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50 Shades of Fairy Tales Omnibus

50 Shades of Fairy Tales
(8 Ebooks in One)
Roxxy Meyer & Leigh Foxlee

About: Get eight ebooks in one with Fifty Shades of Fairy Tales Omnibus by Roxxy Meyer and Leigh Foxlee. BDSM fairy tales filled with hot giant doms, arrogant executives, and naughty adventures under the sea.

This omnibus includes:

Sleeping With Beauty (mf / mfm)

Kat is an insomniac, and the only thing that cures her sleepless nights is sex. One problem: she drains her partners like Rogue from X-Men. But the mysterious bartender she hired has a proposition to cure what ails her, and it includes a wanton night spent in a strange fairyland.

The Ugly Duckling (mf)

Casey Carpenter's life spins out of control after her husband cheats on her and drains their bank account. She can't afford her condo, her furniture is about to be repossessed, and the only man who can help her is a misfit-turned-model she used to bully in high school. Sparks and shoes fly when the once popular girl becomes a sex maid for this former ugly duckling.

Cindy Eller (mf)

Cindy Eller ditches her pre-Valentine's Day date, the elusive Prince Charming, even though their scorching online encounters have her intrigued. But social anxiety, plus her paranoid step mom and step sisters, make her too terrified to meet the man of her dreams. The prince, however, has a plan to get her in his arms and dole out a sexy punishment for her naughtiness.

Hans & Greg (mm)

Greg Butler is an executive editor who's willing to do anything to climb the corporate ladder. When his boss assigns him to the dreaded Darmoor murder legend story, though, he gets more than he bargained for. A sexy witch named Hans has a story to tell, but if Greg wants his secrets he's going to have to play in Hans' dungeon, and by his rules.

Janet the Giant Lover

When Janet Loomis inherits her Aunt Macy’s bookshop, she has no idea what’s really in store for her. A ghostly visit from a giantess turns her plans of converting the place into a tattoo studio upside down, and Janet finds herself scaling a massive beanstalk, getting entwined with two hot giants, and helping stop a war.

The Executive's New Clothes (mf / mmf)

Successful fashion designer Katey Kitteridge is commissioned to make a suit for uber-rich media mogul Blaine Devereux, but she discovers what he really wants is custom made bondage gear and the chance to seduce her. She joins him inside the exclusive sex resort, Surrender Sanctuary, with a plan to get revenge on this man she loathes. But when the executive sheds his new clothes, there are shocking consequences that could rip him and Katey apart forever.

Beauty Tames The Beasts (mmf)

Bella Rosen is part of the MMA fighter management team at Strength Inc., and she’s also known as “the calm in the storm” for her ability to counsel troubled athletes her firm represents. But when she agrees to talk to the Beast before his heavyweight championship bout, she gets seduced by two large men then whisked off to an exclusive sex club! Secrets and intrigue pile up, and when the championship match is over she must decide if she wants to get tangled up with two lovers or simply walk away.

The Little Mermaid (mmf)

Charter boat captain Erin Snow never dreamed she’d be a warrior or a mermaid, but she becomes both after a strange visit from two mysterious men claiming to know her missing grandpa’s whereabouts. The men take her deep beneath the sea where they seduce her and train her for a life as a fighter princess, and training includes sexual rituals with handcuffs and spankings.

Excerpt from Sleeping With Beauty:

"I'd like to rock your world."

Mike set the drink down in front of me and smiled, showing dazzling white teeth. His steely grey eyes twinkled.

I grinned and played along. "We've been over this before. You're too young." I flipped a straight strand of golden blonde hair out of my eyes and sipped on the concoction, complete with pink drink umbrella, he'd given me.

He hooked a thumb at a guy toward the end of the bar. "It's not from me, sweetheart. It's from him."

Rock your world was the name of one of Mike's specialties, and though I owned this place, I had forgotten what exactly the mixed drink contained. Mike was my head bartender, and I trusted him to take care of such recipes and all things alcohol in this place. He'd been with me three years and the kid had never let me down.

And considering he's only ten years younger than me, I should really quit calling him a kid. How insulting. I can't help myself. Sometimes I feel so much older than my 35 years.

"But you don't look old, Kat," Mike whispered close to my ear, as if he could read my mind. "You look like a foxy 25-year-old Jennifer Aniston."

I waved him off good-naturedly and tried to hide my shiver. How the hell did he do that? It's like he had a direct line into my thoughts.

"Well," I said, pushing the drink away from me. "You can tell him thank you, but no thank you."

Mike snickered and took away the alcohol. "Yeah, he kinda looks like a sleazy used car salesman, doesn't he?"

