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Surrender Series Omnibus No. 2

Surrender Series Omnibus No. 2
Surrender Series Volume 4 - 6
Anita Lawless, Roxxy Meyer, C.J. Sneere & Leigh Foxlee

About: Get three volumes of bdsm romance filled with sexy billionaire doms and bad boys from Anita Lawless, C.J. Sneere, Roxxy Meyer, and Leigh Foxlee. Surrender Series Omnibus No. 2 includes Surrender To His Game, Surrender To His Proposition, and Surrender To His Demands. Plus this omnibus is loaded with bonus stories and bonus excerpts that let you try other Wild & Lawless titles before you buy!

Watch for Surrender To His Pleasure: Surrender Series Volume 7 also coming soon!

Surrender To His Game (Surrender Series Volume 4) by Anita Lawless

Ophelia Jamieson receives a strange call one night from her sister, Sasha, who works for Surrender Inc. Someone inside this corporation that caters to bdsm delights has kidnapped Sasha and is trying to take Surrender down. Now Ophelia, a college girl who likes her world controlled, must work with Damien Walters, a man she hates, and take major risks to save her sibling. But when it’s all over, will her life be forever changed, and her heart broken, by this enemy dom?

Surrender To His Proposition (Surrender Series Volume 5) by Roxxy Meyer

Maya O’ Bannon is a college student who just wants to follow in her father’s footsteps and be a teacher, but her life is complicated by her older brother’s MS diagnosis and mounting medical bills. Through her best friend, she secures a job as a nanny to reclusive tech billionaire Isaiah Jackson and his husband Sawyer. After she stumbles in on the two engaged in BDSM play, Isaiah and Sawyer offer her additional employment as their sex mistress. Can Maya win these men’s hearts and fill the void left by their dead wife, or will another woman come between them?

Surrender To His Demands (Surrender Series Volume 6) by C.J. Sneere and Leigh Foxlee

With Christmas just around the corner, Chad Roberts faces eviction from his tattoo shop and apartment, thanks to a vindictive landlord who used to be his lover. Then, through his best friend Laura, he meets Nikolai Nichvalodov--a magician who is part of a billionaire Russian family and is the cousin of Surrender Inc. board member Dmitri Nichvalodov. A member of Surrender himself, Nikolai has a proposition for Chad that will help him keep his ex off his back, but the down on his luck tattooist just might lose his heart in the process.

For more sultry adventures inside Surrender Inc., pick up Surrender Series Omnibus No. 1.

Excerpt from Surrender To His Game

My cell phone chirps, ripping me from a dream where I was doing naughty things with a beefcake on a beach. Who the hell is that at 4 am? I think, after I peer at the clock with one eye open. It can’t be Terry, my best friend and lab partner for my biological anthropology course. She said she was going camping this weekend with her boyfriend Jeremy and she wasn’t taking her cell phone. Gran never calls this early, because with her lifestyle (she’s a Madame who owns a saloon style brothel) she’s lucky to be home at this time.

“Hello?” I mumble into the speaker after my second attempt to hit the TALK button is successful.

“Can’t talk long.”

“Who is this?” It takes me a few seconds to recognize the whisper rasp that belongs to my sister. We haven’t talked in over a year.

“Opie, it’s me.” The use of my much hated nickname confirms the speaker is Sasha. “Need you to call Damien. I’ve been kidnapped.”

This jolts me awake and makes me sit up straight in bed. “Kidnapped? Sasha, where are you? If this is a joke, you and Damien are shitheads. And I will get even.”

“No joke. I need your help. I think he’s going to kill--”

Then the line goes dead and the insistent drone of a dial tone taunts me. I hit END and throw the phone down as worry and anger speed up my breathing and my heart.

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