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Stepbrother Temptation: Baby Fever

Stepbrother Temptation: Baby Fever
by Anita Lawless

About: Jenna and Caleb were high school sweethearts until they became stepsiblings. Their parents’ disapproval ripped them apart, but Jenna’s hot and hunky stepbrother never stopped loving his stepsister.

Years later, at their parents’ anniversary party, Jenna propositions Caleb. She wants a family, but only the right man will do. In the garden of their childhood home, Jenna’s wildest, filthiest desires are satisfied and a seed is planted.

Will their parents tear them apart again, or can their forbidden love survive this time?

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Stepbrother Temptation: Baby Fever
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Excerpt: Jenna smiled at the picture of her and Caleb. It was taken at senior prom. Both of them had been eighteen and so much in love. The look of pure joy on their faces made her heart ache for him.

She hadn’t seen Caleb in over a year. Work had been hectic. She was climbing the corporate ladder and so was he. They called and texted each other often, but it wasn’t the same as seeing that drop dead sexy smile, or being wrapped in one of his strong, unforgettable hugs. She needed some Caleb time badly. Unfortunately, he worked on the East Coast and her home base was on the West Coast. It made seeing each other often difficult.

Mom and Dad’s tenth anniversary was coming up though, and she and Caleb would be flying in to celebrate. Jenna had a question for Caleb—an important proposition—and she only hoped he’d accept it. Nervous energy fluttered through her stomach when she thought about it.

High school sweethearts. They’d been inseparable. A superstar couple at Mount Sentinel Secondary. Prom King and Prom Queen, but their relationship ended when Jenna’s mom married Caleb’s dad.

Remembering their breakup still sliced Jenna’s heart with pain.

“You can’t do this to us!” Jenna had screamed at her mother that fateful day.

“Sweetie, please, you’ve got to understand.” Mom had tried to put a reassuring hand on her shoulder, but Jenna flinched away. “What will people think? You’re almost brother and sister now.”

“That’s bullshit, Mom.” Jenna had whirled on her with pain and anger swirling in her belly. She’d thought she’d puke right there on her bedroom floor. “We’re stepbrother and stepsister. Big deal. And you and John have only been married a couple months. It’s not like Caleb and I grew up as family.”

“Don’t use that language around me, young lady.” Mom’s blue eyes shot daggers. “This argument is over, Jenna. You and Caleb can’t see each other anymore. I’m sorry, but you’re family now. It wouldn’t be appropriate.”

Jenna had thrown herself on her princess canopy bed and buried her face in her pillow. She cried until she could barely breathe.

How could Mom and John do this to them? They’d been together all through high school. At eighteen, four years of exclusive dating had seemed like a lifetime. She couldn’t imagine her life without Caleb in it.

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