Sunday, 23 November 2014

Writer's Guest Room: Destiny Hawkins Caged Part 1

Destiny Hawkins joins us today to give us a sneak peek at her book Caged: Part 1.  Be sure to check it out! Details and buy links below.

Caged Part 1
by Destiny Hawkins

About: I had to..I had to escape, and that meant that I had to do all that was necessary if I wanted to get back home. At eight years old I had to do things that ordinary kids couldn't do, that they wouldn't do. Things that would break them on the inside and leave them feeling absolutely nothing. I hurt people.. strangers, acquaintances, friends... and now I have to live with it for the rest of my life, but does that mean I have to suffer forever? I'm all grown up now and I wish nothing more than to be like the people around me. Normal. If I could just keep my past hidden, then maybe I could achieve my goal-my wish. If no one from the past resurfaces...If I could just control myself...I could be normal.

Be sure to check out the search inside to read an excerpt from Destiny's book!

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