I laughed. "Yeah, no offense to the guy, but he does."

Mike moved off toward the balding gentleman, who looked like a cross between Larry David and George Bush. My head bartender looked decidedly pleased to be delivering my tactful turndown. Whether the guy really was as sleazy as he looked, I didn't know, and I didn't see the point in being intentionally cruel over a harmless gesture.

Although, by the spreading grin on Mike's face as he returned, and the way the poor jilted guy slinked away from the bar, my employee may have elaborated on my polite refusal.

I shook my head and smiled. That man was incorrigible.

"So, how you been sleeping?" Mike opened up the small dishwasher we kept to wash glasses just under the counter.

I sighed and avoided his penetrating, compassionate gaze. "Not well."

He shook a finger at me. "I could tell the insomnia's back. You always get extra quiet when you aren't sleeping well. And you forgot to do the books. You never forget to do the books on Friday."

I bristled a bit at this, but swallowed down my defensive trigger and joked, "Well, maybe I've suddenly got a life, and now I'm doing the books on Monday."

He gave that deep, throaty laugh I tried to deny had an effect on me. "Sweetie, I know everything about you, and I know you haven't gotten a life yet." His warm, strong finger swept under my chin and tilted my head up.

Uttered by different lips, those words would've come off as creepy. But, from Mike, they came off as caring, concerned, sad about my lack of social outings. I knew he worried about me. Worried that I worked too much.

He didn't know the truth, though. That was one thing Mike Stansfield did not know about Ms. Katherine J. Leonard. (Call me Kat for short.) He didn't know the effect I had on people.

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Writer's Guest Room: Off Limits (Sexy Men of Mystery #5) by Jessica Frost

Hey readers,

Our dear pal Jessica Frost stops by today with a look at her new man love release from Siren Publishing, Off Limits. It's the fifth book in the Sexy Men of Mystery series, and she's got an excerpt to share with us too.  You definitely want to check this one out.

Off Limits the fifth book in the MM erotic romantic suspense series Sexy Men of Mystery is now available for pre-order. It's offered at a 10% discount until October 26th.

Here's the link to order it at Bookstrand, as well as the blurb and excerpt....

Erotic Alternative Paranormal Romantic Suspense, M/M, vampires, light consensual BDSM, sex toys

About: Detective Bruce Whittaker likes his life just the way it is. No serious relationships, no commitment, and no love to complicate things. But when he meets the handsome psychic Drake Zarbo at a Tarot reading and then offers him a room to rent, his life turns upside down. Feelings he never experienced before rise to the surface and scare the hell out of him. He’s falling in love with his sexy and mysterious new roommate. And that means only two things. Trouble and heartache.

Widower Drake Zarbo thought he was doing his sick mother a favor when he offered to do a Tarot reading for her. But he didn’t expect to meet his soul mate, Bruce Whittaker, nor did he expect to see Bruce’s dark past and future in the cards, and the horrible secret he’s been hiding from the world.

Bruce has months, days, or maybe hours to live, and now Drake must secretly race through time to figure out who will try to kill Bruce, where, and when, while he fights his growing feelings of love.

Will he be able to save the man he’s falling for before the killer strikes?

Bruce split the Tarot deck while asking, “Will I ever find the perfect roommate?” Then he placed four cards as instructed.

Drake smiled. “Interesting question to ask the cards.”

Bruce chortled. “Well, if you knew the three past roommates I had, you’d understand why Natasha wanted me to ask the question.”

Drake’s brow lifted as he gazed at her. She rested her hand on Bruce’s shoulder and looked at Drake. “His first roommate was a slob who messed up the apartment the minute Bruce left for work each day. The second was a klepto who kept taking Bruce’s things without asking. And the third was the best of all. He never paid the rent and after a few months just plain disappeared from radar. One minute he was there, the next he and all his belongings were gone.”

Drake tilted his head and peered at Bruce. “Sorry to hear you haven’t had much luck.”

Bruce chuckled as he flipped over a card. “Well, maybe my luck has finally changed.” He placed in the first position the Two of Cups, in the second, the Sun, the third, the Lovers card, and in the fourth, the Ten of Pentacles. He gazed at the formation and scratched his head. Natasha had a wide smile that spread from one ear to the next. She surely knew that the cards Bruce picked were all good ones.

Drake exhaled a sigh of relief as he peered at the results. Bruce’s attention shifted from Natasha to Drake. “So what does this mean?”

“Well, you picked two major and two minor arcana cards. All four of these are in the right position facing you, not me. And so they are all favorable.”

Bruce leaned back and tapped his index and middle fingers on his full lips. “Ah, so that means the person who answers my ad won’t be a slob, a klepto, or go AWOL?”

