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Writer's Guest Room: Smuthouse Books

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Today, Wild & Lawless Writers welcome Smuthouse Books to the Writer's Guest Room. Smuthouse is run by our pal W.D. Lekker, and in addition to publishing his own erotica W.D.'s Smuthouse produces hot titles from erotica authors Dee DelaRocka, B.J. Boyd, and Steph E. Strong. Smuthouse offers you sizzling titles in everything from cougar erotica, pseudo-incest, MILFs, and more. Be sure to check them out! Here's an excerpt from Online Cougar by W.D. Lekker, along with buy links.

Online Cougar
by W.D. Lekker

About: While waiting on divorce papers, Jeff decides to set up a profile on a popular and free online dating website.The results are terrible. His soon-to-be ex-wife shows up on the "viewed you" screen. He also starts receiving a bunch of messages from a rather pushy woman with a user ID of Tigress11026. He ignores her. One day, she recognizes and ambushes him in a bookstore and sparks fly.

Adult Excerpt: Shudders ran through me, though. While she rocked her hips and pussy against my head, she lowered herself to me. She had my hard cock her hands the whole time, but a reverberating sensation rocked me when I felt her lips against the tip of my shaft. The ecstasy became numbing once she took me further into her mouth. At one point, it nearly got violent. The pleasure she gave me made me wildly shake my head between her legs. I grunted and groaned directly into her vagina. That just made her bob her head up and down a lot harder, giving me the fiercest blowjob I had ever had in my life.

In fact, it was too good. I hadn’t a sex in a long time – not since Sue left and not for a long time while we were married, either. My legs began to tense, and I wanted to warn Tina to be a little more careful. I wanted to tell her that she was going to make me come, but I couldn’t get her off me or get enough breathing room blurt out my caution. Trust me, I tried. Only, it was too late. I felt my back arching, and nearly screamed into her pussy as I ejaculated. Only, my cock never left Tina’s mouth. It was like she was swallowing my come as it spurted out of me. For a moment, my brain felt scrambled with Tina’s hairy pubes still in my face.

Eventually, she sat up and climbed off of me. She climbed off me, and held out her hand. “Come on,” she said. “We’re not done, yet!”
I took her hand and she led me out of the living room, to her stairs, and up to her bed room. I watched her ass move with each step. Once in her bedroom, we took off the rest of our clothing. We wildly resumed kissing, and I could taste my own salty essence in her mouth. It didn’t bother me at all. In fact, it seemed like only a minor distraction from what I needed to be doing: kissing her has hard as I could.

Our lips parted long enough for me to tell her to sit on her bed and lay back. She did, and she hooked her hands around her knees and spread her legs wide for me. I still hadn’t recovered from what we did down stairs, and I needed to buy some time so that my erection would return at full intensity. Kneeling on the floor, I lowered my face to the hairy junction between her thighs. At first, I resumed tonguing her like I had done downstairs, but this time, things differed slightly. I had thought of my soon-to-be ex-wife, but in a weird sort of way. I remembered the times her and I had sex, and I remembered what pleased her. I figured it might work on Tina. If it didn’t, she’d surely tell me. So, I moved my mouth away from Tina’s labia and focused more attention on her clit. With one thumb, I pulled to hood back before I started to flick her clitoris with my tongue. The little thing got harder and harder the more I did that.

Only, that was just the beginning. I closed my lips around it and began to suck. This had Tina writhing and holding me by the back of my head with both hands. There was more. As I greedily sucked her clit, I slowly parted her labia with two fingers. I slid one in and followed it with another. At first, I just left them there, but Tina caught on to what I was doing. She started bucking her hips against my fingers to let me know what she wanted. So, I started plunging my fingers in and out of her vagina. My mouth kept a firm lock on her clit, and I just started finger pumping her. She rocked her hips even more, letting me know that she wanted it really hard this way. Her breathing became rapid. Glancing up, I saw her over her pubes starting to sit up. A rather intense expression and sneer twisted her face before let out an exultant cry and lay back down. The whole time, her pussy grew wetter and wetter until it literally splashed against my chin.

I lifted my head from her splayed thighs and gave her a cocky grin.

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