Sunday, 2 December 2012

5 Stars for Cherry On Top

Big thanks going out to Naoko Smith for her review of Cherry On Top Part 1! Naoko was kind enough to review the book on Smashwords and Amazon and give it 5 stars. I'm sending cyber hugs her way! Here's a snippet of her thoughts on Cherry:

"I particularly wanted to include this story because it uses an unusually intelligent virginal POV (point of view) rather than a blushing coy maiden one to tell you in a sexy way a lot about heterosexual sex for women. There is so much information in here it could be a how-to-do-it manual except that it's written in an exciting hot story. So if you were kinda wondering, this is a good place to find out ...."

You can pick up the full Cherry On Top Series now! Cherry's Sex Exploration is available at all our online outlets. Visit the link in this paragraph for more info and buy links, or click on the buy links below.

To read Naoko's full review, please vist her at Feminist Erotica here:

Thanks again, Naoko! Also, readers, if you're over at  Literotica Authors' Hangout, check out Naoko's thread about writing safe sex and offer your thoughts up on it.

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