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Hard Rock Stepbrothers The Complete Series

Hard Rock Stepbrothers
The Complete Series
Anita Lawless

About: The complete series, plus a bonus story! FREE if you're a Kindle Unlimited member!

One’s a cop. One’s a rockstar. Both drive her crazy.

Mickie doesn’t need distractions. She’s about to uncover a scandal that will make her a superstar reporter. But her stepfather has asked her to house sit for him this summer…

Hawt as hell and double the trouble.

And that means she’ll be left alone with her twin stepbrothers, Hunter and Shane. While she cracks a case that could blow their city wide open, can she keep her hands off and make her unruly body behave?

Not a chance.

This story has an extreme heat level.

This collection includes:
Hard Rock Stepbrothers Part 1
Hard Rock Stepbrothers Part 2
Hard Rock Stepbrothers Part 3
Hard Rock Stepbrothers Part 4
Bonus Story: On Tour
Bonus Excerpts

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Mickie inhaled sharply as his warm, wide palm slid across her lower back then over her hip. He held her close against him while she spread mayo on their sandwiches.

“I’m good,” she said, trying to keep her voice even as his nearness intoxicated her. “Working on a hot story I hope my boss doesn’t hold up for too long.”

“Oh yeah? What’s it about?”

“Can’t say too much.” She gave him an impish smile. “It’s very hush hush.”

He snagged a slice of cheese off the counter and popped it in his mouth. “So you’re staying the summer with me and Hunter?” Another devilishly handsome smile followed the question.

Mickie tried to keep her breathing even and chided herself for such a schoolgirl reaction. “Yeah, Dad asked me to stay here. Said you were coming home, and he knows what happens when he leaves you and Hunter alone together.”

Shane laughed at this and held a hand to his chest, feigning innocence. “What? We’re angels.”

Mickie giggled and handed him his finished sandwich, but he just pushed it aside and turned her in his arms so she faced him.

He trailed a soft fingertip along the length of her jaw, then he traced her lips. “This could be one fun summer. But do you really think you can make me behave?”

It had been almost twelve months since she’d spent any real time with her stepbrothers. Plus it had been over a year since she’d broken up with her longtime boyfriend. And it had been a dry year sexually. Her ex had been a reporter at the paper, too, and he’d cheated on her with one of the staff photographers. An old flame of his.

Now, as her stepbrother’s lips inched closer to hers, Mickie didn’t think she’d have the strength to refuse Shane this time. “I’m gonna try,” she whispered in answer to his question. “But if you keep this up—”

Her words were stolen as his mouth brushed ever so lightly over hers. “Hmmm…”He hummed against her lips. “I wonder if Dad has anything for dessert in there?”

Then he pulled away from her. A surge of disappointment filled Mickie’s chest, but he held onto her hand as he walked closer to the fridge and bent to see what was inside. What was he up to? Her heartbeat upped its pace.

“Ah, perfect,” he said, reaching in for something. “He doesn’t have cherries, but…” His gaze glued to her pert nipples, showing through her bra and white tank top.

Mickie’s throat went dry when he held up the can of whipped cream. She held up her hands. “Look, Shane, I’m suppose to make sure you behave, not make out with you.”

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