Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Writer's Guest Room: Covet Thy Neighbor by Jessica Frost

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Jessica Frost stops by our Writer's Guest Room today to offer up a sneak peek at her latest Siren release, Covet Thy Neighbor.

Covet Thy Neighbor
Sexy Men of Mystery # 2 
The Man Love Collection
Jessica Frost

About: Detective Nicola Dupré is back at work after a six-month sick leave, but he’s still haunted by his sister’s tragic death. When Captain Moore gives him an unofficial undercover assignment to befriend the sexy, charming Nero Thorn, the erotic writer Nicola idolizes, he quickly accepts. He thinks it’s an easy job until he gets to know the mysterious BDSM author. Overwhelming emotions he can’t explain draw him ever closer to Nero.

Nero Thorn’s a recluse and he likes it that way. When he literally bumps into his shy, handsome new neighbor, Nicola Dupré, sparks fly. He’s drawn to Nicola like a moth to a fire and he quickly falls in love. But he has a dark, dangerous secret he’s kept hidden from the world for years. If Nicola ever finds out who he really is, he’ll run away in fear.

There’s a serial killer out there, and the murder of his sixth victim was written in Nero’s last novel before it ever happened. There’s a connection between Nero, the sixth victim, and the killer, and Nicola has to figure it out before the killer strikes again.

To read an excerpt, visit Jessica's Siren BookStrand page here.

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