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Men of Rock the Complete Series

Men of Rock The Complete Series
Taboo Man of the House Romance
Anita Lawless

About: What happens when the man of the house happens to be a bad boy rockstar?

From innocent ladies to experienced brats, these taboo titles are filled with hot nights and first encounters. Wild rebels of rock ‘n’ roll take their women on passionate, crazy rides and teach them how to sin.

The complete collection, plus a bonus story!

This ebook includes:
Men of Rock: Touch Me
Men of Rock: Maneater
Men of Rock: Fallen Angel
Men of Rock: Wild Thing
Men of Rock: Party all the Time
Bonus Story: Into the Woods
Bonus Excerpts

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Excerpt from Fallen Angel: The sun glinted brightly off the windshield. I pulled my visor down and slid the hidden joint out of a secret compartment I’d created with a pocket knife.

“Thanks for getting out with me,” I said, after lighting up. “I tried not to let the anniversary bother me, but…”

“Hey.” My cute blonde friend, Jess, squeezed my thigh. “It’s only been a year, Vi. You’re still grieving. That’s understandable.”

I smiled as I passed her the joint. Damn, but I was thankful for her. Her and my step dad, Jeff. The two had kept me sane this year, after Mom’s death. “Yeah, I guess so. I just wanna heal and get on with my life, ya know?”

Jess massaged my shoulder. “You’re too hard on yourself, ya know?” She smiled. “You don’t have to be so tough all the time. You’re not Joan Jett.” She added a giggle at this.

I nearly choked on my ganja smoke laughing back. “I’m a drummer, silly. Not a guitarist, or singer. You wouldn’t want to hear me sing. Trust me.”

“Oh, shut up.” She playfully slapped my arm. “I’ve heard you sing backup harmony for Jeff when he was with Loaded Revolver. You sounded good.”

“You’re just being nice.” I leaned over and lightly brushed her lips with a kiss. “You’re always too sweet to me.”

Jess stroked my cheek. “Because you beat yourself up all the time. So, someone has to lift you up.”

I groaned and giggled at that. “Oh, you sounded like an 80s love song then.”

She gave me a little kiss back, then said, “You know it’s true.”

It was warm for December, but then Kellville resided in a temperate climate. Something I was thankful for. We rarely got snow. Most winters were full of rain. This year, though, it looked to be a sunny, green Christmas—not a wet one.

I was enjoying the balmy weather, practicing on my drum kit in the basement, when it hit me. Today’s day. One year ago, my mother was killed when a drunk driver t-boned her old Volkswagen Bug. She left me and my step dad behind, and I missed her terribly. I’d been doing great until I glanced at the calendar. A week before Christmas. Then grief delivered a sucker punch to my gut. I called my best friend Jess to see if she wanted to get out for a ride and smoke up. I needed to be outside. The house felt suffocating without Jeff around.

“Like I said, you’re just too nice to me.”

Jess shook her head and rolled her eyes at me. “You’re stubborn, also.”

I grinned. The ganja warmed my head, relaxed my body, mellowed my thoughts. It also made me unbearably horny, and it was starting to have that effect.

“Thank you,” I whispered, and I brought my forehead to hers, stared into her eyes. “I’m so grateful for you, Jess.”

“I’m grateful for you.” She rubbed my shoulder, then her fingers drifted to my breast. She squeezed my medium-sized handful then played with the nipple.

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Bad Boys of BDSM Box Set Tour
The Bad Boys of BDSM Blog Tour is on now, hosted by  Book Enthusiast Promotions. Be sure to follow the tour and enter to win a $25 Amazon Gift Card at the various stops! And the good reviews are pouring in too! Thanks so much to Book Enthusiast Promotions and all the bloggers / reviewers helping out with this tour. Here's a list of some of the stops so far and a look at some of the reviews.

 June 15 Stops

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From K& R Book Blog:  5 out 5 stars - What an amazing box set. I am amazed at the different authors creativity. There were some really hot moments in these stories. I think my favorite is Her Bad Boy Protector. I love the way Anita Lawless writes. She brings the story to life and her characters are real and enjoyable to read about. This whole box set was great. A little warning there are some male on male stories and some male female male, as well as female and female. All and all the stories were enjoyable and the different authors worked really well to create this exceptional box set.

From Alpha Book Club: 4 out of 5 stars - Great box set!! Super steamy!

Received a copy in exchange for an honest review

“Our eyes meet and his intense, icy blue gaze makes me uncomfortable”

There’s so many different stories, genres and relationships in this book and all of them are even hotter than the next.

All stories have an extreme heat level.

I’m not usually a fan of box sets. But with this one I loved every story. I loved the different genres and the different storylines. I wasn’t disappointed at all reading this box set. There’s definitely something for everyone in this book! If you like werewolves, bikers, rockers, Alpha’s, etc. You should definitely one click this book now!

Pick up the Bad Boys of BDSM Box Set now at Amazon, All Romance, Siren BookStrand, Nook, and Smashwords! Click the book cover below for excerpt and all buy links. It's still on sale for 99 cents!

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