Wednesday 29 August 2012

Troll Takedown: Waking Up Werewolf Part 3

Troll Takedown
Waking Up Werewolf Part 3
C.J. Sneere

About: Warren had a perfect life, until he became a werewolf, witnessed the murder of a supernatural, & fell in with a brawny troll & sexy vampire. Now he's discovered an otherworldly underground threatened by a mad organization that wants to rid the world of monsters. He's also torn between a vampire and a troll who have a lovelorn past. Can they keep their hands off each other long enough to save the underground from extinction? Find out in the explosive, action packed third part of C.J. Sneere's new urban fantasy erotica series, Waking Up Werewolf.

Excerpt: Drake puffed on a homemade clove cigarette, inhaled the tangy scent of its spices, and stared at his werewolf lover. "The implant took?"

Ethan nodded. "I'm sure of it. Can't you hear it humming?" He cocked his head and tapped his temple.

The rainforest troll closed his eyes and listened. Ah, yes, he heard the hum, emitted by a tiny piece of Ethan's etheric body implanted in Avery's brain. Ethan blew it out his mouth during a kiss, as instructed by Drake, and the imperceptible wisp wormed its way into the mountain troll's pineal gland.

"Come here," Drake said, smiling in satisfaction. "You've earned it." He unzipped his cargo pants and let them fall to the floor of his murky, small home. His stiffening cock now exposed, he began to stroke himself as he waited for the submissive werewolf to approach.

"Thank you," Ethan whispered, dropping to his knees to service his lover. "It's been so long."

Drake had denied him for weeks now. He felt remorse for neglecting his sweet submissive, but Ethan needed motivation. Denying him passion and nourishment were great motivators.

The werewolf's eager, pink tongue swept over the purple head of his cock. The troll stroked his lover's short, blond hair and cooed words of encouragement. "That's it. Eat and be full. Feed on the pleasure you give. I'll give you dessert after I cum."

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Monday 27 August 2012

Wild & Lawless Hangouts / Troll Takedown Cover

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Want to hang out with the Wild & Lawless Writers across the 'net? Check us out at some of the places listed below. Over the next few weeks, I'll be installing some handy social icon buttons to make it easier for you all to visit our cyber lounges.

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And a peeky at the new cover for Troll Takedown!Part 3 of the Waking Up Werewolf series from our C.J. should be done tonight and up on Smashwords. Watch our twitter for details. It should be up on our other outlets within the next couple days, also. (I had Mr. Wild flog C.J. to hurry him up. I ate strawberries while I watched said spectacle. Sadly, dear folks, C.J. refused to let me post the video.)
Grab Part 1 of Waking Up Werewolf and Part 2 by clicking the links!

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Wild & Lawless Bookstore & More

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Now you can grab all your favorite Wild & Lawless titles in the new Wild & Lawless astore . Our friends Jessica Frost, Eden Myles, and Jay Ellison are in there with us too. Clicky the link above to visit or click the new bookstore tab in the site navigation tabs.

C.J. In The Hot Seat 

 And don't forget to surf over to Courtesan Press and check out our very own C.J. in the Hot Seat. Eden and our pals at Courtesan were kind enough to profile Waking Up Werewolf Part 1. Click the link above or book cover below to check it out.

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Vicious Vampire Love: Waking Up Werewolf Part 2

Vicious Vampire Love
Waking Up Werewolf Part 2
C.J. Sneere

About: Warren Lindstrom has it all--a lovely girlfriend, a great job, a loyal dog--but it all comes crashing down around him after a werewolf attack lands him with lycanthropy and he's introduced to an underground world full of monsters. Now Warren must help a sexy vampire clear his ex-lover, a brawny troll, of a murder rap, plus bring down an organization called Purity, who wish to wipe monsters off the face of the earth.

A new urban fantasy erotica series from C.J. Sneere. Welcome to the underground, where monsters rule and sex becomes an adventure.

Excerpt: "Why do Purity want to wipe out monsters?" Warren frowned curiously at Sid as he pulled his clothes back on.

