Friday, 1 May 2015

Man Love Box Set

Man Love Box Set
C.J. Sneere & Leigh Foxlee


Love and passion know no boundaries. The heart wants what the heart wants.

This box set from international bestselling authors C.J. Sneere and Leigh Foxlee brings together the best of their gay erotic romance stories. Tales of protective alpha werewolves and shifters, of mysterious Russian occultists, and star-crossed lovers.

Escape inside the pages of these wild, hot reads and lose yourself!

This box set includes:

Bad Boy Biker
Bonus Story: Hans & Greg
Waking Up Werewolf
Bonus Story: Christmas Wolf
Bad Boy Alphas
Bonus Story: Pumping Andre
Surrender To His Demands
Bonus Story: Barista Boys
The Story of Jack & James
Bonus Story: The Wedding of Jack & James
Extra Bonus Story: Island Anal Adventure

All stories have a scorching to extreme heat level.

Excerpt from Waking Up Werewolf:

The vampire held out a hand. “I’m Sid. Nice to meet you Warren. I need you to help clear my ex-lover of a murder charge.” He held up the text message, which basically said, ‘I’ve been framed for what happened in the alley.’

Warren frowned. “That was quick.”

“News travels fast in the underground.” The vampire led him down a sinuous hallway, explaining the situation as he did so. “See, Avery, my ex, fell in with some people he shouldn’t have. I suspected they’d come seeking revenge. Now they have.”

Suddenly, he pinned Warren against the wall. The heat from his body penetrated Warren’s skin. He was a handsome man, this strange vampire. His face had that old world patrician look about it. His attitude was confident and smooth. Warren found, gazing into this vampire’s eyes, he could easily be seduced by this man. A mixture of danger and promise wafted off of Sid.

“You saw the murderer. You smelled him, didn’t you?” His soft lips brushed over Warren’s.

“Yes…” Warren stammered. “Yes, I did. He smelled like rotten vegetables.”

The vampire nodded, and when he did his lips skimmed up and down Warren’s, but he denied a full kiss. “Could you identify him if you saw him again? The others with him, too?”

Warren tried to breath normally, and he felt the wolf in him stir. That wasn’t the only thing stirring. His penis twitched in his pants. “I would know him if I saw him again, I think. The others? I’m not so sure.”

“That’ll be good enough.” The vampire reached down between them and stroked Warren’s cock through his pants. He gasped as his shaft began to stiffen. “Tell me, Warren, why have you never been with a man? I know you’ve wanted to.”

“I…It just never happened.” Warren wasn’t so sure he was cool with his every thought being read, but this vampire was turning him on. The adrenaline from a breakneck, chaos-filled day mingled with the chemistry he could feel building between him and this man. The vampire flit a velvety tongue over his bottom lip, cupped his ass with two strong hands to pull him close, and Warren let himself melt into a primal kiss.

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