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Hard Rock Stepbrothers Part 1 to Part 4

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I'm re-releasing some of my taboo erotic romance titles with new covers and fresh bonus material! You can now pick up Parts 1 to 4 of Hard Rock Stepbrothers (formerly Rock 'N' Roll Stepbrothers). It's a Kindle Unlimited title, so you can grab it for FREE if you're a member! Complete collection coming soon!

Hard Rock Stepbrothers
Anita Lawless

About: One’s a cop. One’s a rockstar. Both drive her crazy.

Mickie doesn’t need distractions. She’s about to uncover a scandal that will make her a superstar reporter. But her stepfather has asked her to house sit for him this summer…

Hawt as hell and double the trouble.

And that means she’ll be left alone with her twin stepbrothers, Hunter and Shane. While she cracks a case that could blow their city wide open, can she keep her hands off and make her unruly body behave?

Not a chance.

This story has an extreme heat level.

Part 1:
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Part 4: 
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It wasn’t that her twin stepbrothers, Shane and Hunter, were irresponsible. It was just that when they got together, trouble usually followed close behind.

Shane, the up and coming rock star, a drummer who’d followed in his dad’s footsteps, was often the instigator. Although her quieter stepbrother, a cop with Saint John RCMP, could be just as mischievous too. He just knew how to hide that side of himself better than his rebellious sibling.

They were two years younger than Mickie and drove her crazy when she’d lived with the pair as a teenager. Now she’d have to spend two months making sure they didn’t throw any wild house parties and destroy her step dad’s place. Perhaps now that Hunter was a cop he’d be less quick to cause trouble. She could hope for small favors at least.

They’d also drove her nuts sexually. Constantly flirting and frustrating her, teasing and tempting. But as a young girl she’d been intent on school. Getting good grades and getting into college immediately after graduation had been her only focus. She hadn’t had sex until she’d been close to finishing her journalism degree. And then it had been two failed attempts at best. Both with fumbling frat boys who were too drunk to find her nipples, let alone anything else.

She was in the kitchen rummaging through the fridge for sandwich fixings when Shane came home. The door slammed. Bags dropped to the foyer floor with a heavy thump and the jingle of buckles and zippers.

Mickie turned and almost dropped the mayo.

“My big sister is here!” Shane held his arms wide and gave her a dazzling smile.

She swallowed. Both her stepbrothers were devastatingly handsome, but Shane had an overt sexual confidence that was lethal. His golden brown hair was cut in a razor shag that just fell over his aquamarine eyes. He had a golden surfer tan from his time spent in LA with the band. He’d been in the City of Angels for six months, recording Decadent & Deadly’s first album.

“Hey little brother,” Mickie said, noticing how his t-shirt molded to his pecs as she walked toward him. “How’d LA treat you?”

He folded strong arms around her and she inhaled his scent—something crisp that reminded her of the sea and stirred warmth deep in her belly. She ran her hands up his back and tried not be too obvious as she melted into his arms.

“Hey, you must be hungry,” she blurted, knowing she needed to get out of this embrace before she lost herself. “Want a sandwich?”

He chuckled low in his throat as she pulled away. She knew he knew she was avoiding his touch. It made her heart beat harder and her stomach tight. Quickly, Mickie walked back to the kitchen and put some distance between them.

“Sure,” Shane said, joining her at the counter while she slapped some bread down. He inched close to her once more, obviously enjoying the effect he had on her. He always had. “So how’s my sister these days?”

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