Friday, 1 June 2012

Hostage Of Lust

Hostage Of Lust
Anita Lawless

About: Jim "Big Man" Davies is on a mission to save his marriage. This now retired pro-wrestler fears his wife has fallen for a much younger man. So, one weekend, he decides it's time to play the game. A role playing scenario his wife, Tara, has always fantasized about. Armed with manacles, a blindfold, and sex toys galore, he only hopes she'll fall back in love with him when he's through with her… and not call the cops instead.

 Excerpt: Jim watched his wife sleep, and his heart ached. The big man sighed a heavy sigh. She looked so peaceful. Her pale eyelashes brushed the top of her honey-colored cheeks. Strands of white-gold hair fell over her forehead. She was so beautiful, and he didn't know if he could stand to lose her.

But how would she feel about his plan? He was definitely resorting to desperate measures. Hell, he hadn't even used tactics like that in his high school or college years. However, the game was something they'd talked about a lot over their five year marriage. Something she stressed she wanted. They just hadn't talked about it, or much of anything, over these last twelve months.

He brushed the hair from her forehead, stroked her smooth cheek with his callused fingertip. She stirred and mumbled in her sleep. When he leaned forward and kissed her softly on the lips, she woke up. She stretched, rubbed her eyes, and gave him a groggy smile.

"Hey," she said. "What time is it?"

"A little after nine."

"Crap, I better get up."

But he placed a hand on her stomach when she made to leave the bed. "Just stay a bit longer. Where do you have to be? Our vacation started three days ago." Jim was a towering figure of a man, and his one hand practically spanned her whole waist. It was easy to keep her laying flat with just his palm.

She looked slightly perturbed. "I've got stuff to do." But then her face softened as she stared at him, and he wondered if the disappointment had shown in his expression. "Okay. I'll stay. But I have to be out of this bed by ten-thirty."

"That's plenty of time," he said, then leaned forward to kiss her again.

There hadn't been much sex over the last year, but he was as much to blame for that as her, he knew. He'd been too busy training young wrestlers, reliving his glory days through them, and she'd been too busy promoting the EWL, the wrestling league they both worked for, as well as managing some new wrestlers who'd just come into the circuit.

Now Jim worried his fears of them growing apart, of her wanting a much younger guy, were coming true. He was fifteen years older than Tara, and he still worried she'd decide he was too old for her, slowing down too much, didn't offer her enough excitement.

But she didn't push him away now, as the kiss deepened and he crushed his mouth tighter against hers. His tongue glided over hers, and her lips opened without resistance. He slipped his massive arm up her side and drew her closer. Last time he'd tried this, she'd made an excuse about being late for a meeting. He'd never known her to turn down a morning quickie before, and the rejection had hurt like hell. That's when his fears about another man truly grew.

One hand buried in his long, salt and pepper hair, while the other stroked the muscles in his broad back. She sighed softly into his mouth as his fingers inched beneath the hem of her sheer panties.

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