main source of income anymore. It's a place that also held nostalgia, so that's why I wanted to hang onto it. Call me crazy, call me sappy and overly sentimental, but when I was down and out Cherry's brother saved my ass by offering me a stake in the place. It would always be special.

And, of course, now there's Cherry to factor in. Don't mistake this for love, what she and I had going on. Oh no. The impetuous boy who fell in love too quickly was long gone. But over the months we'd spent together I had come to respect Cherry, enjoy her company. And, of course, I'd be lying if I said I didn't enjoy the sex, a lot.

That morning I felt like road kill. I'd been up all night writing songs for an up and coming pop star. Cherry offered to take the early shift so I could catch some more sleep. Since it was the weekend, she had no classes, and I certainly appreciated the extra zzz's.

Now, as I stumbled downstairs in a rumpled purple t-shirt and black jeans, my hair looking like a Bride of Frankenstein 'do, I found an angry looking man standing at the empty counter. He glared and cleared his throat when he glanced at me.

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Friday, 18 May 2012

In Jack's Bed by C.J. Sneere

In Jack's Bed 
Part 3 of  the Jack the Lad series
C.J. Sneere

About: It's the morning after the night in the bar, and James wakes up in Jack's bed. There, they get into a carnal make out session, with hot rimming and more scorching anal sex. Later, Jack takes James to a carnival, where they have an unexpected altercation with James' father, and Jack gets a steamy blow job in the Tunnel of Horrors.

Excerpt: I was 16 again, and a long, dark hallway stretched before me. On either side, open doorways lined this corridor, yawning wide like dark, hungry mouths. From the other end of the hall, I heard his voice, and I stood still in terror. My heart rammed against my rib cage. Sweat beaded my brow. I had to force myself to breathe.

"James Ratherton Smith." He only used my full name when he planned to beat me. "You have failed me. You have failed your family. You are a poor excuse for a man."

His footsteps boomed down the hallway. I heard the thwack of a belt hitting his palm. I looked to the left, to the right, peering in the blackness of the nearest doorways, searching for my mother. But she was nowhere to be found, and Father knew that. He always picked days when Mother was out to give me one of his "make you a real man," beatings.

Just as the cruel leather of the belt stung my back, I woke up screaming. Big, warm arms enveloped me, and I almost fought them off, briefly mistaking the touch for my father's. Then Jack's soothing voice joined the caress, and I settled into his strong embrace.

"You okay?" He spoke softly, and I curled tighter against his chest.

"Yeah, I'm fine." I sighed into the fine hair peppering his pecs. "Just a nightmare."

"What about?"

I looked at him, gave a shaky smile, looked away. "My father."

He cupped my chin, tugging at it to make me gaze into his eyes again. His grin was compassionate. "So…what's the deal with your father?"

"In his world, it's quite simple." I sighed. "If a man is gay, he's not a man."

Jack gave a disgusted scoff and rolled his eyes. "He's stewing in prejudice, if you ask me. And who decides, exactly, what makes a 'real' man and what doesn't?"

I kissed him quickly, glad for his comfort, his nearness. "You couldn't be more right. Dad left the real world a long time ago. For him, it's still 1965, and he's still a young sergeant in the military. Anyone who doesn’t live by his lifestyle rules is wrong."

We talked some more of my childhood, but when I gently asked questions of Jack's life, he evaded the topic. I let it go. If he wasn't comfortable sharing that side of himself yet, I respected that. I couldn't know what he'd been through in his past. Maybe the memories just cut too deep to bring to the surface.

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Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Coming Soon From Anita Lawless

What will happen between the temperamental duo of foster siblings Deidre and Trevor? Find out in the next installment of Anita's new series, Friendly Enemies. Part 4 coming soon!
Check out Friendly Enemies 1, Friendly Enemies 2, and Friendly Enemies 3 now in the Kindle store. Click each title to purchase.
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Sunday, 6 May 2012

Barista Boys

Barista Boys
C.J. Sneere

About: Bruce is a technophile. Simon is a Neo-Luddite. They work at the Daily Brew together, where they constantly butt heads. But after Simon catches Bruce getting a blow job in the break room, their bickering turns into anger-fueled oral pleasure and hot anal ramming.

Excerpt: "Ohhh yeahhh…That feels good." My hands swept down the sides of his thick, muscular neck. I massaged his broad, smooth shoulders as he bobbed up and down my cock. When I moaned out these words, he took my aching erection from his mouth and smiled up at me.

Like that, huh?" His straight, white teeth shone. Under a sheen of sweat, so did his flawless caramel skin.

I moaned as he descended on my cock once more, sucking hard as he wrapped one big, wide hand around the base of my penis.

Through half closed eyes I noticed the time. The clock above the soda cooler read 8:15. I was late opening Daily Brew--the coffee shop I worked at for two years now. Well, technically speaking I wasn't late. I'd actually opened ten minutes early, and that's when the gorgeous guy sucking my cock walked in. We got to talking, which led to flirting. The morning was slow, with no other customers lining up at the counter. So I propositioned the guy to a little oral pleasure in our break room, after I disabled the surveillance equipment. Tonya never checked the computer's digital cam files anyway. And since I was the coffee shop's only technophile, she trusted me to maintain the security equipment.

His broad fingers stroked and teased my balls, and I raised my hips to shove my cock deeper into his warm, wet mouth. He sucked hard and fast, letting me face fuck him like mad. Then he pulled away, a trail of spit clinging to his lips and my throbbing cock. His head dipped lower between my legs so he could tease my asshole with his tongue. He licked my perineum with enthusiasm, until my asshole and balls throbbed as hard as my cock did. I gave a guttural groan and clutched at his bald head. I was just about to face fuck the shit out of him again, when I heard footsteps at the front of the store.

"Bruce?" My heart sank at the sound of my co-worker's voice. "Why are you locked up at 8:17 am? There's a crowd gathering outside, and they want their morning coffee."

Simon's faux-cultured tone made me clench my teeth. The stranger between my legs gave me a wide-eyed gaze with those beautiful brown eyes. With a reluctant sigh I got up and rushed him toward the broom closet. I was just grabbing my pants, and he was just shutting the closet door, as Simon appeared in the break room.

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