Drake laughed. “Exactly.”

Natasha pointed to the Lovers card with a devilish grin. “What does this card mean?”

Drake sighed. “That is the third card, so it represents the soul. Your soul, Bruce.”

Bruce frowned. “Lovers?”

Natasha’s voice peaked. “Does that mean Bruce’s new roommate will be his soul mate?”

Bruce’s eyes flared as he stared at her. He lifted his hands in the air. “No, no, no. Don’t start with that again, Nat. I’m not looking for love. Just someone to help pay the rent. That’s it.”

Natasha huffed and placed her hands on her hips. “And if the right guy came along, would you push him away? Would you throw your chance of happiness away like that?”

“I don’t need love to make me happy.” He snorted.

Drake shook his head. “I think you’re wrong, Bruce. Being in love is one of the most amazing emotions to experience. Love is happiness.” His heart weighed down with his next words. “I was in love for many years and it was the happiest time of my life.”

Natasha placed her hand on Drake’s and with sympathetic eyes, said, “It will be a year soon, won’t it?”

Drake nodded. “Last week made a year Steven died.”

Bruce leaned forward. “Steven was your life partner?”

Drake’s eyes fell to the table top. “Yes, he was. We were together for eight years until he died in a car accident.”

In a soft, slow voice, Bruce replied, “My condolences. You and Nat have had a rough year, losing the loves of your life like that.”

Drake raised his gaze and stretched his lips into a forced smile. “Thanks.” He took a deep breath, letting his memories and emotions flood over him, memories of hugging and kissing Steven, of walking on the beach, holding hands, planning their future together.

The love he shared with his soul mate hadn’t changed or lessened over the year he’d been gone. He missed him more now than he did when he died. But nothing he did could change that or make his loss easier to bear.

And now as he stared at Natasha and Bruce and saw the pity in their eyes, he wanted to kick himself. This cross he had to bear was his alone. They didn’t need to see his suffering. They were here for a card and palm reading, not a lecture for Bruce about finding his soul mate to feel whole.

Wanting to change the subject, he asked, “Do you want to do another reading and answer another question?”

Bruce shook his head. “Nope. I’m too scared.”

Drake tilted his head, perplexed. “Why? The cards were good.”

Without looking at Natasha, he smirked, placed his hand to cover his mouth, and whispered pointing at her but gazing at Drake, “If the Lovers card comes out again, I’ll never hear the end of it from Nat.”

Natasha rolled her eyes and lifted his hands in defeat. “I give up.”

Bruce stretched his hands out on the desk. “Alleluia!”

Drake began to laugh at their theatrics. He crossed his arms.

Bruce turned his palms face up and grinned. “I’m glad you find this entertaining, Drake. Go on, why don’t you read my fortune now.”

“All right.” Drake cleared his throat and squinted to focus while he grasped Bruce’s hands. An electric shock shot through his fingers on their contact. Bruce’s hazel-green eyes grew in drastic increments until all Drake could see was the black chasm of Bruce’s pupils. Then a cloudy vortex manifested itself in Drake’s mind’s eye, making time and space halt. All that existed in that instance was a befalling image.

Bruce stood in the center of the image, facing Drake. He spoke to a tall, mysterious male who had his back to Drake. He and Bruce partook in a heated conversation, their flailing hands and body language depicted the tension and the negative tonality of their words and emotions. The stranger held a gun in his right hand. His anger and hatred toward Bruce could not be refuted. Bruce remained quiet, frowning, but then he lashed out, apparently with anger in his words.

The image suddenly morphed into a cloud of smoke and once the fog settled again, Bruce was on the ground, his dead eyes staring at an abyss of darkness, a pool of blood forming beside him.

As suddenly as the vision came to Drake, it disappeared. Bruce’s gargantuan pupil began to shrink in a quickened pace until it retracted to its normal size a few seconds later. Drake blinked and, releasing Bruce’s hands, rubbed his eyes, wondering what the hell just happened!

Thursday, 17 October 2013

The Great Erotica Kerfuffle of 2013

Hey readers, fellow erotica / erotica romance authors,

So, like clockwork, we're going through this again. Someone got hot under the collar becasue there is THE SEX in our books and Amazon and Kobo pulled a bunch of titles. I'll keep this brief, because so much has already been said, and probably far better than I can say it. For a comprehensive read on the whole kerfuffle, please see Selena Kitt's blog here.

