Thursday, 11 October 2012

5 Stars For Paying Uncle's Toll

Thanks to itsjustme over at Smashwords for giving Paying Uncle's Toll 5 out of 5 stars. I'm thrilled to see folks enjoying our smut. Here's the review:

"Very good book; well written, very descriptive, and most important of all - - well described sex scenes. Approx 8 pages (on my tablet it was 15) so although it was short, it was still a good length. Definitely worth the price and the read. Well worth the stars..."

You can grab a copy of Paying Uncle's Toll at our online outlets.
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Don't forget to enter the Waking Up Werewolf Contest, too! Only 4 days left to enter! All you have to do is join this site with Google friend connect at the top of the right sidebar. C.J. and I thank those who've already entered.

More details at the official contest page on Jessica Frost's blog:

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