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Rock 'N' Roll Step Brothers Part 2: Ambushed By Twins

Rock 'N' Roll Step Brothers Part 2: Ambushed By Twins
(Rock 'N' Roll Step Brothers Series)
Anita Lawless

About: Reporter Mickie Malloy has her hands full with a juicy story, but she's about to get more than she bargained for when her step father asks her to house sit for him over the summer. He's trusting his step daughter to protect his lavish home from his two unruly twin sons, Hunter and Shane. However, Mickie wonders who will protect her from her lecherous step brothers?

Sex, corruption, intrigue, and rock 'n' roll in Rock 'N' Roll Step Brothers: A Rock 'N' Roll Step Dads Spin Off series.

Excerpt: Hunter grabbed the front of Shane's shirt and drew back his fist. His twin brother gave that infuriating smirk. His eyes glittered a brilliant blue and his stared seemed to say, "Do it, brother. I dare you."

A tiny hand touched Hunter's back and Sally Rollins, his patrol partner and best friend, spoke, "Don't, Hunter, please. I need to tell you something important."

This stopped him. He exhaled a large lungful of air and rubbed a hand over the back of his short, sandy brown hair. His fingers left Shane's collar and Hunter stepped away a few inches.

Sally's tiny pixie face came into view as she moved in front of him. Mickie, his step sister, came up beside Shane on Hunter's other side. She was dressed now, and she cast confused glances between the other three who stood in the great room.

Hunter's rage still crackled inside him, like electricity humming through wires. Trust Shane to pull such a childish act when he didn't get his way. Hunter was sure his twin would see Mickie picking him as a huge blow to his ego. Shane was a budding rock star after all, so what would their cute and curvy step sister want with Hunter, a cranky beat cop who felt old before his time some days.

Where did Shane get off bringing Sally into his bedroom when he and Mickie were in there together? Especially in such a compromising position! Oh, Hunter knew exactly where he got off. Shane wanted to make sure Mickie ended up in his arms, and it was obvious to Hunter now Shane would do anything to get the woman he wanted.

Wait a minute, Hunter thought, how exactly did Sally meet up with his twin brother anyway? When he questioned this, the two gave him a brief explanation, then Sally stepped closer to Hunter and touched his wrist.

"I really need to talk to you about Trent," she said. "He found out."

Hunter noticed the bruises on her neck. His stomach plummeted to his shoes and any residual sleepiness left him as he became hyper aware. "Let's go talk in my room."

She gave him a funny look, then she glanced in Mickie's direction and bit her lip. "Are you sure?"

Mickie waved Sally off, saying, "You two go ahead. It sounds like you have important things to discuss." Then she wrapped the fluffy purple robe she now wore tighter about her and vacated the room swiftly.

Hunter knew she had questions, was most likely upset. Once again he thought of punching his still smirking step brother, and that impulse only grew as he watched Shane trail after Mickie, probably with a plan to seduce her again while Hunter couldn't stop him.

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