It never ceases to amaze me, as I've seen other authors say, how we humans can get so uptight over sexual content, but it's okay to write about serial killers, monsters, et al. Don't get me wrong, I love my serial killers and monsters as much as I love my steamy romance novels, but I personally don't think we should get uptight over any of it. For cripes sake, this is fiction! Fantasy! The thought police really need to get their panties out of their ass.

To all my fellow erotica / erotic romance authors, sorry you had to endure the kerfuffle and loss of sales. It sucks, it's a pain in the ass, but looks like Kobo is finally reinstating titles, and as of today I got an email from Amazon saying that, suddenly, after further review, my titles aren't violating their content after all. Interesting, huh? I can now republish them as is.

To our readers: we had to change up the titles and descriptions on some of our titles before Amazon started deciding we weren't violating their content guidelines. So now the Oh! Brother Series will appear as Oh! Shamus over there. Some of the titles in the Rock N Roll Step Dads Series will now appear as Rock Star Romance, and you'll notice excerpts and promotion in some of these titles that refer to the Men of Rock Series, which is actually Rock N Roll Step Brothers.  Since Amazon has now decided some of the titles in the Rock N Roll Step Brothers Series don't violate content guidelines, I'll be changing the appearances of this title back to its original name.

Again, very sorry for the confusion, readers. Bear with us, since our staff is small and this will take time. If you do have any questions with these name changes, please give me a shout at: anytime.

I've also emailed Kobo about getting all our titles back into circulation. So I'll keep you posted on that as well. After this latest kerfuffle, I'll be looking into adding a cart to our Wild and Lawless Writers site so we can sell to you directly. For now, if you're looking for epubs, please grab our titles at AllRomance, BookStrand, or Nook.

Not much more to say, I suppose. Like I mentioned above, all that can be said has been covered far better than I can cover it. Let's hope there's no erotica kerfuffle in 2014, but as one author said on facebook recently, "Don't they do this every year?"

It sure seems like it.

Happy reading, everyone!

Anita xox

Saturday, 5 October 2013

Man Love Omnibus (14 Ebooks in One) by C.J. Sneere

Man Love Omnibus
(14 Ebooks in One)
C.J. Sneere

About: Get fourteen stories of scorching man love in one volume with C.J. Sneere’s Man Love Omnibus. This omnibus includes all of C.J.’s single titles, plus The Story of Jack & James, the tale of a punk rocker and a young man lost who found himself through love. You also get the complete Waking Up Werewolf series, which is filled with monster man love ménages.

This omnibus includes:

Pumping Andre (M/M):

Jacob is on the prowl for a pick up. Don't mistake him for a player, though. He's careful when he scopes out prime man meat. He brings home a quiet French Canadian named Andre, who's a cross between demure school boy and bad boy biker. However, a surprise greets Jacob Monday morning, when he finds Andre is now an employee of the gym he also works at, and his hook up seems less than happy to see him. Sparks fly and things get hot and sweaty in the locker room.

Island Anal Adventure (M/M/M):

Tom has lived most of his life trapped in a lie. Raised in a strict Christian family, he toed the line according to his father and mother's wishes. But now he's undeniably attracted to his sexy bosses, who also happen to be life partners. When they offer him a weekend island excursion, he finds they're just as attracted to him, and things heat up between the trio at sea as well as on land.

Barista Boys (M/M):

Bruce is a technophile. Simon is a Neo-Luddite. They work at the Daily Brew together, where they constantly butt heads. But after Simon catches Bruce getting a blow job in the break room, their bickering turns into anger-fueled oral pleasure and hot anal ramming.

The Story of Jack & James (The Complete Jack The Lad Series - M/M with M/M/M/M scenes):

The complete Jack The Lad series includes five stories plus a bonus tale. The story of a punk rocker and a young man lost who found himself through love. This book concludes with the wedding of Jack and James. The day of their nuptials includes a quickie before the ceremony and a showdown with a drunken, dejected father. Please join the partners later in their honeymoon suite for chocolate eaten off of heated skin and tasty body paint.

Jack The Lad
Jack & James
In Jack’s Bed
Jack’s Betrayal
Jack’s Bachelor Party
Bonus Story: The Wedding of Jack & James

Waking Up Werewolf (The Complete Waking Up Werewolf Series - M/M/M):

Warren Lindstrom has it all--a lovely girlfriend, a great job, a loyal dog--but it all comes crashing down around him after a werewolf attack lands him with lycanthropy and he's introduced to an underground world full of monsters. Now Warren must help a sexy vampire clear his ex-lover, a brawny troll, of a murder rap, plus bring down an organization called Purity, who want to wipe monsters off the face of the earth.

An urban fantasy erotica series from C.J. Sneere. Welcome to the underground, where monsters rule and sex becomes an adventure.

