Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Taboo and Tattooed The Complete Series

Taboo and Tattooed The Complete Series
Anita Lawless

I'm re-releasing some of my earlier titles with new covers and fresh bonus material!Taboo and Tattooed The Complete Series (formerly Friendly Enemies Smutfest) is now available.

About: An Amazon exclusive! Read this series FREE if you’re a Kindle Unlimited member!

The complete Taboo and Tattooed series plus a bonus story and bonus excerpts.

A bitter fight tore them apart. Fate brings them back together.

Trevor and Deidre haven’t spoken to one another in six years. When Deidre’s mom grows ill, she must return home and face this sexy tattooist / former lover. The passion is instant and intense.

Trevor has always loved Deidre, and now she’s back in his arms, he’s never letting her go. This second chance at love faces many obstacles, though, including a jealous ex-girlfriend who won’t go away.

Will Deidre sell her tattoo shop and go into business with Trevor, or will she walk away and break his heart again?

This ebook includes:
Taboo and Tattooed Part 1
Taboo and Tattooed Part 2
Taboo and Tattooed Part 3
Taboo and Tattooed Part 4
Taboo and Tattooed Part 5
Bonus Story: Bound & Blindfolded
Bonus Excerpts

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Excerpt from Taboo and Tattooed: 

When I arrived at ICU, I barely recognized the tattooed man who got up from a chair in the waiting area and walked toward me. He looked like a rock star, with his long, black hair falling in spiral curls to his waist. Black jeans clung to powerful hips and legs, and a royal purple tank top molded to the muscles in his chest.

There was no mistaking those eyes, though. However, gone were the coke-bottle glasses he once wore.

I became hyper-aware of my thrown-together state. My mahogany-red bob was a tangled mess. The bangs had sprigs sticking out. I hadn’t slept in almost 24 hours, and I still wore this morning’s clothes. A form-fitting t-shirt I’d managed to spill coffee all over on the trip down, and a pair of old, snug jeans full of rips.

I also felt guilty for the terribly naughty thoughts racing through my mind as I scanned him up and down. Right then I needed to focus on my mother’s well being alone. My mind shouldn’t have been wandering into lustful fantasies about my foster brother.

I cleared my throat. Tamped down my reaction with a deep breath. “How is she?”

“She’s stable now, thankfully. They can’t operate just yet, so she’ll be in here a little while. They need to get her strength up.”

I melted into the hug he offered. It did feel good to have warm, strong arms wrap tightly around me. To share the worry with someone else. To not feel alone. “Will they let me see her?”

“Not tonight.” He pulled back and gave me a compassionate gaze. “Sorry, but they want her to get rest.”

“No problem.” I put a hand against his chest, but promptly took it away. “I understand.”

He seemed to notice my reaction to his nearness, to the changes in him I hadn’t anticipated. I hadn’t seen so much as a picture in all the time we’d been apart.

“Wanna head back to the house?” he said. “I imagine you’re tired, and I made the bed in your old room for you.”

My mouth went to cotton. My stomach did strange things to itself. He’d always been a compassionate kid, and it seemed that hadn’t changed. However, he appeared much more confident than back then. And he’d always been very grateful to my mom for taking him in, when his abusive, alcoholic dad threw him out for looking too much like his mother, and not being ‘man’ enough. For a moment, I saw that shy, nineteen-year-old boy who’d come home to find me weeping into my pillow.

The house. I’d have to stay with him, alone, at least while mom was in the hospital.

“T-thank you,” I said, hating the shake in my voice. “I really appreciate that.”

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