Friday, 30 November 2012

Hot Sex Scenes ONLY: Naughty Siblings

Hot Sex Scenes ONLY: Naughty Siblings
 by Anita Lawless

About:  Strip off the plot, peel away the story, and settle in for nothing but scorching wall-to-wall sex scenes. Hot sex scenes ONLY from three of Anita's taboo, tattooed step brothers series.

No names. No details. Just sizzling sex.

This ebook includes sex scenes from:

Rock 'N' Roll Step Brothers: The Twins
Rock 'N' Roll Step Brothers: Ambushed By Twins
Rock 'N' Roll Step Brothers: Trapped Between Twins
Oh! Brother: Sex Club Surprise
Oh! Brother: Sex Starved Sister
Oh! Brother: Hot Valentine
Oh! Brother: Sex Crazed Siblings
Oh! Brother: Siblings Jealousy
Oh! Brother: Siblings Sexcapades
Oh! Brother Sibling Sexilogue
Oh! Brother: Christmas Proposal
Friendly Enemies Part 1
Friendly Enemies Part 2
Friendly Enemies Part 3
Friendly Enemies Part 4
Friendly Enemies Part 5

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