Monday, 10 September 2012

Waking Up Werewolf FREE For 5 Days!

Waking Up Werewolf FREE For 5 Days!

Want to try out the new m/m urban fantasy erotica series from C.J. Sneere? Then surf over to Amazon by clicking the link above, below, or the book cover and grab your copy of Waking Up Werewolf Part 1 right now. It's FREE until Sept. 14!

About: Warren Lindstrom thinks he has it all. He's about to come out to his girlfriend as bisexual and propose to her. He just got that new promotion at his job. But it all comes crashing down around him after he gets attacked by a werewolf, witnesses a murder, and meets a sexy vampire named Sid. Now Warren must help Sid's ex lover, a troll who has been framed for the murder, and the best way to do that is to climb into Sid's bed.

A new urban fantasy erotica series from C.J. Sneere. Welcome to the underground, where monsters rule and sex becomes an adventure.

Plus you can also grab Jack The Lad for FREE! Click on the book cover or the link here and below to grab your copy now. It's a double dose of FREE C.J. smutty goodness!

About: James attends his sister's wedding reception, where he tries to avoid the father he hasn't spoken to in six years by ducking outside. Behind a restaurant, he meets chaos in gaudy plaid pants and platform boots. A wild boy who goes by the name of Jack. Up against a brick wall, Jack takes James on a feral ride he'll never forget.

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