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Midnight Wolves Part 1 Book 1

Midnight Wolves Part 1, Book 1
Anita Lawless & Roxxy Meyer

About: “The devil rides our shoulder. The wolf roams in our heart. It’s who we are.”

These words brand Eris Myers with a dark legacy. One filled with blood, bullets, and betrayal.

As the only daughter of Colby ‘Madman’ Myers, she’s grown up surrounded by chaos and danger. Her father is the president of the Midnight Wolves motorcycle club and he’s alpha of their werewolf pack. Now he’s disappeared after being double crossed, and it’s up to Eris and three men she loves and loathes to clear his name and stop a biker / shifter war.

Part One: Ash Holden, Eris’ number one nemesis, shows up at her door, asking her to help clear her father’s name. He also wants her to assume the alpha role in their pack, while he becomes interim president of the Midnight Wolves. Now Eris must return to her hometown of Sweet Haven to get answers, but someone wants these secrets to stay buried, and the bodies start piling up.

PLEASE NOTE: This is a serial novel saga with cliffhanger endings. Each part is 10k. Part Two of Book One will be released in March 2015, and Part Three will be released in April 2015. Sign up to our newsletter for release announcements:

This ebook includes:

Midnight Wolves Part 1, Book 1
Bonus Excerpts

All parts have an extreme heat level. This is a MFMM ménage romance.

Excerpt: “The devil rides our shoulder, Eris. The wolf roams in our heart. It’s who we are.”

Words. Those words branded her DNA, burned her heart with a dark legacy. And when her father uttered them over the phone this morning, she knew he spoke her doom.

“I need your help, kiddo. Someone in the club’s fucking me over. Ash’ll be there soon to explain. Gotta go. Love you.” A click of the phone cut off his grizzled rasp.

Coldness wrapped around Eris. It seeped into her bones and made her shiver. For a while, she held the smartphone to her ear and listened to the deafening silence. Then she tried calling back, but the ring droned on unanswered.

Something bad had happened. On a scale of one to ten, this was major drama. Her father never called and asked for her help, nor would he ever send Ash to see her. Eris and Ash hadn’t spoken in over five years. Whenever she returned to Sweet Haven to see Dad and the others, she avoided Ash at all costs.

What the hell had gone wrong?

Being the daughter of the Midnight Wolves motorcycle club’s president, Eris was used to chaos. Her father couldn’t have picked a more appropriate name for her. She’d been surrounded by discord all her life, but when she left Sweet Haven, after Ash’s betrayal, she left that all behind her.

Or so she thought. Truth was, being a biker’s kid and a werewolf meant trouble would follow Eris wherever she went. She could leave the club and the pack, but they would never leave her.

Childhood had been full of strife. Not only was her father the president of the Midnight Wolves, he was also the alpha of their pack. As his only child, that made Eris next in line for leadership. All through school, she faced constant challenges for pack supremacy from other werewolf kids. She’d never backed down from a fight, even thought she didn’t want the job of being werewolf queen. Eris proved she was tough enough to lead them all and then she walked away.

A motorcycle roared its way closer to her home. Light splashed through the windows of her small bungalow, making her heart seize in her chest and her stomach turn sour.

Eris went to the door and waited. Boots thudded up the steps and she clenched her jaw.

The devil was at her door.

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