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Inked & Loaded: Taboo Erotic Romance Collection

Inked & Loaded: Taboo Erotic Romance Collection
Anita Lawless

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Forbidden love that’s so taboo it’ll shock you! From Amazon & All Romance bestseller Anita Lawless.

Tattooed bad boys as filthy as they want to be.

This taboo erotic romance collection includes two of Anita’s dirtiest series, plus bonus stories and bonus excerpts.

Inside this ebook, you’ll find:

Taboo Love The Complete Series

They know it’s wrong, but their taboo love cannot be denied.

A one night stand turns into a passionate affair.

Shamus and Mary have loved each other for years, but due to obligations and expectations, they’ve avoided this attraction simmering between them. After a one night stand, they’re drawn back together, unable to resist the molten chemistry any longer. Many obstacles stand against them, but taboo love cannot be denied.

Taboo Love Bonus Story: Christmas Promise

Bonus Story: Betting On Sex

Taboo and Tattooed The Complete Series

A bitter fight tore them apart. Fate brings them back together.

Trevor and Deidre haven’t spoken to one another in six years. When Deidre’s mom grows ill, she must return home and face this sexy tattooist / former lover. The passion is instant and intense.

Trevor has always loved Deidre, and now she’s back in his arms, he’s never letting her go. This second chance at love faces many obstacles, though, including a jealous ex-girlfriend who won’t go away.

Will Deidre sell her tattoo shop and go into business with Trevor, or will she walk away and break his heart again?

Bonus Story: Bound & Blindfolded

Bonus Excerpts

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Excerpt from Taboo Love The Complete Series:

“You set this up!” I pointed a finger at a sheepish Addy, and then at my step brother. “You knew he worked at that club. How could you not?”

My blue-and-black haired best friend held her hands up. Her eyes widened. “I swear Mary, I had no idea.” Then she turned to Shamus. “When did you start there?”

“Tonight was my first night,” he told her.

Addy’s well manicured eyebrows went up. “Oh, really?” She turned to me. “See. Makes perfect sense. Your bro’s a newb. That’s why I’d never seen him there before.”

I crossed my arms over my breasts and bit the inside of my cheek. “Riiight. How long did it take you both to plan this? I’ll give you credit. Well done. I sure didn’t suspect a thing.”

Shamus shook his head and ran a big hand through his short, spiky hair. His ice-blue eyes narrowed in obvious anger as he glared at me. “Get it through your thick skull. We did not plan this. And what’s so bad about what happened anyway? We aren’t related, Mary. Not by blood.”

I stared at him, felt my face flush. My tongue tied in a knot, and my stupid mouth refused to form words.

“I kind of have to agree with him,” Addy said, as she bit her bottom lip. “I mean, let’s face it. Shamus is hot—”

At this, my step-brother grinned and flushed a shade of red that, I’m sure, matched my own. I rolled my eyes in his direction, and considered choking the life out of my best friend.

“—and, like Shamus said, it’s not as if you’re real brother and sister.”

“You know, Addy,” I said. “You’re making yourself look awfully guilty.”

She screwed up her cute, heart-shaped face, then gave my step-brother an apologetic glance. “I think I’m gonna go.” She patted his broad shoulder as she turned for the door. “Good luck.”

Truth be told, my best friend was right. Secretly, I saw Shamus as the gorgeous gentle giant who always had my back. He had chiseled cheekbones and intense eyes. A full mouth that stretched into a dazzling smile many women had fallen for. Truth was, I’d loved him for more years than I could remember, but I was far too stubborn to admit that—even to myself.

He stared at me now, hands on his slender hips. His handsome face was drawn down in a deep frown. I knew he was waiting for me to unload on him. I also knew I was more angry with myself for enjoying what had happened tonight than I was at him for doing it. Confusion and renewed horniness made my head buzz.

“Come on. Hit me with it.” He sighed, then shoved his hands deep into the pockets of his cargo pants. “I know you’re gonna. You wouldn’t be Mary if you didn’t.”

I sat on the couch. “What’s that supposed to mean?” He’d followed me and Addy back to my apartment to apologize, but I would have none of it, at first.

“It means that, for a librarian, you’ve got a wicked temper.” He sat beside me and rested his elbows on his knees. “I know. I shared a house with you for ten years.”

I punched him lightly in the shoulder. “Hello pot. Meet kettle.”

He threw his head back and laughed at this. “Touche.”

The silence that drifted in between us was uncomfortable. At least it was for me. The awkwardness only grew when Shamus sat back, rested an ankle on a knee, and stared intently at me before whispering, “Was it that bad? What happened?”

My throat closed off, and I took a deep breath to calm myself. I wanted to say, “Yes. No. I don’t know,” but my tongue stuck to the bottom of my mouth.

He sat up and leaned close. “That’s your answer? Silence?”

His nose hovered an inch from mine. My heart started to thud again, and I struggled to keep breathing calmly. “I…I just don’t know…” finally came out.

He continued to stare into my eyes, and he slowly slid a hand over my upper thigh. “You seemed to enjoy it.”

“Our parents…” I whispered, as his lips lightly brushed across mine.

“You over-think things too much,” he said, running a hand up my neck and burying his fingers in my hair. “Let go for once—for tonight.”

He caressed the back of my head as his tongue flicked out to part my lips. I opened my mouth eagerly, and my tongue slithered up against his as we kissed. His big hands wrapped around my tits and squeezed, as he pushed me down on the couch. I dug my short fingernails into his wide shoulders and let the kiss deepened.

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