Avery was the one to answer, as he pulled some cushions closer to the bed and sprawled out on the floor. "It's a misguided attempt to protect the human race. The agency thinks our existence is a threat to homo sapiens."

"Yet they seem to forget we supernaturals swore off killing humans years ago," Sid spat. "We're no threat. They're just a bunch of xenophobes and murderers."

"So, you don't kill humans?" Warren looked between the pair. "I thought vamps drank blood, and that werewolf in the park sure seemed ready to kill me."

"We feed off each other these days," Sid told him. "Remember what I told you about sex? We can't breed, but sex is a multi-purpose tool for us. We use it to exchange information, bond, and we feed off the energy of the orgasm. It staves off our other hungers."

"Pleasure, too," Avery said, giving Warren a blatant up and down perusal. "We have sex for pleasure."

Sid nodded and arched his eyebrow at Avery. "It's a part of the feeding and bonding process."

Warren sat silent, taking all this information in. Only 32 days had gone by since his werewolf attack in the park. Since that time he'd lost his girlfriend, Tamara, the day he'd planned to propose to her, witnessed a werewolf's murder in an alley, and been dragged underground to a city of monsters by a vampire. Oh, and he'd met a towering troll named Avery. At the tail end of all these thoughts, little Tulle popped into his mind.

"Look, I know we've got important things to do here," he said. "But is there any way we could get to my dog? She's probably scared shitless." Literally, he thought. He was sure he'd find a mess under his bed when he got home.

Sid looked to his troll ex-lover. "Avery can go grab her for you. You and I should really get to Council Headquarters."

Warren grabbed the vampire's wrist as he went to stand. "Wait a minute. He can't go out there anymore than I can. The killers will be looking for him, too, I'm sure."

"And the Council Hunters," Avery said as he rose up from his pile of pillows. "But I'm safer above than below, until the sun goes down at least."

Warren tilted his head at the troll. "Why's that?"

Avery gave a wide, toothy smile. "Contrary to myth, trolls don't turn to stone with the sun. We go invisible when daylight touches us."

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Friday 17 August 2012

Writers Guest Room: It Begins With A Rogue's Bite (Haven for the Lustfully Damned 1) by Jessica Frost

Hey Readers & Authors!

Today a sweet and lovely lady drops by to share a steamy excerpt with us. We welcome Ms. Jessica Frost to the Writers Guest Room. Jessica is an author with Siren Publishing, and she's also a dear friend to the Wild & Lawless Writers. We're pleased to welcome her to our garden of earthly delights, where we sip tea and hear tales of a rogue's bite.

Authors, would you like to be a guest in the Writer's Guest Room? Send us an email at: In return, we only ask you promo one of our titles on your blog. We look forward to hosting you soon! Writer's Guest Room will be an informal feature on the blog which will run at random times, but authors may request specific dates as well.

It Begins With A Rogue's Bite
Haven For The Lustfully Damned # 1
Jessica Frost

About: All Cheryl Brete wanted was to forget about her cheating ex-boyfriend and enjoy a night with friends. When her car breaks down on an isolated road and a beast chases her into the woods, her worst fears come to life.

Shane and Thomas Bicks had a vision of a gorgeous woman being attacked by a Rogue werewolf. They set out to find and save her by bringing her to the Haven after she’s bitten. Just when they’re about to leave, the doctor tells them they must stay and help her through the werewolf transition both physically and sexually. They agree whole-heartedly, but after they see how emotionally vulnerable she is because of an abusive ex-boyfriend, they question their decision and the deep-set feelings they’re beginning to have for her.

Soon emotions for these three become a whirlwind of lust and love. What they don’t know is the Rogue who bit Cheryl is coming back to finish the job he started, which was to kill her.

