Friday, 10 October 2014

Short and Spicy Reads: Stripped Down

Short and Spicy Reads: Stripped Down
Anita Lawless

About: Can an exotic dancer strip away a physiotherapist’s inhibitions?

After a bulging disc lands her in rehabilitation, Kittie is instantly attracted to her therapist, Serena. Something in the way this shy, beautiful woman looks at her fills Kittie with fiery passion. Serena isn’t supposed to date clients, but Kittie can’t ignore their powerful attraction.

This is a 5600 word lesbian erotic romance with bonus excerpt included. It has a scorching heat level.

Excerpt: Penny had to be psychic, Kittie decided, as she sized up her super hot new physiotherapist. The universe smiled on her today, and she said a silent thank you.

A willowy woman with strawberry blonde hair falling over one eye walked into the office. She pushed the stray curls from her face as she sat behind her desk.

“I’m Serena.” The therapist held out a hand, which she shook. Sparks tingled through Kittie’s palm, and it had nothing to do with pinched nerves.

“Kittie. Nice to meet you.”

“So Dr. Peller told you everything?” She tented slender fingers under a pointed chin and pinned Kittie with amazing hazel eyes.

Kittie nodded. “I’ve got a bulging disc. Not too bad, but I need you to fix me up before I can go back to work.”

“Tell me about your pain.”

Kittie had to shake her head. She was so transfixed by this woman’s beauty. Her thoughts wandered into naughty territory and she struggled to focus. “If I move too quickly, I get sharp pain in my lower back. Sometimes, at night, it spasms just before I go to sleep, and I get pain down my leg when I stand or walk a lot.”

“Any numbness?”

“Some in my hip and toes.”

Serena picked up a pen and chewed on it thoughtfully. How badly Kittie wanted to be that pen.

“Sounds like the disc is pressing on your sciatic nerve. That will cause the numbness you’re experiencing. Can you stand up for me?”

“Sure.” Kittie’s throat went dry and her heart beat a little harder. She hadn’t reacted to a woman like this in a while.

Serena’s touch woke up every nerve within her. The therapist’s hand glided over the small of her back, poking and pressing, checking for tenderness. Tiny electric shocks seemed to crackle beneath Kittie’s skin with every stroke. When she moaned, the therapist assumed it was from pain.

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