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Writers Guest Room: It Begins With A Rogue's Bite (Haven for the Lustfully Damned 1) by Jessica Frost

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Today we welcome our dear pal Jessica Frost back to the Writers Guest Room. She's sharing another tasty excerpt from her Siren Publishing release, It Begins With A Rogue's Bite. Grab a cup of tea or coffee and join us for another peek at sexy werewolves.

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It Begins With A Rogue's Bite
Haven For The Lustfully Damned # 1
Jessica Frost

About: All Cheryl Brete wanted was to forget about her cheating ex-boyfriend and enjoy a night with friends. When her car breaks down on an isolated road and a beast chases her into the woods, her worst fears come to life.

Shane and Thomas Bicks had a vision of a gorgeous woman being attacked by a Rogue werewolf. They set out to find and save her by bringing her to the Haven after she’s bitten. Just when they’re about to leave, the doctor tells them they must stay and help her through the werewolf transition both physically and sexually. They agree whole-heartedly, but after they see how emotionally vulnerable she is because of an abusive ex-boyfriend, they question their decision and the deep-set feelings they’re beginning to have for her.

Soon emotions for these three become a whirlwind of lust and love. What they don’t know is the Rogue who bit Cheryl is coming back to finish the job he started, which was to kill her.

Excerpt: Now, just an hour later, here they stood before the Council members who stared at them, some with curiosity and others with annoyance. Thomas leaned on one foot and then the other. His nerves rattled. He wished he could get the hell out of there quickly.

Thorak, the eldest of the Council members, placed his papers back on the table, took his spectacles off, and stared keenly at them.
“Why have you come? I hope all is well with your family?” He glanced first at Thomas, then at Shane.
Shane stepped forward, bowing in respect. “Yes, they’re all fine. We’re sorry for interrupting the Council’s meeting, but what my brother and I have to say is important, and it can’t wait.”
Thorak glanced at his peers, then placed his glasses back on the tip of his nose, looking up at them. “There’s no doubt in my mind you feel it is. Well, go on, tell us.”
Shane looked at Thomas as he continued. “My brother and I had a vision just an hour ago. It wasn’t completely clear, but we believe it was a Rogue’s attack on a human.”
Thorak’s eyes darkened, and he stood to pace the circumference of the table in silence, his deep, panting breath a telltale sign his ancient age finally crept up on him.
Sinor followed his progress with her gaze. Visibly fidgeting, she commented, “It is just as we feared. The Rogues will claim another human victim. Their rivalry against the humans is rising.”
“The boy didn’t say he saw the Rogue killing the human. Isn’t that right, Shane?” Thorak came to stand still behind Sinor’s chair, gazing forward.
“No, sire, we only envisioned the beginning of the attack.” Shane shook his head.
“Then it is not too late to stop the attack before it even happens?”
“No, sire, it isn’t. That’s why we came here the moment the vision ended, to warn you, so you can send scouts out to save her,” Shane replied
Thorak rubbed his chin in apparent thought for a few moments. “Hmm, a female, you say? In your vision, did you see the place where it will take place?”
“Yes, sire. We envisioned a barren road and a dark forest with evergreens growing in a circular pattern. Unfortunately, we don’t know where it is exactly.” Shane shook his head.
He exhaled loudly “If you were to come upon the exact area, you would recognize it, though?”
“Yes, sire, we would,” Thomas replied.
Thorak returned to his seat, slowly leaning back and finally flopping onto his chair when his knees obviously couldn’t bend any farther, a clear sign arthritis ailed the ancient Voyeur, as well.
“Then it’s settled. You and Shane will leave immediately in search of the female whose life is in danger.”
“But, sire, we’ve never hunted a Rogue before.” Thomas frowned, taken aback at the ancient Voyeur’s order.
Sinor interrupted, lifting her hand in the air, pointing to the east. “Thorak, they are just boys. They have never gone on a deadly mission alone before. Make one of the more experienced Voyeur scouts join them in their quest.” Thorak firmly shook his head. “You very well know we can’t spare the manpower. All our scouts are out now trying to find the Rogues’ hideout.” He gazed at them while continuing, “Besides, Sinor, the boys, as you call them, are twenty-nine years old. Hardly boys in the real world, but men.”
“Men in the eyes of humans, yes, but in the eyes of werewolves, they are still boys,” Sinor countered.
“Just the same. They will be fine alone. And hopefully, they’ll be able to save the girl in time.” Thorak stared at them, then waved his hand. “Go now. Time is of the essence.”
As usual, Shane was the first to react. He bowed, replying, “Of course, sire. We’ll do our best.” Then he retreated in a sure gait.
Thomas followed, but hardly feeling as self-assured as Shane always acted.
When the doors closed behind them on their exit, Thomas nudged Shane’s arm. “Why the hell did you say we’d do it?”
Shane frowned. “In case you didn’t realize it, it wasn’t a request but an order from Thorak.”
“Yeah, but you could have argued.”
“Argued with the closest thing the Voyeurs have to royalty? Do you know how old Thorak is? At least five hundred years old.”
“I know. But it doesn’t mean you couldn’t try.”
“It’s no use. You heard him. All the scouts are out hunting for the Rogues.” He started for the front exit. “So, brother, let’s go and try to save this damsel in distress.”
Thomas hated it when his twin was right, which happened often, but he had to admit he had a point. Thorak, the oldest and wisest Voyeur, ordered them to go find her. What he said was law.
As he picked up his pace and followed his fleeing brother, he thought of the human female of his vision. She was gorgeous, drop-dead gorgeous. Her long blonde, flowing hair dancing in the wind as she ran bewitched him, so much so that he longed to plunge into the vision once more to follow her lead and touch her heavenly hair.
The darkness had acted as camouflage in his clairvoyance, so he couldn’t make out many details, but had made out her voluptuous silhouette and her enticing cleavage. With every hurried step she took, her delightful bosom bobbed up and down, teasing him continually with the question of what it would feel like to touch and lick her breasts.
His manhood hardened with the memory of her wayward movements and spurred him to quicken his steps more. Soon, saving the damsel in distress became all that more urgent as did seeing her in person. Could she be as beautiful and enchanting as he envisioned? God, he certainly hoped so.

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