Professional Reviews 

"Shane and Thomas Bicks are twins, and werewolves with the power of visions. They both had a vision that was as strong as it was scary. They saw a woman being bitten by a rogue and she may be dying. Alarmed, they rush off to tell the council only to be told to find and save her. Cheryl Brete is heading to a party so she can get on with her life after finding her boyfriend cheating on her, but on the way her car breaks down and Cheryl literally ends up running for her life. Hurt and unable to run anymore, she expects to die as the beast bites into her. Cheryl loses consciousness just as it appears that two more beasts have arrived on the scene. Shane and Thomas find Cheryl but they are too late to save her from the bite that will make her one of them. Determined to save her life, they rush her to their hospital to learn that their adventure has only just begun. Female werewolves need extreme amounts of sex when they turn and Shane and Thomas are elected to help Cheryl though it. What began as a mercy mission from a vision develops into a passion unlike any they have experienced. The twins want to have Cheryl as their mate, but will she be able to accept her new life and mates so soon? Oh, and what about that rouge who was after her? A nightmare becomes a passion play to be enjoyed by this threesome. It Begins with a Rouge’s Bite gives Cheryl, Shane, and Thomas all a glimpse into what the future can be if they fight hard enough. Watching Shane and Thomas struggle to keep Cheryl alive showed me just how much they would fight to keep her. I knew that Cheryl would be all for them as a threesome after her last adventure in the hospital, but loved how their story ended. It Begins with a Rouge’s Bite takes suspense and spices it up with erotic sessions that will leave you looking for a fan." Jo, Joyfully Reviewed

 Excerpt: And when he took off his pants and briefs, mercy. He was the epitome of a sex machine and then some. His ten-inch cock had her gasping for air. Perfect, exactly what she needed to curb her crazed, out-of-control libido.

Thomas rushed over to her right when Shane had removed the clit caresser and was about to fuck her. He held an anal probe in his hands.

From the size of the red thing, it was almost as long as Shane’s erect cock. Oh, yes. Her mind cheered.

Was there a sexual devil in her head, spurring her lewd thoughts and desires on? Probably. A sexual werewolf devil, that is.

Once Shane had sheathed a condom on, he lifted her in his arms and slid under her, bringing his lips to hers. The pressure of having his warm lips on her swollen, scorching ones made her quiver.

“Oh, honey, you feel so good in my arms.” A moan escaped his slightly open lips when his hard chest made contact with her engorged breasts, which still had the clover clamps on her nipples.

She liked his nickname for her. How sweet. Bringing her hands up to his head, she combed her fingers through his thick black hair. She broke the kiss and whispered in his ear, “Make love to me, Shane.”

He nodded, looking deep into her eyes. He lifted her pelvis, bringing it over his thick head. She slid down on him and let out a sigh. Mmm, her insides widened to make room for him, and a shiver of ecstasy traveled through her womb and to her breasts.

He closed his eyes, groaning. He obviously felt as much pleasure as she did right at that moment. Opening his eyes again, he lifted her pelvis and brought her back down on his long, stiff cock. She threw her head back, taking a deep breath as she absorbed the friction of his ridged cock rubbing on the insides of her wall.

She didn’t wait for him to lift her pelvis again. She did it on her own, putting the weight of her lower body on her good foot to lift herself and she slid back down on him. She repeated this over and over again while he stared at her with his deep green eyes. She licked her lips and melted under his stare.

He brought his fingers to the clover clamps and gently pulled down on them, stretching her nipples. Shivers of arousal shot through her entire body, and she quickened her pace while he thrust deeper and faster in her with each second that passed.

She felt the climax coming. She quivered as it passed through her, and her clit throbbed in reflex. A sigh escaped her lips. The euphoric moment lasted only a few seconds and then disappeared much to her dislike, leaving her frozen in limbo. No, she needed it to continue. She needed to mount to the highest peak of arousal and stimulation. With that goal in mind, she quickened her movements as did he.

“Pull more, please,” she uttered, hoping it would stimulate another climax, but it didn’t.

Soon pain began to surge through her veins, and she cried to Thomas, “Please use the probe!”

Why the hell did she demand that? Thomas didn’t waste any time inserting it in her ass, though. He slid it in slowly at first. It didn’t hurt in the least or feel uncomfortable. If anything it felt good. Real good. Maybe it was another effect of her transition.

