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Stepbrother Temptation: First Time

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A brand new taboo stepbrother erotic romance series coming at you! This one will be short stories, and it'll be exclusive to Amazon, so grab it FREE if you're a Kindle Unlimited member. Details on the first release, plus buy links, below.

Stepbrother Temptation: First Time
by Anita Lawless

About: First kiss. First touch. First time.

Serena has a massive crush on Alex, but she’s too afraid to tell him. She doesn’t think the captain of the basketball team is interested in her curves, freckles, and bright red hair. When he becomes her stepbrother and discovers her dirty little secret, everything changes.

Serena’s about to find out just how badly this hot jock wants to be her first.

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Stepbrother Temptation: First Time
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Alex and I had been friends since grade eleven. I’d had a crush on him from the moment I first saw him, but he didn’t even know I was alive. He was the star athlete—captain of the basketball team. All the girls wanted him and he’d made his way through the entire cheerleading squad by the time we graduated. What would a tall, dark, and hunky jock like him want with me? I was the frumpy, brainy girl with too much junk in her trunk.

Plus I was terrified of most guys I had crushes on. They’d say, “Hi, Serena,” and all I could manage was a squeaky, “Hello,” in return.

We became friends because I tutored him in math. He had mild dyslexia and he’d reverse his numbers when factoring quadratic equations.

Alex wasn’t like a lot of jocks in our school. He was nice to everyone, even the geeky kids like me. He’d talk to anyone and didn’t believe in all that clique bullshit a lot of popular kids did. Another reason I had the major hots for him.

“You make it look so simple,” he’d tell me during our tutoring sessions, smiling that panty-melting smile. “I wish I had your brains, Serena.”

I’d get all flustered and hope I wasn’t blushing fire hydrant red. “You’re getting a lot better at factoring.” My voice would raise an octave as I told him this. “Practice makes perfect.”

“I’ll never be as smart as you.” Those powder blue eyes would bore into me. Was he undressing me with them? How I hoped.

“Everyone’s smart in their own way, Alex. Don’t put yourself down.”

Again that panty-melting smile would flash. Had I only been braver, I’d have begged him to tear off my clothes and take me right there, on my mom’s kitchen table.

Never in a million years did I think he’d become my stepbrother. But here it was, one year after graduation, and my mom was marrying Alex’s dad.

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