Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Doing My Ex's Daddy

Doing My Ex's Daddy
by Anita Lawless

About: Cara is a naughty nineteen-year-old. She stole a sex tape from the private collection of her ex-boyfriend's father. Confession time comes, but there's more than truth telling on her mind. However, her ex's daddy, Jason 'the Juggernaut' Reinhart, former pro wrestler, thinks she needs to be punished. While he's in the process of disciplining her, his son walks in.

Excerpt: I checked my watch, making sure I still had at least 30 minutes before Ryan arrived home. His bag of stuff went in the back. I climbed in the front of the car, crossing my fingers. After years of lusting after Jason 'the Juggernaut' Reinhart, today I would fuck that man.

See, I had a sure in. Ryan was my sort of ex-boyfriend, who just happened to be Mr. Reinhart's son. The summer I turned 18, Ryan and I started hooking up. Kind of a friends with benefits thing. So, technically speaking, he wasn't an ex-boyfriend. We just stopped screwing when he went to college and I got a job at my aunt's hair salon. Distance made it tough to take a booty call.

Currently I was considering cosmetology for the future. Why not, I figured? Get to work with pretty people. Probably reap some extra rewards with hot actors. But, for the time being, I was having a fun summer, working my way down a before-I-go-to-college bucket list. Mr. Reinhart was number three on my schedule.

I knew I was hot enough to seduce him. At nineteen, my body was curvy and tight. I had a firm, round ass and same thing in the tit department. A trim waist gave me an hourglass figure to die for. Also, I learned early I could get a lot of male attention by just flashing my large, blue eyes. Add to this I grew naturally thick, curly red hair, and you can see why I had no trouble getting laid.

Once I turned 18 that was. In my small, uber-Christian community, guys were paranoid about 'jail bait.' Though I looked 18 by the time I turned 16, no boys over 18 dared touch me until I was 'safe territory.' It drove me nuts, since I wasn't interested in the younger guys. They were immature minute men at best. Once I became legal, I worked my way through the local community college boys.

Now I had the courage I needed to seduce Mr. Reinhart. My plan practically fell into my lap. Ryan was back in town, and he'd called last night to initiate a hook up. He did this by asking if he could come by to pick up some stuff he'd left at my place. I told him my parents would be hanging around all day tomorrow, so I'd bring his things over to his dad's house. He had to head out somewhere, but said to come after 2:30 pm. I left at 1:30 pm to make sure I'd arrive at Mr. Reinhart's ranch half hour earlier than expected.

I wore my shortest skirt, no panties, and my tightest spaghetti strap top. Before I left, a quick check in the mirror confirmed I looked highly fuckable.

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