She pushed her ass back a bit, signaling him to go deeper. And deeper, he did. He slid it to the turned base. With the anal probe and Shane completely in her, she felt full.

Shane asked, “Do you want me to move?”

She nodded, unable to speak as she panted.

He slid out and back in. He did it about ten times until she was able to reciprocate his movements, following each of his thrusts with one of her own.

Soon their thrusts turned to rapid and wild motions. Shane moaned while he closed his eyes. She knew he was coming, and just as he pushed himself in deeply one final time, groaning, she felt his head hit her G-spot. That’s when she climaxed. It seemed like a tidal wave rushing over her. She shook and screamed at the top of her lungs while she pushed onto his cock one last time.

She fell onto him after the last of the chaotic wave disappeared, trying to catch her breath.

Shane bent and kissed the top of her head while he caressed her hair. His strong heart beating against her ear made her feel safe and secure.

Finally, with no earthshaking tremors sluicing through her, her body felt at peace. She closed her eyes and took several deep breaths as Shane slid his cock out of her and Thomas removed the anal probe.

The second she was empty inside, that cursed sexual hunger once again began to build in the pit of her stomach. What the hell! Would this ever end?

* * * *

That was the most mind-blowing sex Shane ever experienced. He had never mated with a werewolf-to-be in heat before, and the fact that he started to have deep-rooted feelings for her just added to their magnetic attraction for each other.

And now as she lay on him, her gorgeous, voluptuous breasts crushed on his chest, he felt content. Having her in his arms like this was right. She belonged here with him and Thomas.

He kissed the top of her head, showing his affection for her. When she looked up at him with anxious eyes a minute later, and her breathing became shallow again, he realized her sexual urge had returned.

He cupped her face, gently bringing her in for a kiss, then said, “It’s come back, hasn’t it?”

“Yes,” she replied between breaths.

“Maybe this time it should be the both of us.”

She nodded and slid off of him. Shane got up while Thomas quickly undressed. If Cheryl’s situation wasn’t dire, Shane would have laughed at his brother’s clumsy attempt at undressing quickly. He practically tripped over his feet twice.

Once he was buck naked and sheathed, Thomas asked, “How do you want to do this, Cheryl?”

“I want you to be inside me and Shane behind me.” She panted.

Thomas nodded and lay on the wide bed, sliding under her. He pulled her hair away from her face and kissed her lightly on the lips. “Don’t worry. The moon is nearly at its peak now, so the sexual urges should hopefully stop soon.”

She forced a smile.

Shane hoped Thomas’s theory was right, but the nurse had said the urges could last long, sometimes even more than a day. He couldn’t imagine the stress her body went through, and it hurt him. He wished he were experiencing it instead of her.

Unfortunately, that couldn’t be, so all he could do was please her as best he could.

Once Thomas had slid his cock deep into her, Shane rubbed her ass cheeks up and down and then pushed them open and closed. She quivered with his movements obviously enjoying them. He stuck his finger into her asshole and slipped it out. He played with her like this for a few minutes, first sinking one finger in, then two. When her anal muscles could spread to fit the size of his cock, he slid his cock in an inch at a time.

God, she was tight. He almost came with the heavenly sensation as he snaked it in. The ridges of his circumcised cock rubbed against the walls of her anal passage. He closed his eyes and moaned low in satisfaction. Cheryl had the perfect body and could please him a million times over. The fact she had a vulnerable heart and was in dire need of the love of a worthy man, or in their case, two worthy men, only added to her allure.

When she pushed her ass back, sliding his cock in more, he realized she needed him to move faster and deeper. Enough with savoring every delectable sensation his cock sent to his brain and rest of his body. She needed him to sate her uncontrollable yearning now. Taking the whip on the side table, he struck her ass cheek as he thrust hard into her while Thomas slid out.

She moaned loudly in apparent delight and murmured, “Again.”

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Tuesday 14 August 2012

Writers Guest Room: Lady Luck (The Dollhouse Society Origins) by Eden Myles

Hey Readers & Authors!

