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Rock 'N' Roll Step Brothers Part 3: Trapped Between Twins

Rock 'N' Roll Step Brothers Part 3:
Trapped Between Twins
(Rock 'N' Roll Step Brothers Series)
Anita Lawless

About:  Reporter Mickie Malloy has her hands full with a juicy story, but she's about to get more than she bargained for when her step father asks her to house sit for him over the summer. He's trusting his step daughter to protect his lavish home from his two unruly twin sons, Hunter and Shane. However, Mickie wonders who will protect her from her lecherous step brothers?

Sex, corruption, intrigue, and rock 'n' roll in Rock 'N' Roll Step Brothers: A Rock 'N' Roll Step Dads Spin Off series.

Excerpt: "What the hell happened in there, Rollins?"

The question, Sally knew, was rhetorical. She, Chief Pritchard, and her patrol partner Hunter Fayette had already been over what happened in the dressing room between her and the drummer of Decadent and Deadly. Or rather the Chief had screamed at her and Hunter all the way back to the station while she attempted to explain. She'd been going backstage to tail her ex-boyfriend, Trent Farrow, a cop who was caught up in a cocaine trafficking ring. But when he'd almost seen her, she'd had to dip out of sight in Shane Fayette's dressing room. Not only was Shane the drummer for Decadent and Deadly, he was also Hunter's identical twin brother.

And Sally had given in and had sex with Shane, but not before giving him a hell of a blow job first. She tried not to smile at the memory. She didn't think the screaming Chief or her frowning partner would appreciate it.

Especially after Hunter caught her and Shane having sex in the shower. Shane had been slowly sliding his soap slippery cock in and out of her clenching sex just as Hunter had burst in. The twin brothers had scuffled, and under different circumstances Sally figured a naked soapy guy wrestling with his cop brother would've been hot. But there was nothing hot about the black eye Hunter gave Shane. And only days before Shane's big concert too.

"I'm giving you both a week's suspension," Chief Pritchard said. His face was an angry plum color.
Hunter piped up. "But what about us investigating Trent?"

The Chief sneered at this. "You two are off my unofficial investigation." He made a swift chopping gesture with his right hand. "And you'll stay away from my official one, too. You both proved to me today you can't handle real police work yet. Now get outta my office, and stay outta my sight until next Monday."

Hunter sighed as they left the office, and Sally looked up at him. 

"I'm really sorry," she said meekly.

Hunter shrugged but wouldn't look at her. "Why should you be sorry? It was your pet investigation after all. I was just tagging along."

She knew he was being dismissive because he was pissed at her. She'd always wondered if Hunter did have feelings for her, but Hunter kept his emotions to himself. She could never tell if he was interested in her or not, and she knew he'd never hit on a woman when she was taken. He was a bit too white knight about that, she thought. 

But he had stuck by her as a partner and friend through the whole of Trent Farrow's bullshit. When Trent started beating her, he was the first to tell her to get out and to offer help. When she'd found out Trent was dealing cocaine, he offered to help her with the unofficial investigation without any hesitation, even though it put his career in jeopardy. 

Sally felt like a huge heel, but she couldn't regret her afternoon with Shane. She smiled as she remembered it now. And she couldn't wait around forever for Hunter to decide who he wanted.
Now it seemed he was with his step sister, Mickie, judging by what she'd seen in the office earlier that day. The two of them having hot sex in the copy room kind of confirmed it.

His silent treatment worried her, so she asked the question she was afraid to ask, "Can I still stay with you and your family for a little while? It won't be long. I'll find an apartment soon."

"Of course." He smiled, but it didn't reach his eyes. "You should probably stay with us until this whole Trent investigation is over. Be safer that way."

She smiled back, touched his arm. "Thank you, Hunter."

"No problem." He pulled away from her touch. "I'm sure my brother will keep you entertained." And with that he walked away.

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