Tuesday 14 April 2015

Scenes of Seduction Box Set

Scenes of Seduction Box Set
Anita Lawless, Leigh Foxlee, Roxxy Meyer, C.J. Sneere & Lynn Grey

About: Scenes to titillate. Scenes filled with passion, submission, and seduction.

Indulge your wildest fantasies with this box set filled with twenty-one of our best hot and sexy scenes. Guaranteed to please your senses and fulfill your decadent desires.

This box set includes male female scenes, ménage scenes, and man love scenes.

Sexy scenes taken from:

Her Bad Boy Protector
Shades of Surrender
Midnight Wolves
Bad Boy Werewolf
Claimed by the Bad Boy
Surrender To His Game
Surrender To His Command
Taming Two Bad Boys
Surrender Ever After
Cherry’s Sex Exploration
Surrender To His Proposition
Lust Times Two
Janet the Giant Lover
Bad Boy Biker
Surrender To His Demands
Bad Boy Alphas
Hans & Greg
Waking Up Werewolf
Island Anal Adventure
Pumping Andre

All scenes have an extreme heat level.

Excerpt: Callie didn’t have to wait long. Footsteps approached the room, keys jangled, and the knob rattled. Her heart jumped into her throat and her hands tightened around the base of the lamp. When the door swung wide, she leapt out and struck hard muscle.

Dishes clattered to the floor. A sandwich splatted on the hardwood, sending a tomato slice sailing across the planks. A glass of milk shattered.

So much for lunch, she thought, then she swooped the lamp forward again. This time an unyielding fist closed around it and yanked it from her hand. Its metallic body tinged and glass smashed as it also met the floor.

She was screwed.

Steely arms clamped around her in a vice-like grip.

“I knew I shouldn’t have untied you.” His hot breath fanned her face. Their lips were inches apart.

Once more, her body betrayed her with tingling nipples and a slow fire down below. In a split second, she processed her options. Taking the offensive route hadn’t worked. Maybe it was time for a different game plan.

She’d read that appealing to your captor’s humanity could work in these situations. If you formed a bond, it made it harder for them to hurt you. Maybe seduction should be her plan of action. Desperate situations called for desperate measures, she decided.

Callie cupped his bristly cheeks and quickly kissed him.

His reaction was instant and primitive. He spun her around and pinned her against a wall. The kiss he returned left her weak in the knees and clinging to him.

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