Monday, 27 August 2012

Wild & Lawless Hangouts / Troll Takedown Cover

Hey readers and writers!

Want to hang out with the Wild & Lawless Writers across the 'net? Check us out at some of the places listed below. Over the next few weeks, I'll be installing some handy social icon buttons to make it easier for you all to visit our cyber lounges.

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And a peeky at the new cover for Troll Takedown!Part 3 of the Waking Up Werewolf series from our C.J. should be done tonight and up on Smashwords. Watch our twitter for details. It should be up on our other outlets within the next couple days, also. (I had Mr. Wild flog C.J. to hurry him up. I ate strawberries while I watched said spectacle. Sadly, dear folks, C.J. refused to let me post the video.)
Grab Part 1 of Waking Up Werewolf and Part 2 by clicking the links!

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