Wild & Lawless Writers are pleased to welcome our elegant and esteemed friend Ms. Eden Myles to the Writer's Guest Room. Eden is the brains and beauty behind Courtesan Press. She writes spicy, sweet erotica with romance and smut entwined. I highly recommend you check her out. Today, we're lounging in the salon with Eden, sipping coffee and listening to birds sing while she tells us about Lady Luck. A taste of her story is offered below.

Authors, would you like to be a guest in the Writer's Guest Room? Send us an email at: We look forward to hosting you soon! Writer's Guest Room will be an informal feature on the blog which will run at random times, but authors may request specific dates as well.

Lady Luck
(The Dollhouse Society Origins)
Eden Myles

About: Discover the origins behind The Dollhouse Society, a collection of powerful men and the courtesans who service them…

Lucille “Lucky” Van der Meer is in dire straights. Her father has gambled away the family fortune and she must turn to his ex-partner, Tiberius Sloan, for a loan in order to start up her father’s failing textile business and save herself from an unscrupulous moneylender. But Mr. Sloan, also known as the Ogre, drives a hard bargain and he’ll take his payment in full…from Lucky herself!

Excerpt: Smithtown, New York, 1805

My horse Pepper and I lanced through the deep woods surrounding my father’s estate. Up ahead, I could hear the huntsmen cornering the fox near the ravine, their trumpets and the baying of the hounds echoing around the valley. I spurred my horse on and the branches of the old maple and pine began to lash at me as we tore through them. The woods let out to the edge of the ravine, a sheer drop to the sandy edges of the Nissequogue River.

As I came upon the other huntsmen, I saw my cousin Rupert at the head, with a musket rifle drawn. He was sighting down the fox that had eaten dozens of our farmers’ chickens in the village. It was an old, ragged fox, and my heart went out to the creature who was no longer capable of trapping its own prey and had to, instead, feed on hapless chickens. But I also knew that for every chicken that was lost, someone would go that much hungrier this winter. The winters in Smithtown were brutal, and despite being the daughter of one of the bigger landowners, I, too, was facing a meatless winter.

Rupert’s arms shook. “I can’t do it,” he said and gave a nervous, whinnying laugh.

Cousin Rupert had always been a bit of a milksop. Then again, Cousin Rupert was only here because of my father’s funeral. He was going back to the city in just a few days. Then the fox would be no concern of his. I clucked Pepper forward and took the rifle from him. “For heaven’s sake, Rupert!”

“Lucky, have a heart. It’s just an old fox.”

“And old fox that’s making this village go hungry!” I said, my anger brimming over, though what I felt was neither for the fox, nor for poor Cousin Rupert. Instead, it was for my father. He had passed on just the month before, leaving the Van der Meer estate in dire financial peril. I used to think that was a phrase to be used in books of romance—dire peril—but now I knew it intimately. My home, my whole world, was in dire peril because my father couldn’t stay away from the casinos on weekends.

I was now the Lady of the Van der Meer estate—but I was as penniless as the villagers under my charge. I wouldn’t let a fox take more meat from their mouths—or mine. With a longsuffering sigh, I sighted down the fox and shot it squarely in the head. Quick and merciful.

I knew my own demise was certainly not going to be that.


Mr. Smit, my father’s attorney, was waiting for me at my father’s house when I returned from the hunt. I’d hoped I might be able to avoid him, but as I let myself into my father’s once-lavish study (many of the antiques and fine Oriental carpets had been auctioned off in the past few weeks), striking the dirt from my skirts, I found him sitting at my father’s desk, going over his accounts once more. “Mr. Smit, now what are you after?” I cried.

Mr. Smit looked up out of his half moon glasses and said, “Lucky…what have you done to yourself?” He looked appalled by the state of my dress.

“I gave my lady’s maid the day off,” I joked, and he looked at me sadly, knowing I had no lady’s maid anymore. I had let her go two weeks ago, though my nanny, Nellie, had begged to stay on, even though I had no money to pay her for her services. She had been the only mother I had ever known, my own having died in infancy. She was the only remaining servant at our house now, and poor Nellie had resolved herself to attending to household duties that were utterly beneath her station.