Waking Up Werewolf
Vicious Vampire Love
Troll Takedown
Passion Inside Purity
Christmas Wolf

Excerpt from Waking Up Werewolf Part 1:

Warren appreciated the perfect life he now possessed. He just doubted it would last. He chided the cynic in him for being unappreciative as he walked his and Tamara's dog, Tulle--a Boston Terrier / Beagle mix who had to sniff everything within her path.

"That tulip smells the same as the last one you smelled," he told the dog, bending down to give her short coat a pet. "And, anyway, tulips don't even smell, do they?"

Yes, life was good. No, great. He'd just been promoted to head ad designer in his department at his advertising firm. Tamara had moved in with him six months ago, and their relationship had deepened. He'd decided it was time to pop the question. But, first, there was something Warren had to tell his girlfriend of two years.

It was time to come out of his closet and admit he was bisexual. If he and Tamara were going to spend the rest of their lives together--and Warren didn't plan on getting divorced--then she needed to know everything about him. He wanted no surprises after they said 'I do.'

He thought about their honeymoon as he and Tulle strolled down a walkway domed by hedges grown in arches.

"What about Queen Charlotte Islands, hmmm, girl?" The dog just sniffed another tulip and ignored Warren.

But he thought a trip to Haida Gwaii might be just the thing. He'd never seen the islands of his ancestors, though Grandma had told him what she remembered of Moresby. Even though he lived in Richmond, relatively close to the place of the Hadia Nation, it might as well have been a world away.

Particularly when he was a kid, and he and Gran had to make due on her tiny pension and some left over from his parent's insurance. He'd been a Surrey boy back then. How far he'd come, he mused.

Little Tulle stiffened, and the short hairs along her spine stood up. She curled her lip and focused forward as she let out a low, warning growl.

"What's up there?"

Warren held the leash tightly and shielded his eyes against the harsh glow of the globular streetlamps. At first, he saw only darkness and hedges, but then something shifted in the shadows. Something with massive shoulders hunkered low at the end of the walkway. It rose up a bit, and he caught a glimpse of pointy ears atop a shaggy head.

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Writer's Guest Room: Devices & Desires (Blackstone Hall #2 - Frankenstein Erotica) by Madeline Apple

Hey folks!

Our friends over at Courtesan Press have a special treat for you just in time for Halloween. Blackstone Hall is a new paranormal erotic romance series with hints of Hammer horror and dripping with gothic appeal. Not to mention the scorching sex! Details on Book 2, which promises some Frankenstein erotica, below.

Devices & Desires 
Devices & Desires (Blackstone Hall #2) 
Author: Madeline Apple 
Series: Blackstone Hall
Welcome to Blackstone Hall, an alternate dimension where your greatest fears and darkest passions become reality...

The first thing Olivia sees is light. The first thing she hears is the soft, hoarse voice of Dr. Tristan Von Holtz speaking to her, a brilliant scientist hired by Lord Rothschild to heal her from an unremembered accident. But as Olivia slowly begins to remember her shattered past, she becomes aware of a hidden terror--and sinister purpose--to her existence. Elric Rothschild is her fiance, so why does she long to lose herself in Dr. Von Holtz's embrace and become his own personal pleasure doll?

Excerpt: The first thing I saw was light.

The first thing I heard was a man’s exuberant voice saying, “She’s alive! Franz, come see, she’s alive!”

The light sharpened and took on different forms. I saw darkness and shadow and strange, glistening metal and glass apparatuses surrounding me where I was lying prone on a gurney.

I was in a laboratory of some sort. I saw test tubes, tesla coils, endless shelves of strange poultices in dusty bottles on the walls. I heard a dull buzzing noise in my head. Out beyond the walls of the lab, I heard the dull roar of a storm creeping in.

Soon I recognized two men standing over me. One was tall and broad, middle-aged, with greying hair at his temples and round glasses. His face was severe but very handsome. The second was short and funny-looking. I realized the second man must be a dwarf. He smiled at me and I smiled back.

“She can smile, Franz. Look.”

“You did an excellent job, Doctor,” said the dwarf. “She’s perfect.”

“She is, isn’t she?”

My eyes returned to the larger man. Pride had softened his severe face a little and I felt my heart skip a beat at the sight of his gentle grey eyes, the way they were trained on me. I felt an instant connection with the man.

I’d never believed in love at first sight until now. But yes, I loved him. He was all to me.
“Dr. Von Holtz, you’ve finally done it,” the little man said with admiration. “You’ve created life!”

I tried to say something, to ask questions, but a wave of fatigue overwhelmed and I slipped back into absolute darkness.

Available from: