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Cherry's Sex Exploration

Cherry's Sex Exploration
Anita Lawless

About:  The complete Cherry On Top collection includes:

Cherry On Top
Cherry's Sex Education
Spanking Cherry
Cherry's First Gang Bang
Bonus Story: Cherry's Sex Exploration
Bonus Excerpt: Surrender To A Sex Therapist

Bonus story blurb: It's one year later, so Cherry and Lenny must decide who keeps the sex shop and apartment, or if they will continue to share it. Meanwhile, Cherry's Aunt Christie, a financial shark, pays an unexpected visit that creates chaos, but an invitation to a Summer Sex Ball thrown by the elusive Surrender Inc. just might restore harmony between this volatile duo. A dramatic, sex-filled conclusion that will leave readers breathless.

Bonus story excerpt:

One Year Later

"We have to talk about this," I said, glass cleaner poised in one hand and a cleaning rag in the other. "You've been avoiding the subject for the last two weeks, every time I try to bring it up. What's going on with you, Lenny?"

In truth, we hadn't really talked about what would happen to the apartment or sex store in over three months. My year spent with this fallen rock star had flown by. How funny it was to muse on the intense hate we held for each other just twelve months ago. My deceased brother's idea of a practical joke brought us together. He left all his assets to me and Lenny, but we only inherited our equal shares after living together for one year. Alan, my brother, had known Lenny and I were like oil and water, ever since he and Alan had been pals back in high school. Somehow, though, over the course of the year, we'd transformed from enemies to close friends. I'm sure the sex experimentation had something to do with that. Today, however, with his surly mood and avoidance attitude, Lenny was pissing me off royally.

"Why are you in such a hurry to split up our spoils and move on?" His eyes were like polished, black pebbles reflecting anger.

"In a hurry?" I slapped the glass cleaner and rag down on the counter. "We have less than a week left before our appointment with the executor. We need to know how we're dividing things up before we see him."

Just as he opened his mouth to speak, the tiny bell above the shop door jingled. All thoughts of dividing assets fled when I saw who walked in.

My Aunt Christie. She looked sharp and poised in a power suit, well coiffed bob, and dark, oversized sunglasses. She flashed a red lipstick smile before taking off her shades and giving a look of distaste to a display rack of anal beads. Considering the sexual history I knew she had, that seemed a tad hypocritical.

"Cherry, darling." She held her arms wide for a hug from me, but her gaze fixated on Lenny with lecherous intent. "It's so good to see you."

"Aunt Christie." I gingerly stepped into her embrace. "How did you find me?"

Aunt Christie was a shark in high heels, or so Mom had called her.

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