“I thought you might like to have an account of your father’s books.”

“Which is to say, you want more money to pay off his debts.” I dropped onto the divan against one wall of the study and just looked at Mr. Smit. “How much this time, Mr. Smit?”

He hmmed and hawed a bit before blurting out, “It looks as though your father may have had financial relations with Mr. Van Tassel.”

“I don’t believe that,” I said. Mr. Van Tassel was Father’s direct competitor in the textile business. Father would never have taken money from him. More to the point, Mr. Van Tassel was a salary lender. A disreputable one, at that! “Mr. Van Tassel is a criminal and a gangster. My father would never have stooped that low…”

“Nevertheless…it would seem they had…a relationship.” Mr. Smit sat back in his seat and fiddled with his glasses. Like my poor joke about my missing lady’s maid, Mr. Smit always played with his glasses when he knew he was right but trying to be polite instead.

After I was done ranting, I circled the library where my father had done business for decades, wondering what my mother would say, were she alive. Or maybe she was giving him an earful in Heaven even as we spoke. Finally, I just sighed. “How bad is it, Mr. Smit? How much do you need?”

He glanced down at his ledger and said, “With interest, you owe Mr. Van Tassel approximately sixty thousand dollars.”

I felt the room take a half turn around me. I tottered and Mr. Smit almost sprang to his feet. I help up a hand to stop him. “Mr. Smit… the only thing I own which comes even close to that amount is the Van der Meer house.”

“I’m aware of that.”

“I can’t give you my house.”

“I’m aware of that, as well.” He shuffled some papers. “However, I may have a solution.”

“And that is?”

“Have you considered marriage, Miss Van der Meer?”

I guffawed. “Mr. Smit, you know that’s quite beyond me.”

“Miss, we’re in a new century, and there are more and more ladies marrying later in life. Why, I know a lady personally who waited until she was twenty-two before marrying…”

“It’s quite out of the question,” I told him, cutting him off as I stomped in my dirty clothes across the carpetless floor, much to the nose-wrinkling chagrin of Mr. Smit. Only Nellie knew my reasons for avoiding marriage, and I wasn’t about to go into explicit details with Mr. Smit, that was for sure!

“Well, then,” said Mr. Smit, “the only other option I can suggest is that you look toward your father’s partner overseas…Mr. Sloan, I think he’s called? The man from London?”

I shuddered and went to straighten up some books on a shelf. I had sold the crystal that had acted as bookends and now they were in disarray! The last thing I needed was to involve Mr. Tiberius Sloan in anything. He was twice my age, and growing up, he used to frighten me when he visited my father at the house. He was a huge, towering man with a deep, loud voice and a terrible scar he’d received in some rapier duel when he was younger. Ugly and frightening, everyone in the house called him the Ogre when he showed up. I used to have terrible nightmares about him abducting me, and I used to avoid him at all costs when he stayed at the house. Then again, I was living a nightmare now, wasn’t I?

I bit my lip. “Does Mr. Sloan have any controlling interest in my father’s business?”

Mr. Smit looked surprised by my language. He needn’t have been. When it was determined I would become a spinster, naturally my father wanted to know what it was I planned on doing with my life. I had always known in my heart that he’d wanted a son to help him with the family business, because, to put it bluntly, my father was good at making money, but excellent at spending it. Consequently, I had acted as his secretary and conscience for years. Obviously not enough, or I wouldn’t be in this situation now.

When Mr. Smit didn’t immediately answer, I started toward him, but unfortunately, my riding skirts caught on a nail in the shelf, and before I knew it, I’d not only ripped my skirts but shaken the shelf so the books in them started falling down. I held up a hand to forestall Mr. Smit’s aid. Things like this were always happening to me. When I was still a little girl, my father had fired a woman in his employment who was reputed to be a witch. As a result, both he and I had been cursed for life, he with the talent for losing money, I with incessant clumsiness. The only things I could do with any amount of talent were balance my father’s books, ride a horse, and shoot a gun. Unfortunately, none of those skills was likely to take me very far in this world. “I know what controlling interest is, Mr. Smit, so please save your explanations,” I said as I shoveled books back onto the shelf.

Again Mr. Smit consulted his notes. “It doesn’t seem so. I believe your father cut all ties with Mr. Sloan years ago. Still, he may take interest in your plight on a personal, more nostalgic, basis.”

“You’re suggesting I beg to Mr. Sloan based on his previous business relationship with my father.” I played with the locket my father had given me on my sixteenth birthday, a kind of consultation prize when he realized I would never have neither a debutante party, nor a husband. But as I did so, the chain broke and the locket slithered to the floor at my feet.

Mr. Smit nodded as he looked at the locket. “Yes, Miss, perhaps…a personal loan to tide you over?”

I bent to pick up the locket and examine it. Of course, the chain was irrevocably broken.

Mr. Smit cleared his throat. “It is that or you must allow me to prepare the house for auction. Is it your choice, of course. But keep in mind that Mr. Van Tassel won’t wait forever for his money.”

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Sunday 12 August 2012

Waking Up Werewolf

Waking Up Werewolf
Waking Up Werewolf Series Part 1

About:  Warren Lindstrom thinks he has it all. He's about to come out to his girlfriend as bisexual and propose to her. He just got that new promotion at his job. But it all comes crashing down around him after he gets attacked by a werewolf, witnesses a murder, and meets a sexy vampire named Sid. Now Warren must help Sid's ex lover, a troll who has been framed for the murder, and the best way to do that is to climb into Sid's bed.

A new urban fantasy erotica series from C.J. Sneere. Welcome to the underground, where monsters rule and sex becomes an adventure.

Excerpt: Warren appreciated the perfect life he now possessed. He just doubted it would last. He chided the cynic in him for being unappreciative as he walked his and Tamara's dog, Tulle--a Boston Terrier / Beagle mix who had to sniff everything within her path.

"That tulip smells the same as the last one you smelled," he told the dog, bending down to give her short coat a pet. "And, anyway, tulips don't even smell, do they?"

Yes, life was good. No, great. He'd just been promoted to head ad designer in his department at his advertising firm. Tamara had moved in with him six months ago, and their relationship had deepened. He'd decided it was time to pop the question. But, first, there was something Warren had to tell his girlfriend of two years.

It was time to come out of his closet and admit he was bisexual. If he and Tamara were going to spend the rest of their lives together--and Warren didn't plan on getting divorced--then she needed to know everything about him. He wanted no surprises after they said 'I do.'

He thought about their honeymoon as he and Tulle strolled down a walkway domed by hedges grown in arches.

"What about Queen Charlotte Islands, hmmm, girl?" The dog just sniffed another tulip and ignored Warren.

But he thought a trip to Haida Gwaii might be just the thing. He'd never seen the islands of his ancestors, though Grandma had told him what she remembered of Moresby. Even though he lived in Richmond, relatively close to the place of the Hadia Nation, it might as well have been a world away.

Particularly when he was a kid, and he and Gran had to make due on her tiny pension and some left over from his parent's insurance. He'd been a Surrey boy back then. How far he'd come, he mused.

Little Tulle stiffened, and the short hairs along her spine stood up. She curled her lip and focused forward as she let out a low, warning growl.

"What's up there?"

Warren held the leash tightly and shielded his eyes against the harsh glow of the globular streetlamps. At first, he saw only darkness and hedges, but then something shifted in the shadows. Something with massive shoulders hunkered low at the end of the walkway. It rose up a bit, and he caught a glimpse of pointy ears atop a shaggy head.

Available On Kindle US
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And it's your last day to get Surrender To a Sex Therapist, Part 1 of the Surrender Series, for FREE! Click the link here, below, or the book cover to grab your copy now. Thank you tons for all the downloads, readers! We hit over 1000 this time. You're great!

About: Charlotte Hanson loves her new job as secretary to a prominent sex therapist, Dmitri Nichvalodov, who also happens to come from old money. This Russian billionaire isn't hard on the eyes either, and he prefers to live a simple life doing a job he loves. At least, that's what Charlotte thinks, until he proposes she become his sex mistress. Now the contract is on the table, and the money offered would help care for her ailing father. Will she sign the papers and surrender?

Thursday 9 August 2012

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About: Charlotte Hanson loves her new job as secretary to a prominent sex therapist, Dmitri Nichvalodov, who also happens to come from old money. This Russian billionaire isn't hard on the eyes either, and he prefers to live a simple life doing a job he loves. At least, that's what Charlotte thinks, until he proposes she become his sex mistress. Now the contract is on the table, and the money offered would help care for her ailing father. Will she sign the papers and surrender?

Sunday 5 August 2012

Surrender Forever

Surrender Forever
The Complete Surrender Series

About: Surrender Forever, the complete series, includes all four stories of Charlotte Hanson's experience as sex mistress to Russian billionaire Dmitri Nichvalodov. From mistress to lover to promises of more. Bonus story introduces Millie Monroe, the reluctant femdom, and her virgin submissive, Ryan. What goes on inside Surrender Inc. will shock and thrill you!

This collection includes:
Surrender To A Sex Therapist
Surrender To Her Master
Surrender To His Desires
Surrender To His Charms
Bonus Story: The Reluctant Femdom
Bonus Excerpt: Cherry On Top

Bonus story blurb: Millie Monroe is all about work, work, and more work. She's one of twelve who own the highly successful sex club and resort franchise, Surrender Inc., yet she's never set foot inside the owners' special playhouse, Sanctuary. Her best friend Dmitri insists she attend the Sanctuary Submissives Ball, where she meets a shy, fox faced man who is full of intriguing secrets.


5 Years Earlier

"Millie," Dmitri said, ignoring his coffee. "Go to the club. You're a major shareholder in Surrender, and you haven't even been in any of the establishments we own. For that matter, you haven't even set foot in Sanctuary."

I smiled at my best friend, a giant of a Russian Canadian with emerald eyes that saw right through me. Surrender Inc. was our new business venture. Well, relatively new. We'd designed and launched the corporation three years ago. Surrender Inc. was also our brand name for our exclusive chain of sex resorts and sex clubs that catered to a range of clientele, from middle class to the wealthiest of wealthy. Our clubs and resorts prided themselves on being clean and safe. Every member had to be thoroughly tested for any sexually transmitted diseases, and their criminal records were also checked. We offered sex services ranging from bdsm to full body massage to birthday party orgies, just to name a few.

Sanctuary was the top of the top--the board members little present to themselves. It was a resort set up in an old, sprawling mansion the board members had bought and refurbished. Only they or their close friends were allowed inside Sanctuary.

And here I was one of those board members, owner of a trendy sex franchise that was getting press in some of the most well known erotic magazines, and I'd never set foot inside any of our clubs, resort, or Sanctuary itself.

"No," I can't." I waved him off with a well manicured hand, blew away a lock of blonde hair that had fallen from my loose topknot. "I have work to do."

Dmitri scowled at me, and when the waiter left after refilling my coffee, he said, "Dammit, woman, you're always working. You need to play, too. How long has it been?"

I sighed. Rarely did we butt dominant heads, except for that brief time we tried to be lovers. We'd both clashed mightily, and the chemistry just fizzled as we'd started to resent one another. To save our friendship, we mutually agreed to call it off. We both punched way too many holes in the walls of our apartments over the four months we'd given it a shot. We made great pals. Lovers? Not so much. But he was the closest thing I had to an older brother.

"Since that club in New York," I finally told him, when he continued to glare at my silence. "The one you and Roxy told me about, before she left…"

He shook his head. "I haven't been with Roxy in over a year, so that means--"

"Yeah, yeah." I waved him off. "It's been a year and a half."

His sigh dripped frustration. "You know, you let your old patterns creep back in every time you deny your dominant side."

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About: Cherry Logan gets the irony of her situation all too well. She's a virgin who has just inherited a sex shop. Thanks to a crappy practical joke played by her dead brother, she must now run said adult store for one year, with a gorgeous ex-rock star she hates. This can only end in scorching sexual adventures.